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Machinima: "It’s really hard to be excited about the future of Tomb Raider after this game. It fails where more successful films and games of its kind succeed: in its characters. The way in which Lara goes from inexperienced to full-on action movie hero survivalist is so jarring that it’s near impossible as a player to remain on the same emotional wavelength as the story. Because of this the rest of the game falters. It’s appeal is grounded in intense, exciting action moments. But these are impossible to care about with the poor handling of Tomb Raider’s star character."

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matrixman921944d ago

lol..machinima hates it because you probably cant do quick scope montages

MestreRothN4G1944d ago

And this is basically why I don't ever read Machinima Duty bros.

Fasttrack761944d ago

Ha ha!! I didn't know these done reviews,and now I know why, Total garbage.

Root1944d ago

Jeez a site gives a game a bad score and suddenly they are a crap website.

It's just their opinion....jesus christ. Not everyone has to praise a game because everyone else is praising it.

Just move on, most of us are all going to get it anyway

Imalwaysright1944d ago

And if a website gives it a good score its a paid review right?

Root1944d ago

If the article dosen't make sense or dosen't explain the actual reasons to why it's good but looks more like it's trying to sell you the game rather then reviewing it...cough cough dmc reviews

-GametimeUK-1944d ago

Machinima were crap way before they gave Tomb Raider a bad score.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's like they have a lack of professionalism. The reviews are the weakest part of Machinima, for sure.

WarThunder1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

All major gaming website have lack of professionalism. They are bunch of journalist who don't know **** about games but they are reviewing games!!! Tthe most funny part is people actually believe those unprofessional review/opinions and their scores, then they go buy or don't buy the game based on 5-10 sites giving scores...

Most gamers these days are bunch of sheep!

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The story is too old to be commented.