PS Vita: The Year Just Gone & The Year Ahead

"The PS Vita has been available for around a year now, and what a years it’s been. With more ups and downs than a Call of Duty title’s Metacritic rating, it has at least been an interesting year for the handheld, with a brighter future laid out ahead.

The PS Vita, as most will tell you, is struggling. They’ll tell you it has no games and is too expensive. Maybe, just maybe that was the case a few months ago, during the summer when releases start to dry up and gamers get fed up with the lack of titles on offer.

Not today though, no way, and not tomorrow either, because the PS Vita has been given one big kick of adrenaline and Sony is finally ready to start throwing their weight around to get the handheld slice of gold into the hands of gamers, hungry for some top-notch gaming on the go, even more so, in the living room." - The Games Cabin

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murdock551914d ago

for some reason i would much rather play my ps vita then to play my ps3. but due to the fact that ps vita doesnt have every ps3 game on the system im forced to play my ps3.