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Tomb Raider Review | Machinima

Machinima: "It’s really hard to be excited about the future of Tomb Raider after this game. It fails where more successful films and games of its kind succeed: in its characters. The way in which Lara goes from inexperienced to full-on action movie hero survivalist is so jarring that it’s near impossible as a player to remain on the same emotional wavelength as the story. Because of this the rest of the game falters. It’s appeal is grounded in intense, exciting action moments. But these are impossible to care about with the poor handling of Tomb Raider’s star character." (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360) 6/10

matrixman92  +   889d ago
lol..machinima hates it because you probably cant do quick scope montages
MestreRothN4G  +   889d ago
And this is basically why I don't ever read Machinima Duty bros.
Slysi  +   889d ago
Ha ha!! I didn't know these done reviews,and now I know why, Total garbage.
seanpitt23  +   889d ago
There is always one.
Root  +   889d ago
Jeez a site gives a game a bad score and suddenly they are a crap website.

It's just their opinion....jesus christ. Not everyone has to praise a game because everyone else is praising it.

Just move on, most of us are all going to get it anyway
Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
And if a website gives it a good score its a paid review right?
Root  +   889d ago
If the article dosen't make sense or dosen't explain the actual reasons to why it's good but looks more like it's trying to sell you the game rather then reviewing it...cough cough dmc reviews
-GametimeUK-  +   889d ago
Machinima were crap way before they gave Tomb Raider a bad score.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's like they have a lack of professionalism. The reviews are the weakest part of Machinima, for sure.
WarThunder  +   889d ago
All major gaming website have lack of professionalism. They are bunch of journalist who don't know **** about games but they are reviewing games!!! Tthe most funny part is people actually believe those unprofessional review/opinions and their scores, then they go buy or don't buy the game based on 5-10 sites giving scores...

Most gamers these days are bunch of sheep!
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izumo_lee  +   889d ago
The dude has no problems with the visuals of the game his biggest complaint from what i read is the story & the presentation of Lara in the game as well as one dimensional characters.

If you watch the video be prepared for some spoilers. The reviewer has a tough time believing that since the game is origin story of Lara the choices in the game to make you believe she is inexperienced to all of a sudden a killing machine is farfetched.

I can get the reviewers qualms but i guess he was expecting a more deeper emotional take on Lara with the game she is in.
Blacklash93  +   889d ago
I understand the complaint and agree with it, but he seems a little too hung up on it. It seems like this one flaw is poisoning his opinion of every other aspect of the game.

For the record to this reviewer, single button-prompts are not QTE's like the ledge-grab instances he's describing. And the obvious answer to the fire-arrow gripe is that the arrows have a predefined chance to ignite the enemy and are not bugged.
animegamingnerd  +   889d ago
so it sounds like it has the only problem on why a lot of people hated metroid other m
jetlian  +   889d ago
whats crazy is he would have complained if you had to spend an hour shooting arrows at a tree to get good with the bow!

The game takes place in a few days it takes months to years to use a bow and being a game nobody would want to do all that.

He talked about the killing a deer then never seeing the cutscene again. I say thank goodness. I hated red dead and listing to marston say ewwww, yuck 50,000 times.
8GB_of_GDDR5  +   889d ago
party poopers
Brucis  +   889d ago
Guys, he gave it a decent score. He had problems with the characterization and explained why. A 6 isn't 'it's shit, never get it'. It's slightly above average. Everybody's used to IGN's rating scale where anything below an 8.5 is bad.
fei-hung  +   889d ago
Dunno about the scores. Every review I read has said the same thing about story and character. Although they have said it for other games and marked it as a negative, for this game the 2 dimensional supporting characters and lack of character building for Lara have been turned into a positive thing.

The rest of the game looks great apart from what reviewers have said about the mp not being all so great.

It doesn't sound like a 10, but it don't sound like a 6 either. From reading several reviews, it sounds more like an 8.
blackstrr411  +   889d ago
Wait. He wants bustier and sexier lara.
They keep comparing it with uncharted saying its unreal for her to become from helpless to gunsblazing. Well I have 1 question. Is nathan drake a marine? He handles guns quite easy. And how can sulley be able to climb walls at 70. And the reporter? Is she a gymnast? Some reviewers need to understand its a game we don't care if its real or not. No one talked about how drake got better in uncharted 2 after the icy train wreck with a gun wound in his stomach. I love uncharted but it has holes. Even dark knight rises has holes but is still an awesome movie
TheSuperior  +   889d ago
so many people are sold on opinions of others when it comes to games. This is a review that was written by a fan of the previous Tomb Raider games obviously. If your gaming background and knowledge doesn't match the review then move on to someone you think is more like you who has written the review. In gaming it is your opinion that truly matters, if you want an honest review its best you trust someone who seems like you.

To me, this is one of the more accurate and sensible review that I have read as I have been a Tomb Raider fan from the series start.
plaZeHD  +   889d ago
What do you expect from the site that advertises mainly Halo and Call Of Duty?

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