PS4 GPU based on AMD's GCN 2.0 architecture?

New information discovered regarding the PS4 GPU.

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gillri1910d ago


Hydrolex1909d ago

you are too young to get it, drink some milk and hit the sheets

RememberThe3571909d ago

That might be the best advice I've ever heard.

JsonHenry1909d ago

Did I miss something? I was under the impression that the PS4 was using an 8 core APU but I also thought it was going to be paired with a discrete video card? Not that the weak-ass APU was going to be the only "GPU". Or am I missing something?

AlphaJunk1909d ago

It's based on the AMD APU with 8 Jaguar(rumored) cores with the GPU inside being custom with 18 CU's (falling inbetween the 7850 and 7870 in # of CU's)and other unnamed goodies, making this a more economical chip to produce for Sony - No discrete GPU, however.

JsonHenry1908d ago

Damn. I was hoping it was an APU paired in crossfire with a discrete GPU. faaacckkkkkk.. Still though that is a decent GPU. Outdated by two generations already but more powerful than the typical APU GPU.

jerethdagryphon1910d ago

if its an in order processor its concievable to port/ patch cell based code to run entirly on gpu the speed is there and youd have enough cores you could rewrite spe code to work....

porkChop1909d ago

Sony can't emulate the Cell on the GPU. A GPU cannot emulate a CPU, it doesn't work like that. They're different for a reason. You can run *some* CPU code on GPUs that are capable of GPGPU coding, but only a small fraction of CPU tasks are usable in this way.

The PS4 will not be backwards compatible, nor will it emulate PS1, PS2, OR PS3. Sony have officially said that the PS4 will have no backwards compatibility of any kind. Instead, they're going to use Gaikai to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on the PS4. To use these Gaikai versions you will have to purchase the games again.

Sony have said that they have to technical ability to carry over our digital purchases to the Gaikai versions so that we wouldn't have to buy them again. However, at this time Sony has no plan to do so.

I really hope they change their mind though, because if I have to re-buy all my PS3 and PSN games just to play them on my PS4 I am going to be fucking furious. Especially when they sit there and have the nerve to tell me that they could easily unlock all my purchases if they wanted to. Would be a dick move if they don't do it now.

fr0sty1909d ago

"To use these Gaikai versions you will have to purchase the games again."

Sony never said you'd have to repurchase, as far as I know. There is nothing stopping them from allowing those who insert a disc based game (proving ownership) or who have a PSN purchase of a game on their account to stream these games for free. At the very most, they may tie it in as a PS+ service, but I do not see them making users repurchase their content to access it on the cloud.

DigitalSmoke1909d ago

Sony didn't state ppl have to buy these games again at all.
Thats an assumption.

ColeMacGrath1909d ago

Why don't you just keep your PS3?

porkChop1909d ago

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, was asked if Gaikai would sync with the users previous purchase history of digital games on PSN. This is important because Sony confirmed that the PS4 will have no backwards compatibility of any kind. Here is what he said:

"We could do so if we choose to. We know who purchased what as a record. But we are working on service plans and we haven't decided."

The fact is, Sony is looking into other ways of handling it, rather than just giving us the games we paid for. He says they're actually working on service plans. That's more than likely a reference to the rumored "Playstation World" subscription service that would give us access to streaming versions of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games for $89 a year.

That would be ok for people who choose to pay that subscription, but it's expensive and not everyone will choose to pay for it. There's no reason to lock us out of the games that we already paid for. The fact that it's even in doubt, and that Sony isn't immediately choosing to give us access to our games, shows that they're just trying to make even more money off of us.

xhi41909d ago


Having instant access to every single playstation game ever made for $89 is unreal value.

And the truth is, Sony is a business first and foremost, they can't afford (especially because of their current financial situation) to spend millions of dollars on a unreal service and global network just to give it for free so that people don't feel bad.

kino171909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )


Why would u be furious? Just keep your ps3. Sony never said it manditory to sell it. Just as easy as you can insert your game into the ps4, it would take the same amount on time to do it on the ps3.

MRMagoo1231908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I have my original playstation plugged into my tv my original ps2 plugged into my tv and my slim ps3 (cos the original is in my bedroom on my newer tv) plugged into the same tv i can play any playstation games at any time its not hard to do just change the channel to the console you want to use and away you go.

I dont care about BC its not needed and im glad im not paying extra for it when i wont use it ever.

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3GenGames1909d ago

To reply post:

Modern processors have so much crap in them (Out of order execution, Branch prediction) that it's dumb to just call it a in order processor. The way the PS3 works is arrays and it uses DMA to speed up said processes with special pipelining that has just never been used to execute commands. It's honestly not new now, but it's hard to emulate unless you have 10x faster computers as that DMA speed will never be achieved with anything but the specified hardware for now. Now, it's not as efficient in games as games require a lot of different calculations that don't "just work" with arrays, so hence why they dropped the Cell in this system. It doesn't make sense.

But to above:

It should be noted you can also only really mess with GPU related code on the GPGPU's. It must stay local, and small, and operate on the GPU's RAM. Not the CPU. This may be something that might be changed with this single 8GB GDDR5 pipelining, as the CPU can't take full advantage of the RAM, but the 8 cores might share with the GPGPU+GPU too, allowing some extra crap to be offloaded to the GPU in some way. It'll be cool to see if they mess with that at all, but still that's a BIG thing to add. Probably not doable, I'm not looking at the access times of the PS4 so I obviously can't see for sure, but we'll see if they considered increasing the usefulness somehow with the extra bandwidth they have to mess with around the whole system. :)

nirwanda1909d ago

This is why MS have gone with the move engines so the can fully share the main memory and its the gpu and cpu it rearranges cpu data and reregisters so it can work go straight to the gpu without traveling back and forth to memory.
I still think the raw power of the ps4 will be a better system but thrre will definaly be thinks the 720 will do the the ps4 can't

nirwanda1909d ago

There is new piece on vgleaks about the new gpu, i bet its a clever solution to just have two units that work better out of order even if these have to be programmed differently but run well with data from the cpu

Arai1910d ago

The official spec sheet released by Sony clearly states "AMD next-generation Radeon graphics engine".
Which makes these new bit of info even more credible, that would be a nice bonus as it's more efficient as well amongst a lot of other things.

SpitFireAce851909d ago

Love to see the spec sheet of the PS4 bubbles man.

mistertwoturbo1909d ago

The official spec sheet is there, but still not finalized. It would be nice if somehow they ended up getting an 8000 series GPU instead of the rumored 7000.

Cryptcuzz1909d ago

I would flip my table at work if they were able to do that.

With the rumor GCN 2.0 GPU in the PS4, it leaves to me believe there can be many more possibilities of the hardware that we all would be pleasantly surprised to know and find out.

How I long for holiday 2013 to arrive.

FlyingFoxy1909d ago

8000 series seems to be OEM only, it's apparently a rebadge and not worth adding to Retail, so we could see a jump straight to the 9000 series for PC's in the near future (few months).

alousow1910d ago

cant wait for the black beast to come out this holliday

Cryptcuzz1909d ago

Lol I laughed simply because it was so random.

I wonder if sony will go with a black console again.

Would be kind of neat if they went with the original playstations color with the PS4.

Eirher way I am so ready to get one the moment its available.

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