PS4 Reveal: What Microsoft Needs To Do Now

Rumours abound that Microsoft is prepping its next Xbox reveal for late April. With PS4 already out of the bag, it's Microsoft's turn to respond with a huge, trumpet blowing event. There's a lot of pressure on Microsoft to get this right: here's what thinks they need to do.

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Septic1940d ago

We've had so many of these articles now! I think the resounding response has been one thing and that is:


MasterCornholio1940d ago


The last time Microsoft promised us games they gave us this.

What Microsoft needs to do is show a lot of core titles and no Kinect titles that claim to be core ones.

If they do that they will be fine.

LtFaku1940d ago

Just with say "there is going to be BC on nextbox" its going to take some good points.