Bungie Explains Why Those Guys at the PS4 Launch Didn't Know What to Do with Their Hands

GR - "No, they aren't moonlighting as a boyband"

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Irishguy951731d ago

Yeah I have to say that looked odd haha

blackbeld1731d ago

I personally thinks it's better if they not come on stage.

I can't remember what they saying either. Only they stand there like a pupped.

aCasualGamer1731d ago

I don't understand the fuss over their hands, it's not like they are constructing something they're just standing there what else would they do with their hands. The odd thing is that they came up there to begin with and just stood there. The second guy from the left was the only one talking so why did the other three have to come up there and just stare at the audience?

That's what creeped me out, not the hands. The hands is just icing on the awkward cake after the three stooges behind the guy just stood there and stared the whole time.

UnholyLight1731d ago


In business, body language is everything. People study this stuff endlessly and subconsciously it affects how people view things such as this presentation. Someone with great presenting/speaking skills would be the guy (forget his name) that hosted the PS4 reveal event and spoke most of the time.

Their body language conveyed some serious lack of confidence in what they presented and that they didn't want to be on the stage.

But yeah, I understand why you were confused by the extra people standing there but those were people that were very important to the product being presented.

vickers5001731d ago

"Their body language conveyed some serious lack of confidence in what they presented"


"and that they didn't want to be on the stage.


Chances are, those guys aren't exactly audience speakers. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe that they lack confidence in their product, it's FAR more likely that they are just nervous to be on stage.

ZombieNinjaPanda1731d ago

Body language is important when you're speaking. When you're not speaking you're supposed to keep your hands by your side. not crossed, not in your pockets, not in the air. By your side. That teach that in basic level public speaking classes in college. These people only looked awkward because there were so many of them that weren't speaking.

BluEx6101731d ago

Why is this author calling the even the PS4 Launch??? It's an announcement not a launch event lol. I blame that guy for telling them no hands in pockets lol.

UnholyLight1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

guys...Im taking Commerce (AKA Business) in university right now. Im second year, this is all they tell you over and over. I have done presentations myself. You never stand awkwardly the way they were or have arms folded or in pockets. Hands interlaced above waist is fine.

Their body language DID convey a lack of confidence. That's textbook right there.

Anyways, stupid argument, just need to show you guys I do know what I am talking about

vickers5001728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )


You took a class at college, which means you can analyze with 100% certainty what is going through the mind of some nerds on stage?

I'm not arguing that they lacked confidence in their presence on stage or their speaking abilities, they definitely lacked confidence in BEING ON STAGE, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to think that they lacked confidence in their PRODUCT. Just because they were nervous, doesn't mean they thinking "oh no, our game isn't good enough, we suck, :'(

It, in all likelihood means they were thinking something like "I don't want to be up here, I feel uncomfortable standing in front of large groups of people, why do we have to be up here anyways? We're the developers, not PR.".

But if you still insist with 100% certainty that they lacked confidence in their product and that you KNOW IT, then I (and many others)are going to have to write you off as one of those college a-hole idiots who think they know everything about people and the world just because they took a class. Don't be that person, please.

UnholyLight1724d ago

No no no.....just nevermind hahhaa. Im not saying they ACTUALLY lacked confidence in the product, for some reason the psychology of other people that view the people on stage will think that is the case.

It's something that's written about in a Psych class I took as well as three classes I have taken over the last 2 years when I was presenting something.

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LackTrue4K1731d ago Show
g2gshow1731d ago

lmao this is one of my favorite articles lmao bunch or rich stiffs they should have got booo i would have cried lol

g2gshow1731d ago

i just cant stop laughing at this one those guys are so lame lol we are bungie someone should have thrown a shoe at them lol

yeahokchief1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


I'd recommend that these Socially Awkward Penguins pick up a book by retired FBI agent Joe Navarro titled "What Every Body is Saying".

It's an interesting book that will make you not only recognize the body language/limbic responses/microexpressions/ of others, but it will help you recognize your own habits.

For starters, here is what they should have done. So freaking simple...


1. I would have gone with the steeple as it conveys confidence and studies have shown more positive results from listening to speakers who use it as opposed to closed fist with thumb pointing up. (I remember Obama went with closed fist with thumb pointing when laying out his objectives in some speech or debate)

Steeple shows that you are open and receptive while you are giving your presentation and audiences therefore feel like they have a better connection with the speaker.

2. At least we don't have to worry about them pointing at the audience. lol. You never want to point at pretty much anyone when you're speaking because it elicits a very negative reaction in any situation. Joe Biden did the pointing when he had his debate against what's his face in the VP debates and I couldn't get over how bad he was. People who listend to the debates on radios thought Biden won, but people who watched it on TV thought the other guy won. All because of body language.

3. Alternatively they could have gone with the Regal stance if they are not speaking. I'm a big fan of the Regal stance myself, but when they're talking you want to be able to see their hands. It's an ingrained response. We like seeing each other's hands because it helps us determine each other's motivations. It's like an innate survival mechanism that helps us determine if someone is going to jack us in the face with something pointy.

4. If they were told not to put their hands in their pockets that is good because you never want your hands with your thumbs pointing down. It makes you look like a little kid who lacks confidence in what they're doing or someone who is lazy and not in control of their situation. TLDR: Thumbs down- bad. Thumbs up - good.

So yeah steeple or hand gestures or regal stance would have been natural. They look like the kids who got picked last for dodgeball. Not exactly the type I see taking over teh worldz!

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-Gespenst-1731d ago

That was so funny. So awkward.

Neixus1731d ago

yeah, but imo, the infamous one was the funniest.

It's almost like i feel sorry for him ;-;

Blackdeath_6631731d ago

i was freaked out at that point, looked like he was going to have a mental break down on stage. i thought he was on stage to start an anit-government campaign until he started talking about superheroes at which point i was thinking "da fuq is goin on?!" or the guy guy who came on to introduce drive club who looked like he was going to orgasm on stage. the second time i watched the press conference i couldn't stop laughing when i watched it live it was 2am and i was too tired.

-Gespenst-1731d ago

Yeah, it was so funny the way it started off as this serious political speech, but then suddenly he throws away all pretense of reality and just says "but what if there were people with superpowers?" haha, like suddenly it just became so childish.

g2gshow1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

i don't think you should make fun of that infamous dude he might just come find you lol

yaz2881731d ago

I thought the sony presentation was perfect.. but hey, you gotta love the internet where people love to make fun of other people.

the infmouse dude put allot of effort into his segment so at least try to respect that before you make fun of him, also the drive clup dude made me explode with excitement for his game but oh again with internet.

ichimaru1731d ago

It was like he was having a flashback of the protest against the police he spoke of

Septic1731d ago

Lol mate....I'm in tears right now. That is brilliant!

So true what Blackdeath says, my mates and I in a whatsapp group were creasing up.

Lol + funny for you guys

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zerocrossing1731d ago

There's no denying that it looked a little unprofessional.

madduey1731d ago

Not sure why they all came out together. Still makes me laugh thinking about it

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