PS4 Game Demos Will Be Available At E3: Jack Tretton

GR - "In the interview, he discussed Sony’s strategy for the next-generation console and how the company’s plan was to cater to its core audience, the hardcore gamer."

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sinncross1754d ago

sounds petty good to me.

in the words of Cloud:

GribbleGrunger1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Wouldn't it be great if Sony released a Gaikai client for E3 and we could actually play those demos ourselves on the PS3. Imagine the impact that would have if they announced it mid way through their conference.

Nitrowolf21754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

That's what I thought Sony was going to do in PS Home last E3. I think they may do it this year.
Honestly it would be a smart move and only further the E3 in Home experience. I know not everyone likes Home but I think Sony can really push it with that feature during events.


Your assuming everyone has net. Plus the PS3 OS isn't that great with it's speed. There's much more going on with the PS4 than just games. A new console is needed TBH, I love my PS3 but my god is the XMB slow in some games. There's plenty mroe of what the PS4 was shown to do to get excited for to.

Dylila1754d ago

i cant wait for e3 and i cant wait to have the ps4 in my hands.

MikeMyers1754d ago

That would be cool but then what would be the need for new hardware?

GribbleGrunger1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

@Nitro: yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm not sure whether they could get the Gaikai tech working with HOME but it would be the best case scenario. I think HOME will go completely client based on the PS4. You should then have easy accesses to other areas with the need for load times. We may see a true virtual world this time around.

@Mike: They'd limit it to demos only and lower the res to 720p. You'd still get a taste but there would still be a reason to buy a PS4

badz1491754d ago

another reason to get super excited for E3!

Energy-HL1754d ago

Excellent idea, little teaser for people!

Ju1754d ago

Great idea! I would want to see how they'd handle that bandwidth, so...;)

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Irishguy951754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Man...this E3 will be awesome. Best since 05. Sony and MS will be pissing out new games and trailers at this E3.

mistertwoturbo1754d ago

Sounds good to me too.

"Finally, Tretton said that Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 in full at the upcoming E3 2013"

Hopefully that shuts up those "But but but they didn't show the box so PlayStation sucks" people.

sway_z1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I think almost every person interested in PS4 already knew it would be playable at E3.

I mean, how stupid would it be if it wasn't?

Kaz Hirai & Jack Tretton totally rock man!

Lulz :)

Ju1754d ago

They better be if they want to sell those games 6 month later!

Silly gameAr1754d ago

Maybe then all the people trying to convince everyone "there never was a console" or "the games were just cgi!!" will quiet the hell down

Mister_G1754d ago

MS announce their console, but you can actually play Sony's next games.... smart move (if this rumor is true).

mistertwoturbo1754d ago

Hello Mister.

At this point that seems to be the case. Sony is currently 1 step ahead so far. But we'll see how things really are when Microsoft decides to unveil their console.

I really like that Sony is being more aggressive this time around without the arrogance.

Rockefellow1754d ago

That's something I hadn't thought of-- a pretty slick move, really.

Then again, Microsoft is likely just as far along with their console, so they've probably got demos ready to go, too.

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