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Tomb Raider Review I IGN

A New Dawn for Lara (Crystal Dynamics, PC, PS3, Square Enix, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360) 9.1/10

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Kingdom Come  +   921d ago
Whilst I'm immensely pumped for this game, and think Crystal Dynamics are more than deserving of the praise they are recieving for reinvigorating a tiring and almost forgotten franchise, as an industry, I think publishers need to be more strongly penalised for their unimaginative tacking on of multiplayer. If they truly believe it to be necessary, they should go to the effort of fleshing it out and not outsourcing it to a seperate, less enthusiastic team...

Great score.
Septic  +   921d ago
A great score. The last Tomb Raider game was pretty good too IIRC.
GrizzliS1987  +   921d ago
As much props as CD deserves, this is a thank you letter to Naughty Dog and their revolutionary cinematic gameplay. Its their style of gameplay development that brought back Lara, regardless if it was her who initially inspired Uncharted.
EVILDEAD360  +   921d ago
Go Laura. Cant wait to play this.
x5exotic  +   913d ago
Anniversay and Underworld were amazing. Even the smallest animal popping out is very exciting. And the levels were really beautiful. I haven't played Legend or that other light thing game that came out.

Don't know where "downhill" crap came from. If anything, the first few games after the original are the ones that sucked. But I guess people just like to hate on something for the sake of it.
Freak of Nature  +   921d ago
Fantastic to see the great to fantastic scores from all the reviews....

Game Informer - 9.25
Gamespot - 8.5/10
GameTrailers - 8.5 /10
Destructoid - 8.5/10
CVG - 9/10
Eurogamer - 8/10
Polygon - 9/10
Digital trend 9.5/10
telegrapg 5/5
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Blastoise  +   921d ago
Wow crazy good scores!
WarThunder  +   921d ago
F**k reviews.... Just looks how much stupid shitty articles these websites do. These sites don't know nothing about games...

People should really stop caring about journalism review score and focus on their own opinion and tastes.
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nix  +   921d ago
you know sometimes the game gets great reviews because it's better than the previous installments. if you look at "movies/comics to games" games, most of them are crap. so when the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" came out, it was better than the other crap games that were shovelled out so it got 9 and 10 from almost every reviewer. why because finally here was a decent superhero game that rose above the other "movies/comics to games".

i'm not saying Batman: Arkham Asylum was bad but probably compared to other AAA titles it was above average. i'm worried that same could be for the new Tomb Raider. it was great when it first came out but it slowly lost it's charm. Uncharted later showed what the genre should be.

long story short, i'm just hoping that the game is not getting great ratings because finally the series is better than what we got but in reality is above average compared to other AAA titles.
ginsunuva  +   921d ago
Wow great digits and numbers!

Must be a great game because those fractions are greater than .8

Hooray for scores and numbers!
aliengmr  +   921d ago

How are you supposed to decide whether to buy a game when in order to form your own opinion you have to buy said game first?
Septic  +   921d ago
I wonder why people are disagreeing? :S
NeXXXuS  +   921d ago
I'm very intrigued to get this game.
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DevilishSix  +   921d ago

I agree about tacking on the mp if it doesn't fit the game space. I think a good example was Dead Space 2's mp wasn't very good, but the co-op is enjoyable in DS3. If developers need to include something to keep the used copies off the shelves longer, then focus on a type of co-op or competitive co-op and leave the mp to the COD and Halo's of the world.

Wonder how bad the God of War Ascension mp will be? I think thou single-player experiences should remain that and thus Bioshock Infinite has the right idea and is releasing three dlc's to extend the life of the game and at a discounted price and staying away for multiplayer.

I do commend the publisher of the new Tomb Raider game as they have lifted the review embargo eight days before launch, that hardly ever happens. They obviously have faith in this game and the reviews are proof, it seems great. I was waiting for reviews so now I feel good about purchasing a new copy and show my support. Hope others do the same.
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DOMination-  +   920d ago
Wow, praise for Square Enix because they did something early lol.

I am not fussed about tacked on mp. If its outsourced then even better. Because it means nothing was compromised. Its just an extra thing to try out. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like mp at all. (only ever play a few games and with friends)
Root  +   921d ago

I think if they see multiplayer as a tacked on thing then mark it down. Show the devs they made a mistake and give them a type of "warning" not to do it again

I also think reviews should take into account if the game is doing it's own thing and staying true to it's roots. I'm getting the game, it looks good but I still think it looks like Uncharted way too much instead of Tomb Raider, even the TV ads make it seem that way
lilbrat23  +   921d ago
I was still going to purchase this game no matter the reviews but it is good to see that it is getting good scores. I cannot wait till next week to play the game.
Chuk5  +   921d ago

That doesn't even make sense. Uncharted wouldn't exist without Tomb Raider. Why should Cd gravel? Both ND and CD have benefited from each other, leave it at that.
Alcohog  +   921d ago
Whilst. hehe
Count  +   921d ago

I came in here expecting a bad score.
gillri  +   921d ago
why? this game always looked promising, I expected an average score mid 80's, looks like it ll be even a little higher than this
Count  +   921d ago
Tomb Raider + Square Enix does not sound like a good combination.
Blacktric  +   921d ago
-Keza MacDonald is the reviewer
-IGN was hyping the game to death since reveal
-Developer and publisher has a deal with Microsoft

And you were expecting a bad score?
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Count  +   921d ago
It's not only IGN that has given this game a good score. It kind of makes your argument seem negligible.
Virus201  +   921d ago
Damn, a game just can't be good anymore? There has to be excuses for everything?
Blacktric  +   921d ago
" It kind of makes your argument seem negligible."

At what part of what I said you've seen any mention of the game being bad or not deserving any praise? I just replied to a guy who thought IGN would give Tomb Raider a bad score.

"Damn, a game just can't be good anymore? There has to be excuses for everything?"

Refer to what I said above.

Edit: "IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!!!"

You say this, and then reply to me with a conspiracy of your own by assuming that I'm a PlayStation 3 fanboy.

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givemeshelter  +   921d ago

Give it a rest...if this were a PS3 exclusive game getting those scores, would you be saying this?
Plagasx  +   921d ago
How could you have possible come in here expecting a bad score when the score was clearly in the topic title?

Count  +   921d ago
Well, the point was. I did not expect this score for this game.
Sizzon  +   921d ago
Getting great scores, definitely going to pick this game up :)
Y_5150  +   921d ago
I knew the only bad thing would be the multiplayer.
ritsuka666  +   921d ago
Great review! looks like a lot of fun, well done Crystal Dynamics, after all the shit we gave them during the development process, looks like it was the right choice after all.
MehmetAlperTR  +   921d ago
Great Game.. Great Score :) Nice Job Lara :)
iMaim  +   921d ago
Did anybody watch the Guide to survival videos for this game?
It's hard not to come out unimpressed.
asmith2306  +   921d ago
Wow, nice one! I wasn't expecting it to get reviews in the 9s/90s. Excited for this now! I guess it's not such a drawback that you can't swim, which I though were major parts of the franchise.
Jek_Porkins  +   921d ago
All the people who complained will take a back seat now, the game has always looked fantastic and I'm glad I pre-ordered it a while ago.

Looks to be one of the best in the franchise, cant wait to play through it.
torchic  +   921d ago
Square Enix have been doing well as a publisher, give props where they are due.

good score :)
Psychotica  +   921d ago
Sounds good, just wish it was open world
Conzul  +   921d ago
I still don't get it - is this Open World?
Psychotica  +   921d ago
Slysi  +   921d ago
So cant wait now
Sketchy_Galore  +   921d ago
Very pleasantly surprised. Still I can't say I'll be picking it up soon just because I've more than had my fill of this kind of plot and setting after Far cry 3. It's good to know its out there though for next time I get in the mood for this kinda thing and can't decide what to play.
mt  +   921d ago
I want this game.
SAE  +   921d ago
Just few more hours !!!!!
wastedcells  +   921d ago
It's next Tuesday.
SAE  +   921d ago
i'm getting it early ^^
Ness619  +   921d ago
IGN sucks
aLucidMind  +   921d ago
No they don't, they have Chobot do it for them XP
sjaakiejj  +   921d ago

I'd been interested in buying the game since it was revealed, but was a little bit on the edge considering the game was taking a completely new direction. Now that I know it was the right direction, this game will be mine.
NateCole  +   921d ago
Her origin story seems very similar to Oliver Queen's
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aLucidMind  +   921d ago
EDIT: Responded to the wrong comment >_<
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Horseymart  +   921d ago
looking good I have enjoyed every one of the tomb raider games, But I don't think multi player death match doesn't suites this type of game any more a co-op style would be more appropriate with puzzle solving similar to guardian of light lets say, yes uncharted got away with it but is getting boring now!!! but I would like to see drake and Lara together or a cameo appearance would be cool
Games4ever  +   921d ago
Buying this game.
Tdmd  +   921d ago
Oh, the irony! The only real complaint in the review is the unwanted/ unecessary multiplayer mode! lol
Anyway, super happy about the positive reception: getting day one! :D
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sdfuiooisdf   921d ago | Spam
Dragos75  +   921d ago
Good scores. Looks like Uncharted may have some competition.
x5exotic  +   913d ago
Uncharted's storyline is badly written, the gameplay has nothing special, and all it ever boasts of is graphics. So no, Uncharted is undeserving of a 'competition'
Dragos75  +   913d ago
lol...sorry dude but the Uncharted series is one of the best this gen with the second one winning plenty of awards to support my argument.
kupomogli  +   921d ago
If those of you who are bashing this game watched the new gameplay videos, you'd change your tune. I'm a fan of the Uncharted games, but Tomb Raider looks like it "may" be better. Until I play it myself I can't say for sure, but the gameplay sure looks amazing.

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