Ian Livingstone hints at always-on, used game-blocking Xbox

The next-generation of consoles have gone halfway towards a disc-less, digital-only approach, says Eidos life president Ian Livingstone, hinting that the next Xbox will require internet connectivity and will feature watermarked discs that block used games.

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PFFT1850d ago

Nice another stupid rumor!

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classic2001849d ago

There have been many mistakes in gaming from nintendo sticking with cartridge for N64, to apple making the pippin a system that focus more on online with little games to sony pricing PS3 $600 but if this is real then it could become the greatest mistake ever in gaming.

This would be on par with the virtual boy existence lol

user39158001849d ago

They are money hungry for sure, but I also know MS are not dumb. MS already confirm they dont have used games capabilities.

About the only thing that its on are the active trolls here on n4g.

NewMonday1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

MS will have to give answers in the April event, staying silent after that will rise some serious questions.

TheGamerDood1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


How is this a rumor? This the head of gaming company talking about what to expect on MS next system. If anyone knows about this issue it's the developers. This is going to happen and the sooner people except it the better they'll be when it comes time to pick their next-gen console.

g2gshow1848d ago

ms will do whatever an say whatever they are not a game company gamers are just children or irresponsible adults in witch they can sell anything to so when you lack a respect for you'r consumer you do whatever you want they know as long as they give you a pat on the head (achievements) an give you a halo an you get to play call of duty you'll stop crying eventually they know the little kids are their bread an butter so who care what you think just another sheep to be sheared

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amiga-man1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

This is being mentioned by someone who is in a position to know about these things this really does seem more than just a rumour and if/when it's confirmed xbox users will only have themselves to blame for allowing microsft to force them to pay for internet access, got to say if it is true surely xbox owners are not stupid enough to put up with more crap from microsft, mind you judging them this gen I wouldn't put it past them.

Bigpappy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Funny thing is, the whole block game thing was originally rumor to be Sony's plan. No Sony boys are asking M$ to come clean. LOL.

Some are actually talking about it as if it were already implemented, and then talk about Xbox owners as being stupid, but not stupid enough. Some of the people here really take this loyalty thing way too far. You have to try and remember that we are really all gamers. Most Xbox gamers came fro Play Station.

amiga-man1849d ago

I'm sorry bigpappy but paying microsft money to use YOUR internet is pretty stupid.

SilentNegotiator1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

"Funny thing is, the whole block game thing was originally rumor to be Sony's plan. No Sony boys are asking M$ to come clean"

YAWN. Trying too hard to find some irony from "TEH SONY FANBOYS" as usual, eh, Pappy? Describing people that aren't even in the comment section or people like "8GB_GDDR5". **EVERYONE** was and is pissing on the idea of used blocking and always on DRM, including "sony boys".

PS4 used/DRM = debunked
Xbox 3 used/DRM = suggested by developer

See the difference? That's why the possibility is being talked about with the next Xbox and not the PS4. Crazy stuff, right?

crzyjackbauer1848d ago

its called paying for a service
its something a lot of people do
instead of being conformist with the horrible (free) online gaming that PSN has to offer
and its something PS4 is playing Catch-up
don't expect online for ps4 completely free

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Gimmemorebubblez1849d ago

Rumors........................ .one I hope is not true

Godmars2901849d ago

I simply cannot believe that MS would go through with always on or block used games. One is literally suicidal given the current number of Xboxs off line, while the other is almost as equally stupid given that - well actually besides PC gaming, and likely tablets - no one else is doing it.

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ziggurcat1849d ago

until MS says otherwise, this is nothing more than useless trolling.

contradictory1849d ago

i agree and you are still getting disagrees..
i'm not even a big fan of MS and i know that's bullshit

SatanSki1849d ago

I noticed this place is swarming with sony fanboys.

SilentNegotiator1848d ago

Playstation haters always call developer/publisher statements "trolling" when it's something Xbox-negative and then attack Playstation fans for disagreeing with developer/publisher statements.

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