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Watch Dogs has the potential to beat GTA V?

With Watch Dogs, Ubisoft took a bold move of redefining the definition of "Futuristic Setting" with respect to games. For them it no longer mean flying cars, aliens and all other over the top extras. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360)

rodiabloalmeida  +   884d ago
To beat GTA V? No. No game has it.
hiredhelp  +   883d ago
As much as i cant wait for this on my system its not the same game.
If you to ask will this sell well mmm i think gamers need to see more know more. But from what i can see sure think it have good sales.
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b163o1  +   883d ago
Agreed, nothing is really known about WatchDogs, but to say "No game has it" is just like saying Circuit City will never close. What goes up always comes down, it'll just be a while before this Juggernaut starts to fall.

S/N was GTA V pushed back in Anticipation of next-generation consoles??
subtenko  +   883d ago
I honestly got less interested in Watch Dogs as soon as the second GTA5 trailer came out. Does anyone else feel the same? What else does Watch Dogs have to offer except better graphics on PS4 and a hacker theme?

Legit opinions please because I really wanna know why I should buy this game if its worth buying over GTA5 or after GTA5.
plaZeHD  +   883d ago
What else does Watch Dogs have to offer except better graphics on PS4?
Ugh, I don't know, being able to control an entire city with you virtual phone, maybe.
I hate how people down talk Watch Dogs. It does what the Grand Theft Auto series lack. An original story, and a very unique and well implemented gameplay.
Watch Dogs is just a HUGE and a more interesting universe than Grand Theft Auto 5.
Godchild1020  +   883d ago
The real question is what is GTAV doing that wasn't done in other GTAs? That includes DLC and other GTA games on previous consoles.

I'm looking forward to The Last of Us and Watch Dogs more than GTAV because I already know what kind of experience I will get from GTA.

I will get GTAV, but it's not that high up on my most anticipated list like Watch Dogs and The Last Of Us are.

Edit: While I think watch Dogs will sell well for a new IP, it won't sell as well as GTAV. I guess the only thing we will be able to go off of is user experience and Metacritic.
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subtenko  +   881d ago
You get to hack a city with your phone..thats the only thing you could come up with. I know we still gotta find out more about the game but thats the only thing I could think of too and fromt he looks of the gameplay, theres 8 different 'hacking' actions you can do. Seems like it has its limits and gta5 multiplayer might be better and have more to do even if it lacks 'hacking'.

Idk..WD might not even have multiplayer. GTA4 had a good story for the most part didnt it? We always talked about what happen in the story. They need to show more of WD and GTA5 already -_- need moar
Mr-SellJack  +   883d ago
GTAV is for casuals....it isn't hard to believe for Watch dogs looks certainly much better than GTAV atleast it's creative and innovative
princejb134  +   883d ago
We havent played gtav yet to judge
I remember how hype people were for gtaiv, only to be dissapointed how boring it was

I'm more hype at the moment for watchdogs than gtav that's for sure
hennessey86  +   884d ago
Is in its own genre all together, just let watch dogs be watch dogs and not try and compare it to everyday open world game ever made.
whamlollypop7  +   883d ago
Summed it up perfectly.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   884d ago
Depends, the difference between Watch Dogs and GTA V is that in WD, you get to "hack". I think WD has the potential to beat GTA V but it is going to be a tough race
wastedcells  +   883d ago
Could happen but I doubt they share much in common other than being a third person open world game. I'm getting them both no doubt but I'm sure ill love both for different reasons. GTA is GTA there are better games out there sure but there is still nothing like GTA. It has a place.
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Slysi  +   883d ago
Fyflin  +   883d ago
I wasn't getting a GTA vibe from watch dogs at all, more along the lines of assassins creed to be honest, albeit infused with modern day or near future technology.

Hope it turns out as good as it looks.
Kingdom Come  +   883d ago
Why must publications attempt to massively over-hype games? Just enjoy the originality of "Watch Dogs", "Grand Theft Auto" is an established franchise. Don't set a new IP the challenge of defeating one of the greatest franchises newest instalments in its first...

Just enjoy the games.
TheModernKamikaze  +   883d ago
Hmmm, New IP VS Well-known Franchise
CaulkSlap  +   883d ago
The answer is no.
SAE  +   883d ago
Why compare !!! JUST PLAY BOTH !!
Summons75  +   883d ago
Already has in my book but then again GTA hasn't been on top since saints row 2. Heck even red dead redemption beat GTA and that was made by the same people. Maybe if GTA wasn't shoot s**t and beat hookers they could have something. Look at rdr, first hooker that walks up to you and tries to seduce you marston turns around politely says he's married and walks away. That was good content right there.
iMaim  +   883d ago
Ubisoft has yet to make an open world game in even the same ball park as GTA but we'll see soon enough.
clintagious650  +   883d ago
I think both will be great games but GTA will always outsell most games but im a little bit more excited for watch dogs because its bringing something new but definitely will pick up both.
goldwyncq  +   883d ago
This isn't even a fair comaparison. GTA V is on a completely different level when compared to Watch Dogs and other open world games. No doubt Watch Dogs would be awesome, but as an open world game, it doesn't stand a chance against GTA.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   883d ago
GTA V will be much more enjoyable, im worried that Watch Dogs will be boring after few hours of hacking
R_aVe_N  +   883d ago
I really don't enjoy GTA games so it would not take much to beat it in my opinion. Watch Dogs looks like it is going to be a blast to play.
Wizziokid  +   883d ago
It's not really the same game as GTA so why does it matter? just because they are both free-roaming open world games doesn't mean they are in direct competition.
KillrateOmega  +   883d ago
Though they are two completely games and so shouldn't be compared to one another. However, they are both open world, so I see what you are getting at.

I believe that WD will beat GTA V in terms of quality and innovation, but will be dwarfed in terms of sales. I'm getting both of them regardless.

I say that WD will beat GTA V in terms of innovation and quality, because quite frankly the GTA series has gotten a little repetitive. Fun, but repetitive. You always play as some loser who eventually starts working for some crime boss and then you proceed to kill a bunch of people, evade or fight the police, and deal in heavy narcotics. WD on the other hand is an original concept coupled with flowing and beautiful graphics.

On the other hand, GTA V is a GTA game. Which means that everybody and their mother will buy it. Regardless of whatever faults it may have, a GTA game is ultimately a fun game to play, probably because it appeals to the part of us that just wants to cut loose and break all the laws of society. It WILL outsell WD. That's pretty much guaranteed to happen.
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Shadowsteal  +   883d ago
Shut up. Stupid article. Anyone with half a mind is going to get both games anyways.
seanpitt23  +   883d ago
I don't know rockstars has nailed the gameplay and physics in there new rage engine the physics in maxpayne 3 was so realistic just imagine gta5 with the same and open world
medman  +   883d ago
I'll be getting both Watch Dogs and GTA V. Watch Dogs for my PS4, and GTA for my 360. Case closed.
ame22  +   883d ago
I'm looking forward to GTAV as much as the next guy but Watch Dogs has already personally won me over now let's just hope it's live up to the expectations.
black911  +   883d ago
GTA4 hurt the GTA franchise. ALot of gamers like myself wont be buying GTA5 on launch just for name alone.

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