PlayStation Store Preview – February 26th, 2013: Ascend Into Chaos

Get a taste of God of War: Ascension‘s single-player campaign—the same experience from our preview earlier this month—in this week’s PlayStation Store update. Plants Vs. Zombies is free on the Vita for PlayStation Plus members, and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the PlayStation Vita, many more Vita titles will be discounted this week. Also, look out for the winners of the 2013 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards to see a discount.

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Snookies121884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Man, the Plus offering this week is weak. Even considering I have a Vita and don't have Plants vs. Zombies on it...

Just seeing what Europe got really stings though, that is insane.

Dylila1884d ago

hopefully sony updates the ps store with all the videos from destination playstation event

profgerbik1884d ago

Yes and it could be stronger in the coming weeks, not every single plus update is going to be perfect.

People complained about Chronovolts but then were ecstatic getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma shortly after.. Regardless some of those deals on games are great also so I am not complaining.

IAmLee1883d ago

Already had the GoW demo... Completely worth it.

TrendyGamers1884d ago

Since I have most of the Gamers Choice nominees, I'm really only hoping Wizorb wins in the minis category.

Sev1884d ago

I think people will like this God of War demo. I played it and it was strong.

Myst1884d ago

Lol thought you said it was wrong

Myst1884d ago

Hmm that PS2 classic...Makes me wonder if perhaps I will ever see Dark Cloud or Dark Cloud 2 on PSN :|.

cpayne931884d ago

Wow. Another Dora the Explora game? WHY??? There's freaking six of them on the store now, if you count the diego games. WHY are they releasing so many of them? A few is one thing, but six? I really want more great ps2 games to come to psn, I don't understand why this shovelware is getting thrown in.

Myst1884d ago

I was wondering that to, why so many Dora games?

PHOSADRA1884d ago

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure!

I wish they would make a HD collection :/

doctorstrange1884d ago

I know, would be totally the GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.