5 Next Generation Games That Haven’t Been Announced Yet

GamerFitNation: "The PlayStation 4 was recently announced and with it a change in the future of gaming. While we were all assuming that it would inevitable be revealed there was always one question in the back of my mind. What about the games that could be announced next generation? Read along as he write about five particular titles he believe are next gen titles that haven’t been announced yet."

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fredolopez1755d ago

if they were to make a sequel to Perfect Dark that would be awesome!

xtheownerzx1755d ago

I really loved the perfect dark series definitely think they should bring it back.

Pintheshadows1754d ago

I still want Syphon Filter. Considering the advances that specific type of game has undergone since the last console version, I think it could be huge for Sony. And until they make it i'm not going to shut up about it.