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Submitted by Sako 1080d ago | opinion piece

Sony And Microsoft First Party Match-Up

Eskimo Press: As always when a new generation of consoles is upon us, there is a lot of excitement surrounding every aspect of the next-gen platforms. Everything from hardware specs and controller, to online service and apps, factor into our decision of which console to support. However, being gamers, what will always matter most are the games. System exclusives are one of the biggest selling points for any new console, so let’s take a look at how Sony and Microsoft measure up in regards to first party development studios. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Sony, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Walker  +   1080d ago
Sony Wins . Flawless Victory !
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Sako  +   1080d ago
They certainly are looking stronger as of now. Microsoft's going to have a hard time catching up with the massive hype that Sony's got going
b163o1  +   1080d ago
It's over before it even begin. Gears,HALO, and ummmmmmm, ummmmmmm oh project Gotham? Vs. GodOfWar, Uncharted, Killzone, GranTurismo, QuanticDream, just to name a few
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1080d ago
I reckon Microsoft will be announcing some great games for the next Xbox. Some sequels some new IPs. I know right now it's hard to see that happening but Microsoft seem like they're really into giving Sony a hard time. They won't let Sony just walk away with the crown. That would be too easy (of course I could be wrong).
I'll be getting a PS4 first though because I've never been let down by a Playstation console, plus Sony's developers are all brilliant and produced most of my favourite games this current gen.
MikeMyers  +   1080d ago
Well if we look at history Sony winds hands down in this category. I hope Microsoft has been busy these last few years expanding and creating new games otherwise the next Xbox might fall flat since the PS4 seems to abolish a lot of issues the PS3 had.
DOMination-  +   1080d ago
This article is garbage. Just saying "oh it seems MS are just concentrating on kinect apart from 343" is not going to cut it.

MS have 22 studios to Sony's 12. Why not talk about what they are rumoured to be developing? Or is researching too much effort? It would have been a good article if you bothered.

Sony have had this locked down in recent years but MS are coming back strong. Both will have great first parties.
GiggMan  +   1080d ago
I think (hope) @Walker was referring to the thumbnail picture chosen for the article. At least that's the first thing that I though of when I saw it.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1080d ago
I like how everyone assumes MS lost their core audience. Why, because Sony has about 4 extra hardcore titles per year all of the sudden the PS3 is a hardcore platform?

@B1 Gears, Halo, Project Gotham, Fable Vs Gow, Uncharted Killzone, Grand Turismo and Quantic Dream

Hey genius, Sony's still pumping out a 8 year old franchise (GOW). A 6 year old franchise (Uncharted) a 15 year old franchise (GT) and a 9 year old franchise (Killzone)

And 1 newer Ip. In which allot of those games are just as old as MS's games?

b163o1  +   1080d ago
Journey, LBP, Infamous, Resistance, MGS4(still looks better then any 360 game), and Starhawk.


Sony's known for not watering down franchises, that's why are classic Ip's last so long. Something MS doesn't understand
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PsnGammer21  +   1080d ago
Well Sony is for sure going win when Microsoft only has three relevant exsclusives. That being halo, gears, and forza. Thing is though really only two since forza is a knockoff of grand turismo...
Count  +   1080d ago
You can't even spell Gran Turismo properly. Do you even PLAY Gran Turismo?

No, of course not.

Yes, they have 2 exclusives that are relevant to you. This does not mean they won't have other exclusives that will be relevant to other people. So who cares?

A knock off of Gran Turismo, you mean the knock off of a lot of other racing games out there?

Why am I trying to educate you?
Kurt Russell  +   1080d ago
He misspelled Gamer in his own name too, you might as well try digging a new window in the wall with your own head :)

Don't feed the trolls!
Hicken  +   1080d ago
People can't even discern the difference between "off" and "of." They use "of" instead of "have." And you're worried about "gran" versus "grand?" At least those have the same meaning.

And no, he meant a knockoff of Gran Turismo, as that's LITERALLY the reason Forza exists.
Count  +   1080d ago
Oh so, Gran Turismo didn't rip off anything from the racing genre as a whole? ? Is that what you're trying to say? Don't be ridiculous. Of course it did!

Calling Forza a Gran Turismo knock off is the worst argument you could make against the game. It's a double edged sword. It works on Gran Turismo as well.

If you have any PROPER criticism to make against Forza, then I am welcome to hear it. I don't think the game is perfect. Of course it has flaws. However, I don't expect some guy who more than likely has never played it to tell me what they are.

You know, you say it's a knock off of Gran Turismo, but that's all you say. You don't say WHY it's a knock off of Gran Turismo. Do you know why? Either because a) you don't know what you're talking about or b) because it will work against your favor and you know it.

What I meant with the ''you can't even spell Gran Turismo properly'' is: That for a game that he happens to endorse so much, he sure can't bring himself to remember its name.
Dragos75  +   1080d ago
The sad part is that is all they need. People may not like those three but they are heavy hitters and sell like crazy. Can't really say the same for all of sony's.
clintagious650  +   1080d ago
Sony has the edge in this department though i believe if ms FOCUSED more on spending money on new IP's they could dish out great games aswell but its sad that they havent tried in the last couple years, kinda hard for me to be excited for their nextbox with the way they been treating the core base.
Sako  +   1080d ago
Totally agree. They've been way too focused on app development/integration into live. They really need to show some exciting games at their reveal if they want people lining up at launch
IK IR Y IP T  +   1080d ago
don't count microsoft out yet the last time i checked just one of microsoft's exclusives (gears of war 3) out sold all of sonys first party exclusives combined that is a fact !
majiebeast  +   1080d ago
Fact that came out of your ass?

Let me try
Aliens are real that is a fact! Why? Because i said so!

On topic
Microsoft has some talented studio's like 343 and Lion head studios even though Lionhead lost Molyneux and the guys that now formed Media Molecule. They dont have a developer at the caliber of Naughty dog or Santa monica studio's now thats a fact!
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Urusernamesucks  +   1080d ago
Or an opinion, but of course anything like that is considered a"FACT" in this site -_-
Sako  +   1080d ago
It is true that although the Xbox has had fewer high-profile exclusives, they've done quite well in comparison to the Playstation 3's numerous AAA games. But I think that series like Halo and Gears of War are starting to stagnate a bit and need to switch things up to keep fans playing. Halo 4 was a solid game, and certainly took some steps in the right direction regarding storytelling and such, but it still relied heavily on the solid foundation of Bungie's games
BladerunnerZX  +   1080d ago
It looks like the Gears of War franchise has ran out of steam and while Forza is a good game it is no Gran Turismo.

Microsoft really only has Halo as a true AAA system seller.
Krypto  +   1080d ago
No other choice? :)
Fishy Fingers  +   1080d ago
Usually leave the sales talk to others, but I find that incredibly hard to believe, especially with games like GT5 selling 9+ million copies.

But hey, if you say it's a fact, I guess it must be... Eh.
dafegamer  +   1080d ago
gears of war 3 sold the same like uncharted 3, mmaybe even less cause u3 was in the top 10 charts for 2 months. also gears of war 3 doesnt outsell god of war and gran turismo at all
Tontus  +   1080d ago
Exactly, Uncharted is almost as big as Gears of War and Gran Turismo is almost as big as Halo. Of course both UC & GT are heavily bundled series whereas Halo & Gears aren't but they're still comparable to M$'s biggest.

Then Sony has the massive God of War franchise which is bigger than every M$ franchise but Halo, I think people forget that God of War III went on to sell 6 million units with no bundling and awful advertising, it's also in an unpopular genre and had no multiplayer. Word of mouth and fan power alone is why GoW is so huge, I doubt Halo would be much bigger if it weren't for M$'s fantastic marketing team (I guess being a FPS helps too).

Then there is Sony's other big franchises like the 3-5 million (per game) selling LittleBigPlanet, the 2-3m (pg) selling Killzone, 1.5-2.5m (pg) selling inFAMOUS, the 2-4m (pg) selling Resistance. Don't forget Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, Motorstorm etc which all manage 1-2 million.

Other notable M$ franchise's are Fable and Forza which are quite big at 3-5m (pg) but like UC & GT they're also heavily bundled and Fable 1 & 3 is available on PC. To be fair even Gears of War isn't first party, if Epic wanted to they could go multiplatform.

In terms of first party games, without question Sony > Microsoft.
clintagious650  +   1080d ago
I never counted them out to begin with. MS has shown early in the 360's lifespan that they can dish out great exclusives with, Crackdown, Lost Odyssy, Alan Wake & their main franchises like Forza, Halo, Gears but for the last half of the 360's lifespan its been rather disappointing because other then halo/gears/forza there hasnt been much other then 3rd party games u can also play on other systems. They need to go back to the formula that they started with early in the 360's lifespan if they dont want to lose their core audience because if they keep focusing on kinect games & add 2 or 3 new IP's for their nextbox & think that'll be enough then they will lose MOST of their core base.

Edit: Also forgot to add that State of Decay looks pretty cool for an xbl game. Whats so hard about making new IP's like this forms? I dont give a sh*t how much money kinect brings in for them, I just want NEW GAMES that cater to us core gamers. Is dat so hard for them to do? Smh.
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TheEnigma313  +   1080d ago
Uncharted 3 is closing in on 6 million sales fyi.
Drekken  +   1080d ago
I haven't been keeping up with game sales totals, but UC3 deserves the sales. Very impressive.

EDIT: I had to look it up - Uncharted (Ps3 games) have totaled almost 16.5 million units sold. Very Nice. By comparison Gears 1-3 sold 18.33 million. Gears 3 has 5.76mil sold and UC3 is 5.67mil. This guy is a troll.
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kayoss  +   1080d ago
Looking at sales number can be decieving. Halo and gears are very good game. UC3 and god of war are very good game. But when you look at the sale numbers for UC3 and god of war it may not compare to Halo and Gears. Everyone have to admit though Gears, Halo, UC3, and god of war are better games then Call of duty series. but COD outsold all of them combined, does that make cod a better game? of course not. I prefer to think that most PS3 exclusive games gear towards the more older and mature audience who are not into shooters. Where as xbox 360 games are gear toward the FPS audience. This is true when you look at the sale numbers of Killzone and resistance to games like gran turismo, GOW, Uncharted.
Tito08  +   1080d ago
@ Drekken, since you're using the other old games to win an argument you already lost, didn't you forget Uncharted sales total is almost 17 million?? that's without counting Golden Abyss, & the first Uncharted sold very well for a game that didn't have online multiplayer.. Of course is a bit less than Gears,but what if Uncharted 1 had multiplayer?? also Uncharted 2 have met a lot of critical praise & lots of awards, something your precious Gears lacked in the first place!!
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Karpetburnz  +   1080d ago
Gears of War 2 and 3 cant even outsell Uncharted 2 and 3 let alone every Sony first part exclusive combined LOL

Gran Turismo 5 sold 9 million not including Prologue.
Uncharted 2 sold over 6 million.
Uncharted 3 is close to 6 million.

Gears of War 2 sold 6 million
Gears of war 3 is close to 6 million. (keep in mind that GoW 2 was released before UC2 and GoW 3 was released before UC3)

Please get your facts straight.
calis  +   1080d ago
"last time i checked just one of microsoft's exclusives (gears of war 3) out sold all of sonys first party exclusives combined that is a fact"

Jek_Porkins  +   1080d ago
It'll be a lot closer in terms of exclusives this generation because Microsoft has beefed up their studios in house. Instead of going out and buying a ton of studios, they opened their own.

Black Tusk Studios is a name people will need to remember next generation. Microsoft also has around 20 studios now, which is impressive.

Just looking forward to the creativity that they can offer next gen.
InTheLab  +   1080d ago
Most of those are Kinect studios.. They have 3 more studios than Sony but they're just not using them effectively. ....
Jek_Porkins  +   1080d ago
Most are Kinect studios? Get out of here. When was the last first party Kinect game released? Fable The Journey? They haven't even been releasing Kinect first party games.
DigitalSmoke  +   1080d ago
Lol gtfo m8
Sony has more proven development studio's then nintendo
and Microsoft combined.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1080d ago
Guys Sony has got great exclusives and nothing can take that away from them. Sony has given its devs freedom and that is why they are so well respected in the industry by even close competitors. But if theres one thing MS does better and thats marketing. MS can throw its billions around to generate huge hype. If Sony can market the way they did back in the PsOne era Microsoft does have a problem but they can solve that problem by funding new IP's but whether the nextbox is gaming machine or Kinect and media shovelware is yet to be known.
Megaton  +   1080d ago
Microsoft doesn't even compare. While they were shutting down studios and putting their remaining ones on Kinect shovelware, Sony was busy buying more and growing their library of core titles.
CalibriSerif  +   1080d ago
comparing microsoft studios to sony studios is just a big insult. microsoft better just be doing os and office. but hey, who will blame ballmer and company? apple and google are kicking their ass! sad but true. microsoft is soon a dinosaur.
cyberninja  +   1080d ago
Don't forget that Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Guerilla are two teams studios.
fourOeightshark  +   1080d ago
Now we need Sucker Punch to make a second team.
cyberninja  +   1080d ago
That would be great!!!
o-Sunny-o  +   1080d ago
MS Halo should be retired. After first 2 games it was just like adding more time to delay its funeral. Destiny from actual Bungie is 3rd party now and going to have PS exclusive content. While Gears of War should have been retired also. Epic games I thought I heard was now free from Microsoft and would work with another game console. Lionhead studios no offense but Fable sucks. As for Rare they lost their balls when they left Nintendo. PS4 and Wii U will be my personal preference in this next gen. I'm praying for the new Android Xbox still tho.
Kingdom Come  +   1080d ago
Epic were never restricted to Microsoft, but have often stated that with the Gears of War franchise, they feel no need to spread to other communities. They could have ported Gears 2 and 3 to the PC, but chose not to. Their fan base is primarily on the 360, those of who are truly motivated on playing the franchise bought a 360. Marketing-wise, they couldn't do better than to pair with Microsoft, and Microsoft helped make Gears what it is today.
Kingdom Come  +   1080d ago
Microsoft looks to be focusing on more core exclusives for next-generation, establishing Black Tusk Studios, of who are "dedicated to creating immersive, AAA games that push the limits of Microsoft's entertainment platforms" and currently working on 4 IP's.

Each Generation brings out the best in each company, with Sony recognising their mistakes regarding the online aspect of the Playstation 3 and now Microsoft realising that despite the quality of their exclusives being very high, the quantity is dwindling.

I can't wait for both platforms...
DigitalSmoke  +   1080d ago
If you think you can just call a few rendom people, put them in a building, hang up a Black Tusk logo on the frond door wile tripple A titles roll out then you should look at who's working thare because they are nothing to write home about. (did you even check them out?)

This "new" studio isn't anything different then the previous thousands trying to make Triple A games.

Added that you can't know anything about MS plans for the "Hardcore" because they didnt release any statements containing that info, meanin you're just hopeing your fantasy to becomes true.

Looking at what they did in the past 3 years, a fantasy is what it'll remain.
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RuleofOne343  +   1080d ago
Even with lack of exclusives, I will not supporting those other 2 consoles will remain with the one I prefer.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1080d ago
I hope they dont focus too much on kinect that is what worries me.
STARRHUNTER29  +   1080d ago
forza has Gran Turismo beat hands down.......but ms does have to game on there game
OniXRuleZ  +   1080d ago
Some times i ask myself how old are people in here!
Xtremist  +   1080d ago
Now you sound like a pedo...
Sorraxe  +   1080d ago
Spoiler ahead.

When you play Halo 5, you will wake up in a space ship that gets attacked by some aliens.
Father Murder X  +   1080d ago
Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Playstation Allstars, Little Big Planet karting, StarHawk, Infamous 2, Socom 3, Socom 4, MAG, Lair, Heavenly Sword, all flopped for Sony.

Alan Wake, Crackdown 2,Banjo, Ninja Blade, Perfect Dark Zero all flopped for M$.

When a game flops on the 360 you don't ever see it again. Sony thinks that a mediocre shooter like Killzone is going to all of a sudden sell 10 million copies. MS seems to do way more with less.

MS top 10 games that they published sold roughly 80 million copies.
PS published games sold roughly 50 million

The top 10 games for the ps3 consists of 2 Gran Turismos and 3 Uncharteds. So of if the 360 fanboys love Gears and Halo then what does that say about you all?

These numbers are based on vga sales chartz.
BladerunnerZX  +   1080d ago
Killzone 3 was not a flop.

Resistance 3 ? yea that was a flop.
Tontus  +   1080d ago
LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, inFAMOUS 2 and Heavenly Sword are not flops. The reason all those sequels under performed compared to their predecessors is because they weren't bundled nearly as much.

Alan Wake wasn't a flop. It sold 1.5m+ on Xbox 360 and was very successful on PC.

Everything else flopped.

You're basing your numbers of Vgchartz? They are known to be extremely inaccurate, I mean they had God of War 3 at 4.15 million last year a week before Sony announced it sold over 5.2 million, it's now passed 6 million but Vgchartz hasn't even bothered to update. It's best to wait for official numbers before throwing figures around as facts.
rickybadman  +   1080d ago
MS lost Mass Effect because Bioware was bought, SK embezzled their money and gave them shit. Alan Wake was delayed pretty much doomed to only have one game this gen. It is not all MS's fault.

People give them shit for Kinect. But guess what, MS did what you want a company to do, try something new, bet big on it, and back it up with support (in this case games). Kinect was a success and now MS knows which games work and don't work with Kinect.

MS are not stupid, time after time this generation they have stayed a step ahead of Sony. They now they lack AAA games, they will fix that, anyone who thinks otherwise is either a fanboy or naive.
brew  +   1080d ago
I don't think Microsoft has anything to worry about -

Guerrilla - Killzone
Evolution - Drive Club
Japan Studio - Knack
Sucker Punch - inFAMOUS Second Son
San Diego - MLB The Show
Sony Online - Planetside 2 (probably)
Ready at Dawn - new IP
Naughty Dog - Uncharted 4 (probably)
Polyphony - Gran Turismo 6 (probably)
Sony Santa Monica - new IP
Media Molecule - new IP (a ways away)
Quantic Dream - new IP (a ways away)

Microsoft will have PGR , Ryse , Alan Wake , Forza , Halo , new AAA games from Black Tusk and Big Park , Ruffian has been teasing , Rare stuff , and probably Fable and possibly Gears down the road. There's also Playground Games that made Forza Horizon.

The key is going to be which company can coupe any big 3rd party projects (or get lengthy timed deals).
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