Walking Dead season 2 confirmed

In a recent interview on IGN's "Up at Noon" Telltale's The Walking dead writer Gary Whitta confirmed the season two coming soon

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Nambassa1911d ago

Was it not confirmed back when Season 1 finished? :P anyway, I cannot wait! Clementine!

CaptainYesterday1911d ago

It's pretty cool how they are releasing an extra episode for season 1 to get us pumped for season 2 :)

Rupee1911d ago

They are? When was this announced? That would be awesome!

CaptainYesterday1911d ago

It was announced on Up at Noon yesterday, Telltale has something in the works a little extra to hold us over until season 2 which is exciting! :)

r211910d ago

Cool indeed, they better reveal SPOILERS who those two were at the end of last ep SPOILERS or at least reveal what ever happened to the other characters that wasnt killed on screen.

Sketchy_Galore1911d ago

I would honestly rather we follow the adventures of a completely different group of survivors next time. I loved every character but... (Spoilers) I almost had a nervous breakdown worrying about Clementine. I just want to be able to tell myself she found the other two or found two new nice people and lived happily ever after.

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