Runner 2 Is Better On Wii U Than On PS3 And Xbox 360

"For technical reasons, we had to remove a few features from the PS3 version: depth of field, shadow filtering, and micro leaderboards at the end of every level. As a result of having no depth of field, the game is sharper and colors more vibrant."

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lilbroRx1997d ago

Its nice to see developers put fourth effort and not just do straight, unoptimized ports.

thereapersson1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

And as primarily a PS3 gamer, I say all the better for Nintendo gamers. They've had to deal with lack of hardware prowess this entire generation, so it's nice to see them with some superior HD content. Besides, now that some developers have had the chance to explore the hardware, I would certainly hope that a WiiU version would be technically stronger than a PS3 or x360 version.

Psn8001996d ago

Well said your a honest guy , nice to see on here Bubbles for you .

Donnieboi1997d ago

Yeah but how long will Wii U's spotlight shine when the REAL next gen begins Holiday 2013? Hmmm...

thereapersson1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Well until that time comes, let WiiU owners have their moment in the sun. Everyone should enjoy HD goodness, IMO. This reminds me of when the N64 came out during the time of the PSOne. Games looked noticeably better, and there were many company-defining moments for Nintendo. I hope Nintendo has similar luck with the WiiU.

AKR1997d ago

When PS4 and 720 are released, the Wii U will have to share the light - But don't let it's lower specs fool you into believing this is going to be the 7th generation all over again. The visuals may look better on the competition, but the Wii U has some pretty decent innovation going for it with the Gamepad.

The gap is much smaller this time, anyway. It won't be like the Wii vs. the PS3 and 360. Nintendo can do an awesome job this time around, if they encourage third-parties to make good use of the system. Criterion has done it with Most Wanted U. Ubisoft has done it with Rayman Legends. Frozenbyte did with Trine 2. Now Gajin is doing with Runner2.

The Wii U has a better chance of standing up to the big boys this time. I think this generation is going to be a blast.

Either way, just because it's weaker - That doesn't mean fail. Remember PS1, PS2, Wii and DS? All weaker than the competition - But still came out on top.

FriedGoat1997d ago

It's just a shame Nintendo don't know how to make decent games any more, well, games that have enough content to justify £40.

deafdani1997d ago

Next gen began for me on november of last year, regardless of what your opinion of what constitutes a "next gen" console is.

And in the end, it will come down to the games. If Nintendo puts out some killer games this holiday season when the OTHER next gen consoles come out, then Wii U will do just fine.

dantesparda1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

The game looks like crap, its obvious the devs suck, just look at the game. There is no way that the PS3 cant handle this game. The develoers really do not know what they are doing.

Link0791996d ago

All the way mate its powerful enough.

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aceitman1997d ago

they could have done that with the ps3 , if they knew how develop for it right.

lilbroRx1997d ago

You apparently didn't read the article.

Neonridr1997d ago

to Sum up the article: Visually and Perfomance is better on the Wii U than the PS3, and it's visually identical to the 360 but loads faster.

Dark5tar11997d ago

Ok and why should we expect anything less? This article doesn't seem much like "news".

Godmars2901997d ago

This article forgets that the WiiU needs to be compared to the next console generation, which its suppose to be apart of, and not the current one.

Link0791996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

They can only compare it to platforms that get the same game ? plus they are using about 20% of wiiu power for this type of game if that so it hasnt had proper Nextgen investment,and ps4/720/WiiU without Nextgen tools and investment wont surpass current gen by lots that's a FACT you can have the most powerful rig if you only use a mere percent of its power you cant start comparing it to lesser console games that had say a 200 million budget ?

With the investment you will see games way beyond ps3 ect.

Look at the Witness for ps4 psn it looks average shall we start comparing that game to Trine2 DC ? exactly that's my point.

Godmars2901996d ago

"Look at the Witness for ps4 psn it looks average shall we start comparing that game to Trine2 DC?"

No. You should be comparing the PS4 version of The Witness to the WiiU Version of the Witness.

PopRocks3591997d ago

Depends. Is the developer a lazy bunch who just want to rush the port out or does the developer care enough to take advantage of the hardware?

AKR1997d ago

Criterion Games is a perfect example, of a company who puts efforts into their ports. Even if it took a couple months to get it released - that's some serious work ethic.

FriedGoat1997d ago

And then don't release any DLC for said ports.

lovegames7181997d ago

lol smh. They are still trying smh. Give it up already.

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