GamesBeat: Tomb Raider hurts so good (review)

Don't listen to the controversy. Tomb Raider is a beautiful and brutal journey that easily ranks as one of the franchise's best entries ... assuming you're not too much of a traditionalist.

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wita1849d ago

I'm glad this is doing so well, but I'm pretty wary of the flaws.

darkronin2291849d ago

Wow, I didn't think Tomb Raider would be bad, but I didn't expect it to be this good either (with all the other 8s and 9s floating around).

Sadie21001849d ago

That ponytail thing: Deal-breaker!

SybaRat1849d ago

Seriously! Bad ponytail = bad game.

crazytown991849d ago

Hearing that it's not like the older ones makes me more interested in playing it.

NagaSotuva1849d ago

Sometimes reboots do work.

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