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5 Things Microsoft Hopefully Took Away From Sony's PS4 Event


This past Wednesday, Sony announced their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. There was incredible hype behind the event, and in many ways, the company delivered on gamers' high expectations. As such, Microsoft sure has to bring the big guns if they hope to steal any of Sony's momentum.

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Community1673d ago
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alexcosborn1673d ago

"Brining it" would certainly be a smart move.

AngelicIceDiamond1673d ago

The very 1st reason or no. 5 reason and the no. 1 reason

5. The Gamer Comes First

1. Exclusives, Exclusives, Exclusives

If MS tackled those 2 at the conference then they'll be in a great, great position.

Dark5tar11673d ago

My wishlist is focus more on the core gamer instead of appealing to casuals, Less focus of Kinect, Improve the UI, and have better quality control if MS keeps the Indie Games channel.

dbjj120881673d ago

#5 is actually my #1. I can't stand how Microsoft takes opportunities they SHOULD use to appeal to gamers, and instead turns it into "Buy a Windows 8 Tablet for your Xbox because of Netflix!!"

alexcosborn1673d ago

Yeah, steering clear of Windows 8 talk and Kinect would probably be wise.

MacDonagh1673d ago

Show some real game footage. No cutscenes or any of that. Just in-game footage. I saw none except for the Knack demonstration on the PS Vita.

TrendyGamers1673d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall had gameplay.

Bumpmapping1673d ago

Also The Witness and Deep down Play Beyond.

MacDonagh1673d ago

I'm slightly paranoid about that. Can you blame me? It's like people have completely forgot about Aliengate. I don't want to be Gearboxed.

@Bumpmapping The Witness showed the world. It looks great but no actions done by the avatar. It showed a couple of puzzles and how they move but I didn't see a character moving or anything of that sort. I'm sure the Witness will release more when time goes on but until then; I will remain on the fence. Deep Down was an FMV with a little HUD to give the illusion of gameplay but not actual gameplay. That's what I want to see.

MasterCornholio1673d ago

Its ok Buddy the first time we saw the footage I also found it hard to believe due to how good it looked.

Tretton mentioned that there will be playable demos at E3 so by then you will know if the demos are real or not.

Although in my opinion i think they are.

unchartedxplorer1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Watch dogs? Sorry I realised somebody has already said that.

MacDonagh1673d ago

Watch Dogs has been in development for a little while now and it looks like gameplay footage. However, I will remain obstinate on the face of it until I see it on shelves or I know someone that has played it.

Can you trust the developers to provide a game that is indicative of the quality that has been presented? Can you trust the media whom the publishers have gagged with NDAs and review embargoes? Can you trust your fellow gamers to give a non-biased view on the game?

Who can you trust? Only time reveals.

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HyperBear1673d ago

3 things would do it for me:

1. Heavily focused on games and gamers, be it new IP's, existing franchises and third-party support (I'll allow time for 1 Kinect game showing off Kinect 2.0 and that is it!)
2. Do not discuss sales and BS about being number 1 in sales, and instead, have a system architect or pres of worldwide studios come out and discuss the specs of the console as well show the new controller and a few new features of the system/user interface.
3. XBOX LIVE IS FREE!!! (But that is just wishful thinking)

alexcosborn1673d ago

Great choices! Definitely would like to see those.

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