Sony's frustration over PS4 hardware 'cynicism'

The head of PlayStation UK has expressed his opinion over the backlash Sony received following its decision not to show PlayStation 4 hardware during its reveal last week, telling that "it's much more important to see what the damn thing does" than showing "the shiniest piece of black, green or purple plastic".

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Galacticos1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Most (if not all) of the cynicism comes from people that want the PS4 (and Sony in general) to fail. I've seen some ridiculous, yet very popular youtube videos that are supposed to be funny but you can clearly see that they're trying to kill as much hype as they can. (3.3mil views already)

NewMonday1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

the "no box" point is like the Obama birther conspiracy theory.

the proponents look silly to everyone but themselves.

if they want a decent issue to make fun of the how about that Squar-Enix waste of time and repeating of a months old demo.

Spinal1943d ago

I for one was happy with the PS4 announcement because they focus on games and the social intergration for their new console which is what I wanted to see. Couldn't give two shits about how the console looks just have those beefy specs in place.

I will day one the PS4 I won't be getting the nextbox or Wii U. PC will remain my lead platform but PS4 is gonna be my console of choice.

blackbeld1943d ago

"Sony's frustration over PS4 hardware 'cynicism'"

Its more like. frustration over PS4 hardware 'not showing'

Raf1k11943d ago

Agreed with spinalc0rd about PC + PS4.

For next gen I'm wanting to get a Nextbox but considering MS's shift onto casual games I'm going to have to wait and see how well they support their platform with games for gamers.

If it's good support I'll get one if not then I'll be more than happy with my PC + PS4 combo as PC and PS3 have worked out well for me this gen.

MikeMyers1943d ago

I think Sony showed exactly what they needed to show. Unveiling the controller is far more important because that is what we will be using to play our games. The system itself and what it looks like isn't all that important. Why show everything now prior to E3. I was actually expecting less but Sony delivered with 2 hours of stuff.

inveni01943d ago



I don't care about the box, as long as it isn't large enough to set my 55" TV on.

soxfan20051943d ago

Kind of like how the "anti-Sony media bias" conspiracy theory proponents look silly to everyone but themselves.

Deputydon1943d ago

EpicNameBro - the guy behind a TON of Dark Souls videos gives probably the most unbias take on the Playstation 4.

slayorofgods1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The PS4 is getting a lot of press..

Things could be worse.. It could be like the wii u where no one even cared enough to really criticize.

T21943d ago

I dont think those YouTube vids are all bashing some are slightly humorous ...
@ invitio - you put ur 55" ON ur ps ? How is it supposed to breathe also it isnt flat is it?

andibandit1943d ago

The actual box itself isn't that important. I just get this feeling that none of what we saw was even running on a PS4, but rather some PC.

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Count1944d ago

Why would anyone want the Ps4 to fail?

DeadlyFire1944d ago

Microsoft has fanboys you know. There are actual people that look for Games for Windows Live games and only play those games on the PC platform.

They will wake up one day. PS4 is obvious winner if Microsoft has 1.2 Tflop and Kinect centered console while Sony has 1.8 Tflops and user centered experience.

Ron_Danger1943d ago

@ Count

Are you new here??

Godmars2901943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Why, when the PS3 was announced, did we get "fan" movies of Sony going bankrupt and closing its doors?

"They will wake up one day. PS4 is obvious winner if Microsoft has 1.2 Tflop and Kinect centered console while Sony has 1.8 Tflops and user centered experience."

Oh god - not the Tflop crap again...

MestreRothN4G1943d ago

Hm... You must be a new arrival...

dcbronco1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


I assume you also believe that the PS4 won't come close to competing with PCs. I don't. I know design trumps pure power. Power over all is like the Russian air superiority argument. America has better slower planes somehow.


Sony could have gone bankrupt. They are still in danger. The PS4 does go a long way toward getting them healthy again. I think they are making a mistake not adding the tech to other devices. That is one area Microsoft will have an advantage. They are already selling Kinect to TV makers(including Sony, at least they were talking to Sony about it). Any revenue stream helps.

Godmars2901943d ago

From every division but Playstation. At one point the PS2 was the only thing holding up the company.

Sure the same can't be said of the PS3, but the brand still has more strength than their TVs and Sony realizes that.

Septic1943d ago

The same reason PS4 fanboys want MS to fail. Fanboys all round.

conscious_observer1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Something to do with one's ego perhaps, and rigid belief system's.

dcbronco1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


But that is my point. Sony could always depend on gaming in the past. Every other division was up and down. Then they hit a patch where almost every division was bad and on top of that the PS3 was killing gaming too. The PS2 couldn't overcome the losses from the PS3. It almost bankrupted the company. I still think they need to make changes in TVs. Or maybe drop them for now. Or use their name to go bargain TVs until gaming and cuts can build up their cash.

1943d ago
N4g_null1943d ago

It's more like the fear that they will or can fail. So far they make pc like games with out pc like features. Yet they alway sell an expensive gimped box or console.

People want to know the price? Is it the same as a gt690? If so then you might want to go with that it is closer to future proof, which doesn't exist in the pc world. Only backwards console marketing.

Actually I would love to see Sony make games I like, that would be great. Yet they don't so I have a pc for that.

The problem is Sony doesn't have any thing for me which might be a problem nvidia runs into every other year. I think people are saying we don't need movie gaming creeping into our real games just because you can make a supped up laptop, we have that power already. Also infamous copying watchdogs was desperatly lame, what are they the china of the game industry! Come on Sony give us what we need not more hype!

When you run on tech hype you have to pull an apple... Retna displays are bueatiful and you don't need specs to see it. Intel make very very good chips, talk about a friggin red ocean and Alienware makes some really great branded pcs. Before you could hide behind obscure tech yet you just stepped into the benchmarking hell that is pc gaming.

Really they should know better, they have a laptop line that doesn't do well and there are plenty of reasons why. No one cares about the beats like headphone inflated ego pricing. Once you step into to high end people want results! So the hardware doesn't give you a free pass like last gen.

Like I said welcome to pc gaming even apple knows it is not easy, they are not just fighting consoles any more. Yet they failed to see this.

mwjw6961943d ago

Why would anyone want the Next Xbox to fail?

freezola751943d ago

Some folks just want it to fail because it'll only do a whole lot more of everything.. again. Peace

Epic_Troy1943d ago

I'm like Microsoft more and I don't want the Ps4 Too fail bring on the competition is just want the playstation fan boys too fail because their annoying and think no one can make games or systems too match sonys but I can't wait till we can finally play against playstation soo we can prove too the world that xbox gamers are simply better gamers :-)

Sony3601942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

It doesn't make sense to want any console to fail. Whatever succeeds and gives you the best games, at the best price, is something a consumer should want.

Being a fan of a company who wants your money is just daft.

The next Xbox will have to do a lot to compete with the Ps4 now. The developer and user friendly hardware means a lot of people and developers will be picking it as their next console, myself included.

In order to compete Microsoft will have to either A: Make equally inexpensive, developer friendly hardware. or B: Just make it that much more powerful, and focus their adverising on that.

If Microsoft does neither, then the next Xbox will have nothing going for it. The Ps4 will still have free online play too, so Microsoft will be really stupid to keep theirs paid for.

I'm looking forward to next-gen now. Not all of the games looked that much of a graphical leap (other than the Unreal Demo and Final fantasy), but it was like that at the beginning of this generation too. By the time some games I want to come out, the Ps4 will at the very least be affordable.

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r211943d ago

I actually liked that first video. Made me laugh XD Wont dampen my hype for the PS4 though!

Condemnedman1943d ago

yes it was funny and hopefully they will do a MS one too!

Cueil1943d ago

most of those views are from sony fanboys who are obsessive about this... Sony will succeed or fail on the merits of their strategy... core gamers have little to do with that

Hicken1943d ago

Um, core gamers are the focus of their strategy. That seems pretty evident. So them failing or succeeding will have EVERYTHING to do with core gamers.

Link0791943d ago

Can i just say to the fanboys that keep going on about the terraflops of ps4 ect like just because of the 1.8 terraflops to 720 1.2 ect means ps4 is more powerful it's not the case,there are cards that do 576 giggaflops and outperform cards with 1.2 terraflops so more than double yet not as capable ? so it's more to do with a balance of Memory Bandwidth and RAM as well as the cards features,stream proccessors are important as well.

Thatguy-3101943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Exactly. Everything in the first video is taken out of context to make it look silly. But trolls should try harder because the ps4 trailer is over 12+million and counting. Honestly ppl that are complaining are the ones that don't know about specs. We saw what the console is capable of and what the controller looks like so why worry about what the console itself will look like if it will just be sitting there. Sony always thinks about the long run and what they did will benefit them because they still have A LOT to show for the upcoming months in oppose to going all out in Feb and building no hype towards release date.

Link0791943d ago

A gpu power has more to do with what RAM you use SRAM,ESRAM,DRAM,eDRAM ect which gives you your Bandwidth RAM,this balanced with main RAM ect is more important than terraflops ect much more important as them 2 things are what make you get the most out of modern features.

WiiU has 2GB of GDDR5 RAM,1 GB of VRAM.

WiiU has well over 200GB of fast Bandwidth RAM on that gpgpu and that's just the 70% we know of ?

WiiU use tons of eDRAM on chip for its cpu/gpgpu which makes the main RAM not as important.

Moonman1943d ago

I have already decided I'm getting a PS4 and it is not even E3 yet.


MysticStrummer1943d ago

Yup. I bought a PS1 because every time I saw a playable one on display I felt compelled to stop and play it. I bought a PS2 based on my experience with PS1, and a PS3 based on my experience with PS2. Sony has done nothing to make me turn to another company, so I already know I'll be getting a PS4. Everyone has their personal preferences and they're all valid, but Sony brings the games I want to play whether it's a sequel or new IP.

fermcr1943d ago

Fanboys are stupid. Microsoft only fanboys want Sony to fail and Sony only fanboys want Microsoft to fail, What else is new.

WarThunder1943d ago

All i see articles made by MS fanboys "gaming" websites bashing the PlayStation brand, i did not see a single praising or at least having a good constructive article.

xursz1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

MS astroturfing.... what else is new. Educate yourselves on the subject because we'r going to start seeing a lot more of it and only those with an objective eye and a keen skepticism will see through it.

xursz1943d ago

So you guys know I'm not just making things up. Microsoft corp. is a documented astroturfer. They've been called out on reddit for it, too, posting constant adverts whether it be Halo, Forza, WP, you name it. They literally have hundreds of shill accounts, even thousands. It wouldn't surprise me if the majority of "This is shit compared to PC" eletist posts on PS4 videos are MS shills aiming for public slandering.

Educate yourselves.

xursz1943d ago

Sorry for my above link. It's supposed to forward to a wikipidia page describing business astroturfing. It's not hard to find through google.

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gamernova1943d ago

Dude, that is just a video made by people who are trying to be hilarious and they did a good job. The cynicism is probably more from people who know that there are plenty of midrange pcs out there that already smash the rumored specs.

Hardware and graphics didn't matter when pc gamers got to show off their power but as soon as a new console is rumored to come out, all that matters is specs and graphics. What happened to all the console people who said graphics do not make a great game? Instead of asking about the game play they are asking about the Vram of the console. Hypocrisy.

Thatguy-3101943d ago

No one cares about pc's. This is about consoles. Honestly PC gamers just force themselves into console conversations like if it includes them. Everyone knows pc's are powerful. Pc gamers should just focus in their circle and console gamers would gladly stay in there own.

gamernova1943d ago

@dboy, as long as they both play games, they will always be compared. And you say you console gamers stick to your own? Dude, I saw console gamers on a linus techtips video claiming that the ps4 smashed the bran new nvidia titan and the ares II which if you know anything about tech, you would be rolling in the floor laughing. So yeah ,maybe you would stick to your own but the majority definitely does not.

Tundra1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The first one is actually pretty funny, the second one is just really fuckin stupid.

That said, this hype train is moving too fast for anyone to stop.

Blackdeath_6631943d ago

only recently i have noticed that in the uk they are very anti-sony. even on the BBC website there was a clear cynicism towards the console both in the comments section and the article itself. i didn't realise that was the case until recently.

Dee_Cazo1943d ago

Thanks for that first YouTube video that was hilarious.

Also that commented marked as spam made a good point, most of the new stuff is already on the 360 even in a less-developed minor feature.

stuntman_mike1943d ago

That first videogamer video was hilarious and seen mostly as just a bit of fun. but the second video is what your really getting at, trying to play down every detail and turning it in to a fanboy war.

nukeitall1943d ago

Actually, I think all the cynicism comes from people that want to know more about the PS4.

There is no conspiracy to bring Sony down. People is just excited and they want to know more.

insomnium21943d ago

Yeah that's it! That's why PS3 got all the media BS thrown against it too. That must be it. BD was dead and x360 more powerfull. People were just exited so now we finally understand why things went the way they went.

Thanks for clearing that up.

I refuse to put /s. If people are that stu....oh wait...

nukeitall1942d ago


Did you eat some bitter food today?

Jeee.... stop taking it so personal, then you will realize there is no conspiracy or hatred towards your favorite console maker that isn't being done on other platforms.

Some people are so involved they feel personally insulted and therefore feels the need to insult others. It's like you attacked their family or God.

Outside_ofthe_Box1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

lol He got you and you know it.

You yourself even said that Sony "hasn't brought anything" and you are now trying to pass it off as being excited and wanting to know more? Lol I've got remember that one.

You can try to pass it off as me or anyone else taking it personally all you want to make yourself feel better, but when the number one reason as to why people felt that the reveal was a disappointment (when they know fully well that E3 will be the main event) is because Sony didn't show the hardware as oppose to taking issue with anything else shown, speaks volumes on how people were looking for any little thing to complain about.

nukeitall1942d ago


Contrary to what you fanboys think, everyone that doesn't think Playstation is Gods gift to man, isn't a fanboy or a hater.

We are just not *IN LOVE* with the brand, so our take is different.

"You yourself even said that Sony "hasn't brought anything" and you are now trying to pass it off as being excited and wanting to know more? Lol I've got remember that one."

Yup, and I still stand by that statement. Sony has barely shown anything. That was more like a teaser if anything.

Doesn't mean I can't be excited and wanting to know more.

"speaks volumes on how people were looking for any little thing to complain about."

Is it so hard to understand that people will have different opinion than you? That not everyone is a Playstation fanatic?

Of course there will be different opinions so get used to it.

Keep in mind that people complained about the PS3, because they care about. The same way more people discuss Xbox, because now, more people care about it.

So stop feeling personally insulted, when others talk about Sony or Playstation.

Outside_ofthe_Box1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


***"Contrary to what you fanboys think, everyone that doesn't think Playstation is Gods gift to man, isn't a fanboy or a hater."***

That's very true and correct. Though I doubt anyone thinks that PlayStation is "God's gift to man" though. Only someone who doesn't like PlayStation would perceives others' lack of negativity toward PlayStation as them treating it like "Gods gift to man."

That said while you are correct in that regard that it doesn't automatically mean you are a fanboy or a hater, you don't fit that mold. You've openly admitted that you hate the PlayStation/don't like Sony in general because of how they *treated* you in the past. Hence why nearly all your comments regarding Sony has a negative agenda attached to it.

***"We are just not *IN LOVE* with the brand, so our take is different."***

I'm not *IN LOVE* with any brand. Nor should you be assuming that just because people don't spend their entire time bashing PlayStation automatically mean that they *IN LOVE* with the brand.

I call it how I see it. You and others need to stop with your silly mentality that everyone must be *IN LOVE* or have some sort of super bias just because they don't share your opinion. Just because you openly admit that you are *IN LOVE* with Microsoft doesn't doesn't mean everyone else must have some company that they are *IN LOVE* with.

***"Yup, and I still stand by that statement. Sony has barely shown anything. That was more like a teaser if anything.

Doesn't mean I can't be excited and wanting to know more."***

***"Is it so hard to understand that people will have different opinion than you? That not everyone is a Playstation fanatic?

Of course there will be different opinions so get used to it.

Keep in mind that people complained about the PS3, because they care about. The same way more people discuss Xbox, because now, more people care about it."***

First off that isn't what you meant when you said that and you know it. You were saying that Sony was just making a whole bunch of claims. Now you are back tracking and saying that the event was just a teaser. If that is the case then you apparently get my point. If you openly admit that Sony hasn't shown all of what they have to show then there is little to no excuse for why people to say thing like the PS4 doesn't exist or the like. If you know that Sony is saving the goods why are you and others being cynical?

I have no problems with different opinions as long as you aren't coming up with B.S. Is that hard to believe people have an agenda you being the prime example?

***"So stop feeling personally insulted, when others talk about Sony or Playstation."***

You need stop resorting to that claim whenever someone calls you out on your B.S.

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popup1943d ago

...Imagines the opposite. Lights come up, black box on plinth, guy walks on stage and waves his hand over it while waving his eyebrows about, lights go down.

The end.

True, both would have been better but if that is the only thing people can moan at then bloody well done Sony!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1943d ago

lol they mad cuz sony is being smart.

Next time they should show a fake box to make people shut up.

ame221943d ago

Videogamer are the same people responsible for the abridged version of the PS4 meeting video and now they are reporting this. Lol that's journalism for ya.

showtimefolks1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

so it was ok for nintendo to now show wiiu for a year but not ok for sony to hold that back till E3?

these fanboys/trolls who are hating on ps4, sony actually showed a lot for what was suppose to be the announcement event. i am perfectly ok with sony showing us the box at E3

people will always complain about stuff and i bet you something else, MS also won't show the box before E3

i guess what's more important than games is how the box looks, because the box could be the best looking box of all time but if no games than how pretty will it look right next to your TV never getting turned on

haters always hate but don't appreciate

Omar911943d ago

I completely agree with you showtime. Sony played it smart by not revealing all there cards at the first meeting.

Omar911943d ago

I actually found the first video to be pretty funny. I didn't take it as this video taking away from the hype.

UnitSmiley1943d ago

Completely agree with you. Everyone trying to downplay the conference and ignore all the other good parts simply because Sony didn't show the actual console are grasping at straws.

Like you said a lot of them just want Sony to fail and they will say anything to throw hatred at the PS4.

Aceman181943d ago

i actually don't care what haters, media, or fanboy's say because i'm stoked for the new system, and i wanna see what new IPs Sony's WWS has in store for me.

i'm not a PC gamer, but this back&forth is just plain stupid. also i'm only looking to get one more system to go with the PS4, and each of the companies has to show me that they have games i'm interested in before i shell out the cash for one of them.

very excited to see what all 3 home systems are capable.

bobtheimpaler1943d ago

Yeah. It really is the PC and PS4 combo for me as well. I just don't find Xbox's exclusive offerrings to be compelling.

It's funny, the criticisms of the PS4. These people jumping on the band wagon were never considering buying one anyway.

Sony showed what was important, the specs, games and that they were listening to feedback and criticism from developers and consumers. More will follow at other game expos like E3.

Legion1943d ago

I don't see it as that. We are simply just used to seeing a product at a reveal. Simple as that.

The question that arises is why they did not show it? What would be the reason?

Would you have a car reveal and just tell us about how it corners and how the engine performs and such without showing the vehicle? No... we couldn't imagine that.

And us as gamers just don't understand why they would have a 'reveal' but not 'reveal' the product? Why???

ALLWRONG1943d ago

"Most (if not all) of the cynicism comes from people that want the PS4 (and Sony in general) to fail."

Conspiracy theory and tin foil hat much.

brave27heart1943d ago

I loved Sonys press conference. I also loved that first video. I dont think its trying to knock Sony, its just tying to be funny.

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SpinalRemains1381943d ago

VG charts still has 720 2 mil over PS4