Developers React to PlayStation 4

IGN and its wonderful readers have been reacting to the PlayStation 4 since its reveal on February 20 -- even Xbox fans were floored. But what about the people who actually make games? After all, this is supposedly a platform "for developers by developers."

We reached out to some of the industry's brightest creative minds for feedback -- what excites designers, directors, and leaders about the platform, what might be missing, and what's Sony doing right?

This is what came back.

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StrongMan1917d ago

Developers love the PS4. They will make amazing games for it and I can't wait to play it. Looks like Sony will have the edge with multi plats this gen since they will have the most ram too.

TheGamerDood1917d ago

It's looking that way! I would have thought that the hype that I'm feeling for Sony/PS4 would have settled a bit by now but, nope! :D

SHORYUKEN1917d ago

Stewart Gilray, Just Add Water CEO

"Having 8GB of DDR5 ram is staggering.

We are incredibly proud to be working on PS4. Sony's passion and insight into connectivity and instant-access gaming is incredibly refreshing and encouraging to us as a developers. It allows us the ability to create immersive titles that truly engage the player at all opportunities."

PS4 is a killer!

Septic1916d ago

Whilst Strongman does troll a lot, I have to agree with him here. Developers clearly love the PS4 and for good reason. Taking a plunge with 8GB Gddr5 ram is a respectable move by Sony and really goes a long way in making the console future proof.

Think about how little Ram we have on current consoles and how far developers have pushed the limits of what's possible. It's a big load off developers concerns. Couple this with the ease of development and you have one extremely capable machine. The competition has very good reason to worry.

Irishguy951916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

The only developers that let the Ps3's Ram affect them this Gen is bethesda.

It's also not future proof. The GPU is by far the most important component in gaming. The CPU and RAM just need to be up to scratch so that the don't bottleneck the GPU. However...they do NOT improve the GPU. Going from 4GB to 8GB will NOT somehow power up the GPU.

Alot of people say "Killzone was only using a small amount of the Ram! Just wait till they use more"...

And what will happen? Nothing. If they use more...nothing will happen. Maybe some faster loading speeds on everything(which are already fine and unnoticeable) however the GPU nor CPU has not changed.

Devs should say "8Gb's is staggering...because we don't need it"

Leio1916d ago


The best way to make a beautiful game is not on the GPU its on the level of talent the developers behold, and its the only thing that is truly future-proof.

The extra added RAM is mainly to address the problem Sony had with multiplat developers. Sure it wont boost the raw graphical power directly but if you know only a little about programming you´ll know how much money and time that can be saved from spending time hiring highly-skilled people for optimizations and debugging, time and resources that can otherwise be spend on making their game better in other way than just graphical.

BitbyDeath1916d ago

Insomniac - 'I think what's often overlooked is how creatively supportive Sony has been for its partners over the last couple of decades'

Poor guys learned that the hard way.

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sway_z1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )


I don't know why you're accused of trolling...all I see is 'fact' in what you type so far.

The next generation seems to be a different ball game than this current generation.

Developers have mostly gotten what they asked for in the PS4.

Crytek said "Fun times" ;)

RyuCloudStrife1917d ago

"PlayStation 4 builds upon PC technology and takes it to the next level, providing a very robust and easy-to-use development environment."

Play Beyond. Amen.

miyamoto1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

"Sony has defined an ideal next-generation platform."

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games Founder and CEO

Simply epic!

I think the devs got way more than they asked Sony for.

iGAM3R-VIII1917d ago

With this type of support from the developers, the PS4 looks like its serious this time around, get ready Xbox, long live Sony

SDF Repellent1917d ago

One thing is they better keep the cost low, 8gb of GDDR5 isn't cheap, by willing to subsidize and be in the $400-$450 price range because no matter how powerful your system is, ask 3DO and original PS3 price, pricing and advertisement dollars will ultimately determine the success of the PS4. Here hopping $399 at launch so even I can buy one at launch. If Microsoft undercut Sony by $100 or more, then it can be a tough uphill climb for Sony. Just telling like it is.

DragonKnight1917d ago

Yeah, let's ask the PS3, currently sitting at nearly 80 million total units sold worldwide. Gee, what an utter failure of a console and totally like the 3DO. /s

maniacmayhem1917d ago


That wasn't until the PS3 cut out features and dropped price (damn near three times)that it then started to take off as SDF was pointing out.

DragonKnight1916d ago

@manicmayhem: Really? That's your response? *sigh*

Once again, I state with complete sarcasm, "gee what an utter failure of a console and totally like the 3DO."

MadMen1916d ago

LOL awesome someone other than me remebers the 3DO

and its 699 price point

SONY needs to come out at 399 or they are pushing it, take a look at their TV market for example

No one is going to pay top dollar anymore for your "name" alone there is too much competition

ceballos77mx1916d ago

Yeah that was expensive, but worthy actually, I'm getting the ps4 at launch, with all the features.

morganfell1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

"That wasn't until the PS3 cut out features and dropped price"

No, okay, no. Worldwide the PS3 outsold the 360 from day 1. They moved units faster every year including the first year. Quite a feat when you consider they didn't initially launch in the EU. During the equivalant time period of launch they sold faster. not reality. And trolling only makes you look blind and uninformed.

You see this is where shortsighted people are clipped. Yes the 360 initially led in over all sales BUT THE PS3 WAS SELLING AT A FASTER RATE. IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME AND NOW LOOK.

Sony cut their price because production costs dropped and they were staying competitive with MS and Nintendo WHO ALSO CUT THEIR PRICES - YOU LIKE TO IGNORE THAT PART.

It's amazing how simple fanboyism or adherence to sheep run anti-Sony media induces people to avoid the truth.

maniacmayhem1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )


Your sarcasm was noted and glossed over for not caring. thanks for posting it again.



Yup, 6-7 years and at the tail end of it's life and the beginning of the ps4. They sure showed the competition. *wink*. Funny your lot like to show that around like a badge of honor. A dominate giant in the console field dethroned by a system that had less than half the capabilities and a software company on it's sophomore attempt in the console industry.

"Sony cut their price because production costs dropped and they were staying competitive with MS and Nintendo WHO ALSO CUT THEIR PRICES - YOU LIKE TO IGNORE THAT PART."

Sony cut their price when they removed BC because of the many criticisms from consumers about the price. This was ONE of their reasons and ways to offer the PS3 at a lower more competitive price. This was way before production costs where at an acceptable level and WAY before MS cut or OFFERED a cheaper version of the 360. Of course you ignored that part.

"It's amazing how simple fanboyism or adherence to sheep run anti-Sony media induces people to avoid the truth."

You speak of sheep, trolling and fanboyism but it's your own blind rage and absolute sony soldier like dedication that that statement right there is thick with irony.

kenshiro1001916d ago

You guys must be really scared of a piece of plastic...

DragonKnight1916d ago

@maniactroll: "your sarcasm was noted and glossed over for not caring."

Too bad that's an oxymoron. You can't note sarcasm and gloss over it at the same time. The very act of noting it means it caught your attention, whereas glossing over it means you likely wouldn't have noticed it. But I'm not surprised by continued erroneous statements given how badly you're trolling.

SDF Repellent1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

LOL @ DragonKnight, Morganfell, ceballos77.

I know you guys are supportive of Sony through thick and thin, but com on, which part of my post is not correct? I never once said the PS3 is the next 3DO. If you read correctly, I said ORIGINAL PS3 price. The original price was utterly expensive and the PS3 didn't actually take off until the price was more competitive. Sony had to take out USB ports, drop BC, wait for the price of Blu Ray to get cheaper, and introducing the Slim model before the PS3 can get to the price that is competitive to that of the X360; in turn, it start selling well, if not better than the competition Worldwide.

If you guys don't know already, I have all the systems from the White X360 to the Phat PS3 to the Black Wii, so why wouldn't I want all the next gen consoles to be price competitively from the start so I can get all of them and start enjoying them rather than waiting for future price drop.

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DragonKnight1917d ago

It is SOOOO easy to tell the 2 developers who AREN'T working on any PS4 games or haven't even had access to it yet. One said "nothing impressed me" and the other spewed off about PC. Just like the comments that have been made ad nauseum about the PS4 since its reveal. *yawn*

Saigon1917d ago


i thought the RAM values were the same, 8GB, I thought the only true difference is the speed in which the data moves from the CPU chip to GPU chip.

givemeshelter1916d ago

It is...DDR5 is faster however it has higher latency then DD3.
The reality is the power between the "rumored" specs of the Xbox720 and the specs of the PS4 are closer then they were then the Xbox360 and the PS3...This generation IF these specs are TRUE will see almost all games looking almost the exact same.

Saigon1916d ago


I will hold judgement when MS reveals their system. Sad to say if the leaks are true, Sony system would have a slight edge. Though the structure of both systems would be very similar.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1916d ago

So is this finally the Sony fanboys admitting that 3rd party games are better on the 360? At least most all of them?

Funny thing that I've noticed since the announcement of the PS4...

Suddenly the old six axis sucks, and had it's problems for lots of Sony people now. Before, when Xbots like myself would say that the 360 controller is hands down the best (besides the sucky d pad) and is better than the PS3 controller... the talk was that of.. "No way" "PS3 controller is the best" "There is nothing wrong with the PS3 controller"

Now that there's a new controller, suddenly all this talk about how happy people are for different analog tips and better triggers and a heavier bigger controller are all the talk.

Really? Xbots and SDF have been battling this whole gen talking about how the PS3 controller isn't as good anymore.

And now 3rd party games will be better "this time" on the PS4. So now finally, even the most fanboy of Sony can admit that the 360 has the better 3rd party versions of the game.

The truths start to come out with the talk of the new consoles. Love it. :D

The Meerkat1916d ago

You speak the truth, but that won't help you get a bubble back.

ThatXboxGuy1916d ago

Apparently everyone is one entity to you, and not separate people.

1) I never had a problem with the DS3.I always loved it and always will.DS4 is the next step and it looks good too.Whats your problem?

2) SOME games were better on 360.Nobody can deny that.Just like you can't deny that SOME games were better on PS3.Again, whats your problem? Oh, that's right.You're a self confessed "xbot" the most delusional of any fanboy group.

Carry on in your fantasy bubble.

kenshiro1001916d ago

You wanna cookie or something?

Hey, third party games were also good on the PS3 too.

T21916d ago

I wont believe ms will just lie down and die but despite what fanboy haters say about ps4 if developers are excited, gamers should be excited !

Hicken1916d ago

Not around here. Liking Sony automatically makes you a fanboy. And pointing out the ridiculous strain of articles that have recently popped up, nitpicking and being downright ridiculous makes you blind and/or trolling.

The PS4 should excite gamers. And, hopefully, the Nextbox will do something similar.

Xenomorph1916d ago

Do you ever say anything that isn't just talking out your ass irish guy? Have you even read most of the specs and the recent forbes article? With the last of us looking practically next gen, just wait until they are pushing every last ounce of the PS4 power. Not to mention the 1TB or more storage they will have on the disk.

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ApolloTheBoss1917d ago ShowReplies(1)
Relientk771917d ago

Developers seem very happy with the PS4, as do the gamers

Walker1917d ago


WarThunder1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

It seems PS4 kit is developers dream especially programmers.