GamesBeat: Forget saving the world: In Time and Eternity, you have to save your marriage (preview)

GamesBeat: "The big day is finally here. You’re ready to profess your love to your soon-to-be spouse in front of friends and family. But before you can seal the deal, a mysterious band of assassins barges through the church and tries to murder you. Meanwhile, your red-headed fiancé Toki transforms into a knife-wielding blonde woman who fights them off with ease.

At least you weren’t left at the altar, right?"

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wita1850d ago

Time and Eternity sounds cool!

Sadie21001850d ago

But if you save the marriage and not the world, then what? Will your spouse hold that over you for the rest of your life?

Kalowest1850d ago

In this game the world doesn't need saving, just your marriage. Someone or something doesn't want the marriage to happen, so their trying to crash it.
So your trying to find out who and the why.

SybaRat1850d ago

So, this is the anti-Catherine.

JeffGrubb1850d ago

Sounds like a recipe for bitterness.

Kalowest1850d ago

So true, what if each soul likes a certain position?

Cryptcuzz1850d ago

Lol I laughed.

OT: wonder how this game will be. I was excited when it was first announced and called Tokitowa.

Then I read some mixed reviews about it.

Hopefully they fix some of the things wrong in the Jap version when it arrives.