Is Disney Infinity Too Expensive?

Thomas East: ''The Disney Infinity price is a complex issue. For starters, the prices really vary. You can pay as little as £49.99 to get the most basic Disney Infinity experience but you could also spend as much as £209.91 for everything. To put that into perspective, a Wii U Basic pack costs just £20 more.

That figure takes into account all the figures and Playsets that have been revealed so far. With more Playsets to come plus the Power Discs which add extra abilities for your characters and toys for the Toy Box, it's clear to see that this will be an expensive business.''

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PopRocks3591847d ago

Depends on how much you value those toys I guess. When I was a kid, the good stuff was always above $15, sometimes over $30 (I was big into Transformers and LEGO once upon a time).

I can understand why gamers would see this as overpriced, but I think kids will see more of a novelty of a toy that they can take into a video game as well as across platforms. There are some good ideas with the concept, though I concede that lower prices would certainly have been appreciated.

Neo Nugget1847d ago

Sometimes I just buy the Skylanders even though I haven't played Giants since November. Most of the time they're really well made and look good on a shelf or by my tv ^^

FriedGoat1847d ago

Your funding the next rehash COD.

Chevalier1847d ago

It'll be the same price as skylander giants at $74.99. The figures will be more expensive at about $11.99 (there will be 18 figures). 6 play sets at $34.99 each, collectible disc power up or add on (stackable) at $4.99 each (random grab bags). Considering Giants cost $14.99 each and light core figures for Giants is $11.99, it'll be slightly more than skylanders. There Disney figures so who know's they might be worth a lot some day if they have limited/legendary versions.