Chun-Li Turns 40

Gameplayer are reporting that famous Street Fighter star Chun-Li has spinning bird-kicked her way to 40.

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SuicidalTendencies3937d ago

Happy B-day to Chun-li! *Tips hat to the first lady of fighting games.*

ikiru33853937d ago

happy bday, sexy lady ;-)

Yaster3937d ago

As sad as it all seems I was actualyl thinking about this on the bus before coming into work today

"hmm, wasn't it Chun Lis birthday the other day?"

I can never remember if it's the 1st of March or the 3rd

SlappingOysters3937d ago

How old does that make Mario I wonder?

NovaSnake3936d ago

i think he's past his 60's by now. Someone bring out the walker!

JeepGamer3937d ago

If I recall correctly in SF2 Chun Li was suppose to be 21 while Ken/Ryu were 24... but somehow in Alpha, Ryu was 18 and Chun Li 17, and lets not even get started on Cammy who was supposedly 19 in SF2 which would make her what... 12-13 in Alpha?

Enigma_20993931d ago

I thought you gave up on that years ago...

As for the MILF... I'd hit it...

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The story is too old to be commented.