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GameInformer: "Lara Croft returns in style with one of the best action/adventures in years."

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JBallerX1757d ago

This is one of the few games I am still very excited for this generation. This one and Bioshock are the two that I will definitely be picking up.

vividi1757d ago

And I want to ad to my list The Last of Us

wastedcells1756d ago

Is it just me or has Eidos games got much better since square picked them up.

jspencep1757d ago

Do I get it for PS3 or 360???

Eldyraen1757d ago

PC... Just kidding (well its what I'm getting it on). If you have both just pick which one you have most active friends just incase multiplayer is decent. I doubt it will matter too much but here are always exceptions.

I was waiting for reviews to pick this up so think I'll go ahead and preorder as sounds as good as I thought it looked. Just too many games in March so was being cautious.

gamernova1757d ago

Getting it on!!! Lol