Time and Eternity Preview [Game Revolution]

"When I first saw Time and Eternity in action, I admit that I first thought, "These devs played Dragon's Lair and finally figured out how to bring good animation to a full environment." The idea of using traditional styles of animation in games has been around for years now, but up until now those games have only ended up cel-shaded experiences… until now."

~ Kevin Schaller, Game Revolution

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dbjj120881699d ago

Seriously. Ever since Ni No Kuni, i've been crazy for bright, animated looking games.

ftwrthtx1699d ago

It is a good looking game.

Sonyslave31699d ago

Yes this game does look pretty but the gameplay suck big time.

knifefight1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It's made by Imageepoch so I'm not sure what anyone was expecting. They make letdowns, almost exclusively. Hopefully this is better.