With PS4 And Next Gen Opening Up More Realism, Researcher Explores Violence In Games

Forbes -- While the anticipation builds for the new Sony PlayStation 4 and rumors swirl around and April unveiling of the new Microsoft Xbox 720, or Durango, there’s still a huge undercurrent of anti-gaming from the mainstream media. The recent revelation that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza played video games as preparation for his massacre – something that Oslo mass murderer Anders Breivik also admitted to; has continued to paint all video games in a negative light. The National Rifle Association (NRA) coming out and blaming games for tragedies like Newtown also put games front and center in the current debate around violence in media, the accessibility of semi-automatic weapons and mental health in the United States.

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jagiii1853d ago

More research like this needs to be shown to battle the ridiculous games cause murders mainstream media idiots.

Septic1853d ago

As gaming technology progresses more and more, this debate will be come incresingly relevant.

We might even reach a stage in this generation where, due to the ultra-realistic nature of the visuals and physics, developers will have to really make a conscious effort to put restrictions on the 'freedom' gamers have so that they don't abuse it.

zebramocha1853d ago

Not really,I believe most dev have a point where the level of violence is either done to illustrate something or excessive where it becomes unrealistic.

Septic1853d ago

Well what constitutes 'excessive' violence is a matter of opinion. And you yourself make reference to 'most developers'. It is inevitable that some developers may take the level of violence to a degree most might find unacceptable but they may feel is perfectly justified.

zebramocha1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

In gow 3 where kratos ripped helio's head off,there's no way that's possible with human hands or the brutalities from mk,the curb stomp from gears, some of the ways people die in game are some times exaggerated.

Misread your comment,just giving examples of exaggerated violence.

aLucidMind1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Actually, it is possible to do with just your body (use of your entire arm). Definitely not just your bare hands though; I think a lot of the ways that look exaggerated actually aren't, but are put there a little too gratuitously at times. I think maybe a form of censorship is best if done right, but it would have to be a voluntary form chosen by the user.

If you don't want to see a guy's head ripped off, fine; there's an on/off switch in the game's options for gore. Switch it off and you just get a basic neck-snap scene replacing Helios' decapitation. Or instead of the head exploding from gunfire in Fallout, it remains intact.

Don't like blood? On/Off switch for that.

Don't like swearing? I personally say "too bad". But I do agree some developers need to tone down at times; I don't need to hear "fuck" every sentence to get the point that the guy is angry.

These should be easy fixes that everyone should be fine with.

ATi_Elite1853d ago

More realism more violence in Video Games!

Same crap when when movies had better special effects and became more violent!

Art imitates real life and there was violence before electricity and there will surely be violence after electricity!

Games4ever1853d ago

If violence in games is a problem? Then just show more porn instead of. Better realism = better porn :)

DigitalSmoke1853d ago

Lets forget about movies and Cap In You Ass music and just go for gameing, yeah! that will get me to hold my job...

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