Sony: Every PS4 Game Will Be Available As A Digital Download

The digital revolution is upon us. It's evident with the PlayStation Vita and it'll be even more evident when the PlayStation 4 arrives later this year.

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jidery1878d ago

Add the fact that you can play while downloading and I can see this as a strong selling point.

piroh1878d ago

i still wonder how big the games will be

mp12891878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

yeah, thats the problem. what if the games are 50 gbs. In that case a 1tb hard drive would hold 20 games (not bad). And an even greater problem might be the limit internet providers allow in downloads a month. Comcast allows 250gbs i think. But thinking about it a little more makes it seem perfectly feasible for most gamers.

TopDudeMan1878d ago

My problem is price. I will never pay more for a digital copy than I'd be paying for a boxed disc.

Currently in the PS store, the new games start out more expensive than in shops or amazon.

Developers may want to think about that if they want to make any kind of money out of digital distribution.

darx1878d ago


That's my issue with consoles. You won't get sales like you do on Steam.

Fishy Fingers1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Steam are certainly the exception to the rule. Origin, Uplay, XBL, PSN and pretty much any other digital distribution service (PC or console) charges more than I can get the games for at retail. With less overheads, fewer middle men etc its ridiculous.

For digital to really take off, they need to be priced accordingly.

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-Superman-1878d ago

You take Blu-Ray game, or download and install or cloud(play as downloading).
Good choice!
I know console people don´t like to download games, but look at PC market. Steam, everyone has digital gaming. Maybe in future consoles are too? Who knows...

alousow1878d ago

good to kno. but damn im going be out of free space by the summer of 2014. So i'll get some digital n some hard copy

PS4isKing_821878d ago

I wonder if mandatory game installs on ps3 will be a thing of the past on ps4. I sure hope so. I hate using up all that data just to play a game.

first1NFANTRY1878d ago

what's all these articles going back and forth about the same old topic?

Sony will give us all an official response soon enough, until then lets focus more on the games and hardware they've shown.

R_aVe_N1878d ago

The games are going to be to dang big to download imo. Small games is fine but full retail no thank you.

The Meerkat1878d ago

Depends upon where you are.
I have unlimited 60mb fibre optic.
And if the game can be played before the download finishes does it really matter how big the file is?

I love not having to put a disc in to play a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.