Teen steals Xbox 360 after being praised by President Bush

In Plymouth Township, Pennsylvania, praise by the President of the United States apparently wasn't enough to prevent a teen from stealing an Xbox 360.

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cheetorb3738d ago

Like getting praise from some 2 digit IQ hick means anything. Kid was probably selling him blow anyway.

KnowitAll3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I'm not the kind of person who types "Your comment was so equitable or/and I respect your feeling" just to get some bubbles in return. I'm not, I don't care if my posts don't agree with people. I don't give a !#%^&#

But anyways
You Sir cheetorb
You sire are correct. Heres my second bubble I give

sleepbox3737d ago

HYUK HYUK HYUK to original poster or should I say UNoriginal poster.

vegnadragon3738d ago

His dumbness is contagious.


Speaking of which, did you just say "dumbness"? Hehe.

RoboChamp3738d ago

We might be looking at our next president!

Guardian0fPeace3738d ago

but personally, one side of me kinda thinks he deserved t get that stuff from a would-be killer that he turned in...

Proxy3738d ago

You'd think someone who graduated from Yale would be smarter than a cactus...

RoboChamp3738d ago

I find that to be insulting to cacti.

Guardian0fPeace3737d ago

i am now going to apologize to all the cactus's i insulted,he who must not b named isnt as smart as them, in fact, i doubt hes as smart as...A DOORKNOB!!!!

GETPWNZORED3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

He only graduation Yale because of his New World Order Global Elite ties to Skull and Bones within Yale University.

"Kerry is also Bush's cousin. Bush's grandfather, Prescott, funded the holocaust. Barbara Bush's grandfather (or father) was Alister Crowley, a known satanist."

Hehe. Looks like the Bush Regime GOTPWNZORED! :)

socsca3737d ago

F*** Yale, Duke rules... At least the faculty of political science, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.