Call of Duty Online footage appears on YouTube Announced in early 2011, Call of Duty Online is a departure from what most fans of the series would expect of online play in one sense or another. While the game is structurally similar to Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 as many of the maps are used, Call of Duty Online is the first free-to-play game that Activision is releasing exclusively in China.

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SpitFireAce851942d ago

This seems to be running better then the paid versions
we get in the west...:(

animegamingnerd1942d ago

i personally think cod was better suited for the free to play model if handheld right

DeadlyFire1942d ago

Well a MMO setting requires dedicated servers. Activision does not like them on the regular CoD.

BrunoM1942d ago

Looks and like mw2 wonder if the fell is more mw3 than 2

matrixman921942d ago

there is a special place in Hell for the people who first came up with drop shotting, its showcased heavily in here. Nobody is safe from the BS

1942d ago
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