onPause Video Review: Crysis 3

onPause writes:

Crysis 3 is a game that I really wanted to like. It looks amazing, the gunplay is great, and the new Predator Bow is insanely fun to use. But it doesn’t do anything special to make it stand out from other first person shooters. While it is certainly entertaining, Crysis 3 doesn’t do enough to stand out from the competitive crowd that is the first person shooter genre.

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Speed-Racer1915d ago

Thanks for the video! Concise!

On another note, would have been interesting to see a game like Far Cry 3 utilizing CryEngine 3.

mcroddi1915d ago

I would like to see that too!

mcroddi1915d ago

It is quite disappointing that the games doesnt manage to jump over its shadow...