Industry turmoil worst since '80s crash, says Bleszinski

Ex-Epic designer ponders a downloadable-only future with Nintendo out of the hardware race

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InMyOpinion1915d ago

Not on N4G. Too much involvement with the "enemy" to be trusted here lol.

medziarz1915d ago

:D With the Enemy Crab People

otherZinc1915d ago

Yes, Ciff is a genius! I hope he gets back in gaming soon.

However, this isn't the time to do download only as a very large percentage of the console base isn't online.

Gamer-Z1915d ago

I think out of all 3 or 4 if you count steam box, Sony's PS4 will be the most accepting of such an open model. As what i have experienced with MS systems (360/windows8) the next Xbox will be going for more of a closed ecosystem so that MS has more control over its consumers & developers.

Godmars2901915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

And you likely contributed to it. Talking up UE3 as the go-to graphics engine even when the damn thing didn't work.

Knight_Crawler1915d ago

What are you talking about, worked fine on my 360 games.

NukaCola1915d ago

Yeah, the engine is old but look at what Rocksteady and Bioware did...

PS3 running a phenomenal version of UE3 in an open world settings like that. It just takes a good developer.

And Mass Effect runs great on PS3 and looks really good too.

givemeshelter1915d ago

UE3 might have had early issues on the PS3 platform but it was far from not working in general on all the others. It had its caveats but it was still one of the most flexible game engine this generation.
If it did not work as you claim, then why was it the most used game engine this generation?

Perjoss1915d ago

If it didn't work I wonder why so many dev studios decided to go with it.

Godmars2901915d ago

Because it was cheaper than making their own.

And still there were games like Too Human, who's devs blamed difficulty of working with it for why the games turned out as they did.

Nevermind that flaws with it, like clipping, falling through the landscape, have become generally accepted.

givemeshelter1915d ago


The developers behind Too Human had more issues going on then just the UE3 engine. They had a laundry list of issues that had nothing to do with the UE3 engine.
They went through numerous engine changes, programming issues and in no way was it the fault of the UE3 engine.
Many game engines have issues such as clipping and falling through floors, however it's up to those developers to correct those issues before launch.
How many game custom engines had these issues also? Numerous...
Running games like Mass Effect, Batman and countless others, I have not experienced this type of issue...When these issues happen you can put the blame squarely on the developer for not vetting the engine before said product goes gold.
You're reasoning simply does not fit the vast majority of the industry regarding the UE3 game engine. When used properly it's solid, flexible and impressive. If not? It's like all other game engines licensed out. Buggy if programmed and not vetted...

Godmars2901915d ago

"Running games like Mass Effect, Batman and countless others, I have not experienced this type of issue."

I have. My first, and likely only, Platinum trophy was because of a glitch in Arkham Asylum. And I've fallen through the floor in Arkham City. Also had some major clipping issues, a system crash, in ME2.

And aren't Skyrim, COD and Fallout as buggy as they are popular? Use UE3?

Mainsqueeze1915d ago

No Skyrim Fallout and COD all use their own engines.

SolDojo1915d ago

None of Skyrim, COD, or Fallout was made in UE3.

COD uses similar code, but as far as Fallout and Skyrim, they are made using Gamebryo, as was Oblivion and New Vegas.

Bethesda doesn't even have a license to use UE 3 or 4 at all, in my understanding.

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givemeshelter1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

He is right. If you lived through the two console/video game crashes during the 1980's you will witness very similar events transpiring just with different twists.
The shift from "traditional" gaming is happening as we speak and mobile and digital Distribution and Cloud gaming will soon take over. Just look at the data showing this. It's only a matter of time.
It's coming regardless if we like it or not.


This has nothing really to do with that. This is about consumer spending habits and where they are putting their money and will put their money in the near future in regards to video games whether it's mobile, PC or console gaming.
These trends almost MIMIC what happened in the 1980's. Gaming will always be with us, however it's not going to look the same as it is now in the coming years.
Just look at all the data and trends that is backing this.
Change is in the air and Microsoft and Sony know this and make no mistake, they are planning accordingly for this change.

nirwanda1915d ago

I read this as a transitional piece rather than an ecconomical one, I'm 35 and ive own alot of consoles and computers from a colovision to a xbox 360 and everything inbetween.
And everytime a gen change happens you see the people that push tech advancing and the people who don't evolve get left behind.
A good example is square, once pushed tech and once the ps3/360 came they were caught out still making ps2 stuff.
And i read so many devs making their 2nd game on the (insert console here) saying we learn so much making our first game.

nirwanda1915d ago

He's only partly right, the people who invest alot early on in new gen reaper the benefits later on by learning the console inners properly.
Hanging back and waiting to see what happens means you have to start from scratch so you end up being behind.

kevnb1915d ago

thats not so much the way it works. Its much more than just hardware involved.

nirwanda1915d ago

Yes your right there is much more than that but with something new like the cell or what ms is doing with its GPU compression and move engines hands on experience with it count for alot, games take 1-2 years to make and a console gen lasts 5-7 before the next comes along.
Most devs learn stuff in there first game they could put in because of time constaints

wishingW3L1915d ago

3DS is selling like hotcakes so I highly doubt that Nintendo could ever go down with franchises as huge as Mario and Pokemon around the world. And then we have Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest exclusive to Nintendo platforms in Japan.

Ultr1915d ago

He never said anything about nintendo going out of business.
just going Software only.

Th3 Chr0nic1915d ago

so nintendo will turn into sega

Hicken1915d ago

But with the franchises wishingW3L mentioned, it'd be pretty hard for their hardware to not maintain some type of demand.

sephy1915d ago

To each there own..... I guess

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