Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: The Official Word From Bioware

GR - "Hardcore fans of Mass Effect 3 have known about the potential Citadel DLC for months now, as the information was datamined and released to the Internet, but nothing was ever confirmed. Until last week anyway."

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krazykombatant1733d ago

Biggest piece of shit, this IP was my favorite this whole gen and they took a massive dump in my living room. Never buying another bioware product again.

Megaton1733d ago

Hopefully you actually stick to that, as I have. It's the only way they'll ever feel your dissatisfaction. Through their wallets.

ddurand11733d ago

buy used, still enjoy games without supporting developers directly.

zeal0us1733d ago

I guess Shepard story will never get the closure it deserve. Oh well not like I really had my hopes up. Guess ill be passing on this dlc too.

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Megaton1733d ago

No wonder the romances were so half-assed. DLC.

aLucidMind1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

A developer not doing as good of a job as they should have or didn't bother implementing something, it doesn't automatically mean it was done with the intent of selling it pieced out to exploit the customers. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not; I may not like BioWare due to how they handled the fans angry with the ending, but at least I don't see everything as "Something new that isn't free?? EXPLOITATION!! CUT CONTENT FOR PROFIT!!" as many seem to (not) think.

Megaton1733d ago

I have no complaints about my romance, as I stayed loyal to Liara throughout the trilogy. She's the only one to have a significant romance in ME3, as far as I can tell from the forums. Sucks for everyone else, though, because they all seemed pretty underdeveloped. Maybe that's because they were planning to flesh everything out with DLC, or maybe they just thought everyone would be fine with slop from the jump. Who knows.

EditorAtGNG1733d ago

After all that ending and DLC drama, do they really expect people to buy this? I mean, its been a whole year since they released Mass Effect 3 and apart from people playing multyplayer I can't imagine anyone going through that process of playing yet another mission with Shepard only to be reminded of the huge pile of crap that's the conclusion of the series.

Seriously, if Bioware doesn't WOW us with Dragon Age 3 I doubt they can ever restore their reputation as developers.

medman1733d ago

I'll be buying it, I'll be playing it, and as it's the last piece of ME3 single player DLC, I'll be enjoying it and bidding farewell to the ME series on this generation of consoles. It is way overpriced, but the ME series is the only gaming series I have ever bought DLC for. Period. That is because I love Mass Effect. I don't buy map packs, or other such b.s. I own a 360 and PS3, and buy many, many games. But I never buy DLC, usually because by the time it's released, I've moved onto other gaming experiences. Mass Effect is to this point the one and only exception, and I have no qualms about returning to the ME galaxy one more time. I've been gaming since the days of the original NES in my childhood, so Bioware is doing something right if their games are the only ones I've bought DLC for.

ceballos77mx1733d ago

I'm with you, one of the best series this gen, finished 3 when it first came out but jumped again to play the whole trilogy on my Ps3.

I love my femshep.

Xyle1733d ago

So... Though I agree the entire series up till the third was great. Even a majority of the third was amazing, obviously the ending was horrendous. I just feel that they alienated the fans. They had a great chance to make things right but instead... We got the ec. Then leviathan... Then omega, all of which I never bought (save for the ec.. It was free)
Anyway the ending sucked, was atrocious...

baldulf1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Yeah, Shepard and co. chilling out on the Citadel and playing detectives while the whole galaxy is being genocided by the reapers.

You are fixing the game Bioware, you really are. LOL

aLucidMind1733d ago

It is possible that the conspiracy involves strongly Harbinger. If it is heavily Harbinger-vs-Shepard-related (like the vibes ME2 had at many parts) then I might buy.

burne1731d ago

highly illogical otherwise they need to change the endings for the simple reason of this:
Sheppard: Harbinger i swear i will defeat you and your reapers!
Harbinger:Resistance is futile.
fast forward to the beam
Harbinger:Sheppard where are you going?
Sheppard:I can't win against you, i must run.
Harbinger: awww i wanted to fight you sheppard T_T.
fast forward to catalyst and sheppards decision to pick synthesis.
Harbinger: all that bullshit and you did what i intended to do from the start?

aLucidMind1731d ago

It's hardly illogical and it would be very easy to write a confrontation between Shepard and Harbinger have them clash and yet, allows Harbinger to still arrive back at the beam without detracting from it so long as you aren't completely incompetent at writing.

Harbinger didn't want to fight Shepard, it wanted to preserve or kill him/her. It saying resistance is futile in a prior confrontation within ME3 won't render the beam run or the endings pointless.

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