A Call For Logic: Politicians vs.Video Games. Does Gaming Violence Affect the Real World?

GameDynamo - "Much like how Marilyn Manson and metal music was blamed for the Columbine shooting way back in 1999, video games have now found themselves under the scapegoating target reticule of those in the government and parents that just don't know how to raise their own children."

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AKR1910d ago

Why do I say yes? I'm not out-right saying that playing a game like C.o.D will turn me into natural-born, cold-blooded killer ~ but that's what it's training me to do.

No human is born with the direct ability to take the life of another human. They have to be mentally sick in some way, or their mind had to have been encouraged in some direction. How do you think real-life soldiers can go out and gun-down another human? They're trained to do that. They use simulators, in their training and a game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and so forth are similar to those army simulators. They reflect the same thing - Shoot that guy. Blow up this thing. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

When someone is exposed to such forms of entertainment - especially younger kids who's minds are still developing ~ they can have affects on the player. They'll soon become to use to all the explosions, the guns, the splatter of blood and gore. When they start getting excited over it, enjoying it - they'll be more prone to take aim in real-life and kill ~ versus a person who doesn't play violent video games.

So what if it's not real? "You're killing virtual people. Not real people." Yeah, so what? If I get used to doing that in a game, there's no doubt that can transfer into the real-world. It's been proven that kids who watch violent entertainment, can become more aggressive vs. a kid who doesn't. Whatever we allow our minds to indulge in, that will take root in us and spread. It'll change the way we think and our viewpoint of things.

Violent, gory video games just up-lift nonsense. As to how someone can get enjoyment of slashing limbs, and splattering guts of humans and creature is beyond me. Yet, they're the best-selling games on the market each year. I, personally, stay away from them. I know how easy it is to get addicted, though. Which is why I vowed to stay away.

None-the-less, violent video games don't necessarily create real-life killers ~ but it does encourage it.

Brucis1910d ago

Spec Ops: The Line would like to have a word with you.

aliengmr1910d ago

Sports causes aggression too. In fact its encouraged.

Conzul1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Not only are you plain wrong, but you contradicted yourself before even finishing the second paragraph.

Killing NPCs is absolutely NOTHING like killing real people. Be glad that you your life has been blessed enough for you to be possessed of such ignorance.

aLucidMind1910d ago

Actually, humans ARE born with the direct ability to kill. Humans are not a species outside the animal kingdom and all animals are capable of killing. If you look in the past, there were actually several species millions of years back that were different species but similar enough to use genetically (looks, too) that reproduction was possible. You know what happened to them all? Homo-sapiens killed them all; no video games or media at all back then, just nature.

Killing does not mean you are mentally ill, very few people that kill that plead insanity or that they're mentally ill actually are. Video games do not create, nor do they encourage, violent acts; at the very worst, they may give a person ideas or something to base a plan on but it is not the video game's fault that they thought that way.

By the way, the very first video game I've ever played was GTA3; the second was Vice City. I've got tons of violent video games, and yet I've got no criminal record. Everyone on earth has wanted to punch a person right in their face, that's human nature; everyone is guilty of that and is not caused by video games. Yet, I've never felt encouraged to beat the hell out of someone or kill them; hell, I've never even had to hold myself back from doing it.

My existence, a person that loved GTA3 (at age NINE) that would calmly go "f*** off" and walk away long before I ever felt the urge to hit the person, must blow your mind.

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RuleofOne343 1910d ago

Does Gaming Violence Affect the Real World..........NO

Do Politicians Affect the Real World......YES they do more harm than good, they are not truly for the people. they use the misfortunes of people to further their own agenda while fatting their pockets with the money from certain Organizations (NRA,Pacs ).

Last time we had Politician that give a dam were those that signed our Constitution.(JMO)

aLucidMind1910d ago

Gaming violence DOES affect the real world by giving people an outlet to vent steam. This causes a decrease in the likelihood of a person actually beating the crap out of, or even killing, someone when that person pisses them off.

Then there are the rest of the hundreds of benefits I'm sure you, as a fellow gamer, are aware of like improved coordination, spatial awareness, and resource management skills lol.

TekoIie1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Only in those who are mentally unstable...

Also if your worried a child might not have the mental capacity to understand what they're playing and translate that into the real world then why are they playing it? There's a thing I had in the old days called parents... Of course their ways have passed into myth now.

Parenting is a hard job and so it seems now many would much rather say "my child was exposed to this blasphemous VIDEO GAME!!" rather than mark it up as experience and not let their child have access to them...

Brucis1910d ago

Considering there have been numerous tests over the years disproving it? No. Will politicians and soccer moms stop using games as a scapegoat once its debunked again? Nope. Until some new medium comes around, people will blame games. Same shit happened to movies and comic books.

Roper3161910d ago

I would say the News & News type shows like a Current Affair are more to blame than video games ever will. They glorify these people and put their faces everywhere like celebrities so other like minded morons want the same fame these other losers are given and follow suit. Then throw in the book of the week, movie of the week & full blown hollywood movies where these scumbags are portrayed by famous actors and they want the fame/ notoriety the media gives them.

So imho the media needs to look in a mirror next time they want to throw the blame around. Or maybe just maybe put the blame on the parents when it is called for?

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