AMD Radeon HD 8000 series GPUs desktop series now shipping to OEMs

Rounding out the GPU announcements from AMD, the company also took the opportunity to crow that its Radeon HD 8000 series for desktops is now en route to OEM partners. What's more, we can expect desktop rigs with this technology to begin arriving on store shelves later this month.

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NOOBKILLA1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It looks like AMD may have pulled a fast one on NVIDIA. I'm a NVIDIA fan but I have a feeling that 8990 is going to rape the GTX Titan and GTX 690. I'm glad I decided to wait for the GTX 790.

NYC_Gamer1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

The 8990[dual gpu] should beat the single GTX Titan gpu..790 Vs 8990 would be the legit battle performance wise...

NOOBKILLA1751d ago

Yea I know, that's why I threw in the GTX 690 in my statement. I only made reference to the Titan because it's the latest and greatest.

Nicolee1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Titan is great but its not worth $1000 ( price / performance ) $700-$800 that the Titan worth .

hope AMD come out with great 8000 series so it will force Nvidia release 700 series with cheaper price point. customer win win !

ps. i am waiting to get gtx 770 or 780 ( i can't afford 790 or Titan ^_^ )

Farsendor11751d ago

this is just a renaming of graphic chips for oem. dell,hp ect

mistertwoturbo1751d ago

This is a bit confusing and contradicts their recent projections though on how they are "Stable throughout 2013 with the Radeon 7000 series."

But you know what, I hope AMD releases some incredibly fast GPUs.

I'm an Nvidia guy myself mostly because of the drivers, but man they need to be brought back down to reality in the pricing world.

Although AMD did charge hefty price tags in the early 7970/7950 days, it was a bit more justified seeing as how they were out first. Most of the prices of the 7970/7950s today are very good values for the performance.

My Gripe is the price of the GTX Titan. I mean come on, 30% performance increase from the GTX 680 but with a 100% increase in price is ridiculous. I know it has the Double Precision power that some people want, but that still does not mean they need to charge f'in $1000. Hell, $1000 is the cost of a pretty kick-ass i5 Rig.

Come on AMD, do it!

EbeneezerGoode1751d ago

Yep same here - been Nvidia cos of drivers/stability... only AMDs i've had were in my laptop (and Xbox 360) both of which died due to GPU heat funnily enough.

I think they are much better these days and I was considering a HD7970 as it's a great card for the money BUT as they are holding out on us they can forget about my cash. I'd feel I was buying 2 year old tech (which I would be) just because they want to play silly buggers in a game of one-upping NVIDIA.

TITAN is stupid price and not worth it.
600 series IS still over-priced and not that amazing.

If Nvidia play us for fools again on 700 series I think they will find all the good will they built up over the past 10 years from loyal PC fanboys will start to disappear. AMD have their own tricks too but as of now they appear to be the lesser of the two evils.

hellvaguy1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I lead toward nvidia because of the driver's also, but AMD has really stepped it lately in that area. So I guess the last justification for giving nividia the edge for my recent system was that they across the board, nividia run cooler and are more energy efficient.

Im glad to see new gpu's $800-1000 release because that means in another year it will be closer to my price range of $400-500.

ATi_Elite1751d ago

whatever is in the PS4PC/Xbox720PC is gonna be obsolete by release date, still quality stuff but not bleeding edge or even current Gen!

I wanna see these new chips Ray Tracing benchmarks!

the Last 2 Gen of GPU's have Ray Tracing technology but it's time to see some more in depth Ray Tracing benchmarking as hopefully we are closer to a Full Fledge Ray Traced Game!

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MontyQ1751d ago

yup same ol same ol just a rename of the 7000 series for OEM to make more $$ of people who think these are new not just rebranded

EbeneezerGoode1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

This is an OLD story already known that it's just REBRANDS of 7000 series for OEM only (for appearances sake) - it may even cause AMD to finally release the 'real' 8000 series as 9000 series because of this stunt (which probably also serves them to look '2 better' than Nvidia with their 700 series)

I've had nothing but Nvidia in my PC going back to the 4200Ti - but even I have to admit they are taking the piss since the 600 series... now they are holding out on the 700 series (and AMD are following suit according to their OWN words), and this is because of trying to outdo each other while also fleecing the customers.

If everyone STOPS BUYING 600/7000 series (and certainly skip that overpriced con Titan) THEN they would have no choice but to start shipping 700/8000 series.

Why is it important? Because current cards even at 1200p can't MAX certain games @ 60fps and we are told 'they are good enough' - NO they are not! When they can run Crysis 3 on ultra at 60fps @ 1080p/1200p at least AND not cost more than the usual $500 THEN they are good enough.

Seriously, everybody stop buying and hold out for the end of year new series, even though I have a feeling the Nvidia stuff will be nothing exciting (15-20% improvement 680 - 780 at best guess) rather than the old jumps we used to get.

Maxwell is gonna be the next big jump but no doubt they have/will push that back to early 2015 now too. We only have one life and it's ebbing away - release the fkin tech you are sitting on while we are still young enough to enjoy it you assholes!

/rant over... and btw i'm STILL on a 8800 GTX that is why I'm so bitter (and waiting)

Conzul1751d ago

I will wait for the next proper iteration, as per your recommendation :]

AMD tho, they have better Linux Drivers IME

hano1751d ago

Got me an 8800GTX too when it launched ..

Great card but man I regret paying 500$ for it. 3 months after I got it they released 8800GT which wasn't far off and was so much cheaper.

That's why it's probably better to buy mid range cards from now on.

FlyingFoxy1751d ago

8800 GT was a great mid range card, i sold my GTX for 2 of those in SLi, then i moved to a 5870 in 2009. Looking to upgrade that when it's worth it but it runs all the games i play fine 60+fps. I mainly play Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead 2, i don't play games that run much below 60fps costhey aren't enjoyable *Crysis*.

hano1751d ago

I sure hope AMD brings their A game with the next cards.

It's ludicrous that Nvidia is charging 800$ for their top of the line card now because there's no competitor from AMD yet.

Start the Graphics cards battle and bring the prices down!

FlyingFoxy1751d ago

Well i would hope both companies are also trying to fix the microstuttering issue, it's still a problem when linking 2 cards together and it should not even exist anymore. I'm sure many people would buy 2 mid range or high end graphics cards if they sort out he micro stutter.

But until MS is fixed i will probably stick to a single high end card that's not rediculously overpriced, for best speed at 1080p.

ninjahunter1751d ago

Man, all the good parts from AMD/ATI are gonna be nice and cheap pretty soon. Not that they arent already :P