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10/10 for Super Smash Bros. Brawl from GamerNode

The reviewer -- competitive Smash player Dac -- claims that Brawl "...is the greatest game I've ever played in my entire life."

For those who own a Wii this is a must-buy, and for those who don't own a Wii this is a bona fide system seller.

"I have never seen more effort put into a video game than what has been shown in Brawl." (Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 10/10

sonarus  +   2777d ago
why am i not surprised? The media is just getting ridiculous. Any game with a little amount of hype now is guaranteed 10's and 9.5's. Halo, Mario galaxy. Smash bros greatest game ever played. Sure he probably said the same thing about halo. Its all politics now with most of these game sites. I could let Mario galaxy slide because that one was apparently innovative but whats innovative in smash?? what did they add that makes this game deserve a 10 and greatest game the reviewer has ever played???. I honestly could care less if i get a million disagrees i haunt played smash bros and i probably never will but i can say gamerNode has lost all credibility in my eyes. Any site that tosses 10's freely in the air simply cannot earn my respect. I could live with a 9.0 or a 9.5 but a 10. 10 is reserved for those games that come like once every 3yrs shouldn't even be given to sequels in my opinion unless they completely revolutionize themselves sort of how RE4 did and are nothing like their predecessors. I can't wait to see all the 10's that will be handed out to GTA4
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ChickeyCantor  +   2777d ago
innovation you ask?
there are only a few games of all games that really stand for innovation allot are just copy's in a new jacket.

i would say the 10 is not only because its a fun/good game its because of the content that represents so much oldschool stuff.

let it be reviewed by someone who never saw the goldenage of gaming and he will give this a something around an 6 or 7.
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sonarus  +   2777d ago
i have nothing against smash bros i just feel its almost unethical to give a game a 10 when it adds nothing new aside from new characters.
ChickeyCantor  +   2777d ago
its just an opinion, these numbers only matter to people who buy games because of ratings and not because of their own opinion.
numbers have major effect when it comes to hype.

but Super smash is going to a great game.

and actually the one player mode is way bigger then in Melee, the stickers add extra power to some trophies( if i recall correctly).
2 player modes in everything.
there is more to it then just " more characters" ( you do realize that some are taken out xD?)
iamtehpwn  +   2777d ago
Lets talk about a Game Like Call of Duty 4 totally sucking and Getting more praise than the second coming.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2777d ago
Oh hey sonarus...Why don't you go to the website and see all the things they added? Yeah ok... Now shut up you don't know what your talking about.
KnowitAll  +   2777d ago
what did they add that makes this game deserve a 10 and greatest game the reviewer has ever played???.

Online Play
sonarus  +   2777d ago
lol at online play gives it a 10. Wake the Fvk up this is next gen a game like this without online play belongs back on the game cube. Oh wait i forgot the wii is a gamecube but with motion.

please feel free to tell me what they added cus i dnt feel like going to the site. I respect the wii. I respect nintendo. I respect their little casual games and all that crap. What i do not respect are reviewers that give every new hyped game a 10.
KeiZka  +   2777d ago
If you don't feel like going to the site and see what they have added and what they have substracted, then what are you to determine whether it has nothing new or not.

It cannot be so hard to check even the titles of all the posts in Dojo. It just cannot be.
chasegamez  +   2777d ago
over hyped
this game is 7
so much hype
princejb134  +   2777d ago
wow if you say smash brothers is a 7, especially since smash brothers melee was so succesful with like a 9.0
halo must be like a 4 overhyped slow paced shooter
Intrepid  +   2777d ago
Four 10's (So far) say otherwise.
Frances-the-Mute  +   2777d ago
so much hype? what about halo...they had their halo theme 360, and the halo soda lol, Smash Bros is not overhyped, i hardly knew this game is coming out next week lol
KeiZka  +   2777d ago
Overhyped as is MGS4, GTA4, Killzone 2...? Pfeh. No wonder it has sold then what, nigh 1,5 million units by now in Japan alone?
chasegamez  +   2777d ago
i give halo3 a 7
because it really was just an expansion pack
they should have call it halo 2.5
ChickeyCantor  +   2777d ago
Then all games are a 7 to you exept the first games that start a franchise.

but meh even a 6 is considert decent, people just dont realize that.
Night4ll  +   2777d ago
Smash bros is innovative...
Here are my reasons...

- Online betting in matches.
- Level editor (create and send your own levels).
- Online play (Previous versions of smash didn't have this).
- Use any control method you like (GC controller, Wii mote and nunchuck, Wii mote by itself, Classic controller).
- There are some very innovative levels that constantly change as your playing (like picto chat or wario ware level).

All these things I mentioned above were not in the previous versions of smash bros... remember these are my reasons... not everyone will agree, but that doesn't matter because millions of people like this game any way (over 1 million in Japan alone...).
xplosneer  +   2777d ago
Halo was hyped
I'm not going to go into a Halo bashing fight though.

This game deserves it. Brawl FTW.
chasegamez  +   2777d ago
call of duty 4 was a step up
alot better than 3
@Intrepid i have a us & pal wii modded (wiikey)
so if you no what i been playing
Super Smash Bros for a while now
(maybe its me) but game is just too kiddie
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Intrepid  +   2777d ago
I was just referring about the scores that are provided on this website for SSBB, which are 10, 10, 10, 10, and 9.3. It is obviously an excellent game.

This is my response to your comment about it being a kiddie game:
The beauty about Smash Bros. is that it can be simple enough for anyone to pick up and play but it can also be a competitive game. If it was a kiddie game, it probably wouldn't be an official MLG game.
chasegamez  +   2777d ago
MLG hahahahahaha
MLG game is a joke
the W11 is a joke 95% sucks
online super sucks
both my W11 are collecting dusts
and i have almost ever game for it
my kids dont play nomore
W11 sports is the best thing on there
Wii60PS3DSPSP   2777d ago | Spam
Harry190  +   2777d ago
this bad?bias?it smells.
KnowitAll  +   2777d ago
#2over hyped
this game is 7
so much hype
#3this game is 7
i give halo3 a 7

So what do you give a ps3 game? Lets say Warhack. An 8? 9? 10? would seem pretty fanboy or a 7 which would make you seem the kind of gamer who belives thier is no perfect game. Thier will never be a perfect 10 on a game and the only score would be7.

#6 call of duty 4 was a step up
alot better than 3
@Intrepid i have a us & pal wii modded (wiikey)
so if you no what i been playing
Super Smash Bros for a while now
(maybe its me) but game is just too kiddie

By saying a game can get a "step up" is prety much sayin the game sucks and can't be perfect.
This is why I see brawl as the perfect game. It was already perfect for some people to begin with(It had only been missing one thing ONLINE!! so we could have a ranking to see who is the greater player)
If Call of duty can get a "Step up" to make it funner/better/cooler then its not the best/better game.

Smash Bros doesn't change the style of fighting, the rules, the game style, the main characters, graphics. (Like GTA, Racing, ect. do every few years) Smash Bros was already perfected it was only missing one thing which was online.
Thats why I believe Nintendo hold back on some characters. So they can make another smash bros and atleast have something to add. Since Smash bros is already at its peak.

WiiModed? So how was the online? Give me your friend code so I can play you. Was it laggy playing the jappanesse? How was it kiddie?Wtf... its a fighting game how can a fighting game be kiddie?
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Intrepid  +   2777d ago
Chasegamez doesn't even deserve a response. He's clearly lying. He says it "95% sucks" but yet he continues to buy games for it. "i have almost ever game for it." (ever... haha). Please dude, grow out of your fanboyism. Brawl will rock, and every review/preview/sneak peak/inside look or special coverage I read about it just confirms it.

And MLG is a joke? Are you bitter that the people who compete in it are a lot better at games than you are?
l Drop Dead Ed l  +   2777d ago
It's funny how people get mad over ratings...I think people should read the review rather than the score...And I think anyone can agree with me when I say that Smash Bros. Brawl is a 10 compared to any other "Wii" game out there! nuff said...
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2777d ago
People get pissed over reviews because they either have something wrong with them such as the reviewer not knowing what he is talking about and giving a negative point for something pointless that doesn't effect the game at all or that they don't like seeing a game get a good review on a system they hate. Also they like to think that the system will die because of one game on it gets a bad score.
wiizy  +   2777d ago
thats a score i can agree with..the game is just that good and has that much content.

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