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Tomb Raider Writer Rhianna Pratchett On Controversy And Characterisation

Lee Hall: ''Lead writer of the Tomb Raider reboot Rhianna Pratchett has had an uneven relationship with Lara Croft since she first played – and loved – the original Tomb Raider. ”I fell out of love with Lara after playing Tomb Raider 2 and when I found other games,” she tells us. “I didn’t like the way she had been oversexualised by the wider media. As a young female gamer I felt it said ‘ladies – this isn’t for you’, though I suppose icons are always very visual.”

Any progress on the desexualisation of Lara Croft came under the microscope last year when the PR machine for the forthcoming reboot churned out a damaging comment from producer Ron Rosenberg. Pratchett, who has also worked to craft strong female leads in Mirror’s Edge and Heavenly Sword, said the problems around the now infamous Crossroads trailer came down to two words, not one. ‘Protect’ as well as ‘rape’. And she’s happy to reflect on what she calls the ‘blink-and-you-might-miss-it’ controversy.'' (PC, PS3, Rhianna Pratchett, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

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Female action!!! scenario writers RoCK!!1 ..
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