Injustice Battle Arena Week 4 Reveals More New Characters

The Injustice Battle Arena returns for the fourth week of action as we see the last preliminary matches before the quarter finals. This week also shows off some new characters to the roster that have yet to be shown in game.

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maniacmayhem1946d ago

Sinestro! Hawkwoman!

They are seriously going for the original 7 in the JL cartoon. I like that, all we need is John Stewart or an unlockable costume for Hal as John.

Deku-Johnny1946d ago

I think it would be better if John was an alternative costume, it'd be pretty cool but they're too similar to be different characters. It'd be cool if they had an Alan Scott costume too.

Deku-Johnny1946d ago

I really hope they announced John Jones, his character would be pretty awesome.

josephayal1946d ago

Injustice looks to be a bit boring just like mk9