Watch Dog is Now Working on the Wii U

Ubisoft Bucharest Senior Producer, Dominic Guay, has announced Watch Dogs is now running on the Wii U. They have also have not decided what features will be on the Wii U Game Pad. Here are his statements.

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Link0791733d ago

Sounds good although it's obvious the wiiu can run the game,give wiiu owners some positive info hype it up Ubisoft ??

zalanis1733d ago

Finally, cant wait. It'd b nice if they suped it up like the need for speed u version. Tho it might not look as suped up as the ps4 version.

PopRocks3591732d ago

Depends on whether or not they truly choose to optimize it. Since PS4 is all about its graphics I reckon they'll probably offer some motion blur, sharper shadows and higher quality particles. Other than that it will pretty much look the same between platforms, I think.

donman11732d ago

If this game turned out to just simple be a port of the PS3/Xbox360 version (I expect better visuals) then I will get it for my PS4. I own a Wii U and will be getting the PS4. I already traded in my PS3. Got to get value for it before it drops.

zeldafreak4041732d ago

Hey but wasnt it rumored that killzone on ps4 was running with less than 1.5 gb of ram if so then Wii U might not be too far apart.

RFornillos41732d ago

very nice indeed. I just hope it won't be as buggy as AC3.

donman11732d ago

It shouldn't be... they have more time to develop the games for all consoles.

RFornillos41732d ago

i know they have. that's why i "hope".

don't get me wrong, i love Assassin's Creed (1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3, etc.), but you have to admit, the AC3 development also took a long time; and it turned out to be buggy.

Dark5tar11732d ago

This was already posted up not too long ago. Again, I want Ubisoft Montreal to take their time and figure out the possibilities that the gamepad can be implemented.

Realplaya1732d ago

Everyone assumes it's a port of the 360 the 360 is prob a port of the wii u version.

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