Nintendo is Taking on the Pirates

"Nintendo has urged the U.S. Trade Representative to put pressure on countries where pirating of its video games are rife. Nintendo says that its suffering huge losses due to the increasing amount of online piracy. The company also says that it wants certain file sharing websites to be blocked so that consumers can’t get hold of the downloadable games so easily. Nintendo will also pursue criminal prosecution against those who pirate games or facilitate copyright infringement."

Remember last year when Nintendo announced the large amount of pirated copies of Xenoblade Chronicles? Wii and DS games are the easiest systems in their categories to hack, and piracy runs rampant across both consoles. With infamous Wii and DS emulators like NO$GBA and Dolphin that allow users to play DS and Wii games on their PC, and console hacks such as R4 cards and the Homebrew Channel - it's no wonder why the Big N wants to crack down on pirates.

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Jadedz1882d ago

Nintendo got hit bad during the Wii/NDS era.

Yi-Long1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

... they only have themselves to blame for it.

Releasing it much too late in the west, especially in the USA, and then making it an exclusive for 1 store which means it's now impossible to find and wayyy to expensive. Ofcourse people who are dying to play the game will then look at other ways to being able to play one of the best Wii games!

Oh, and as usual Nintendo is ignoring the fact that many MANY people only bought a DS and/or Wii BECAUSE it was capable of playing illegal copies of games!

rainslacker1880d ago

I agree on Xenoblade Chronicles. I've been looking for a copy that's reasonably priced for a while now. I'd buy the game new if it were available. I doubt highly we'll see a platinum release of it.:(

For the rest of their catalog I understand where they're coming from though. Companies should protect their interests.

HITANDRUN1881d ago

There is a reason why the ds sales so much, piracy its one of them. Nintendo said 6 years ago they will get the pirates, I guess its not working too well cause they are still after them, lol...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1881d ago

Pirates are going to get Super Mario stomped.

hmm... This sounds like a new idea for a Mario game.

Myx231881d ago

where nintendo is landslide wrong here: to think that every pirated copy equals a loss of income. i beg to differ: most of their stuff gets pirated because no one is willing to pay much money for their low efforts. who on earth is going to pay for tons of shovelware except for some hardcore-dummies aka casuals?

this is the same misconception the movie-industry and the music-industry have been whining about: no sooner when the last medium gets hyperprotected against any kind of piracy then they will start to realize that shit just does not sell very well.

ElectricKaibutsu1881d ago

Wait, what? Are you saying the casual gamers are the ones doing the pirating? Or are you saying the only people that buy retail games are casuals? I don't pirate games but it certainly isn't because I lack the technical knowledge to work a bittorrent client.

I agree that each pirated game doesn't automatically equal one lost sale, but SOMEONE has to pay for games or else there wouldn't be any games to pirate. I want to support the industry I love. It's the same reason I don't sneak into movie theaters. You can pirate all the games you want but don't act like you have the moral high ground because you don't feel like paying.

FriedGoat1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

you needed more than a knowledge of a bit torrent client in the beginning, I manually reflashed my DS firmware before all the fancy cartidges came out that make it easy. I still bought games though, only did it to try stuff out.

I'm happy I bought the games then though, because Nintendo were actually making some decent stuff, Mario 64 DS was amazing and full of content and minigames.

I just look at the 3DS now though, the lack of effort in the 5 hour long Mario 3D land and all the other short games just arent worth their price tag. Kid Icarus being an exception. I sold all my 3DS games bar Ocarina of time and I dont miss any of them.

PS do people still use bit torrent? I never really did, Tried it once and it was god damned terrible. Newsgroups are where it's at.

ElectricKaibutsu1880d ago

I don't know about the DS but installing the Homebrew channel on the Wii is pretty darn easy. I don't use it for pirating games, just for messing around with homebrew.

Mario 3D Land wasn't 5 hours... I put 18 hours into mine. I would a agree with you that paying $60 for a five hour game (Aliens: Colonial Marines) would be a rip off. Although I'd probably just not buy it instead of pirating.

Here's a popular neogaf thread:
"Super Mario 3D Land - 50 hrs, Average Playtime 0:13, One of the best portables ever"

FriedGoat1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

It took me around 5 hours to complete the game with all the standard star coins. I didn't want to play through the same levels over again because I found them to be short and repetitive. I understand people like the current Nintendo but Mario 64 DS had much more going for it (even if it was a remake)
Repeating the same or slightly rehashed levels does't add re playability for me, especially when the levels were short and so easy it put me to sleep.

Just to let you know, There are people suprised at how much time this person spent on the game. One person states he did everything humanly possible in under 15 hours.

ElectricKaibutsu1880d ago

Well, I guess it's different for everyone. I personally thought it was a great game and felt I got my money's worth. I played it more than Kid Icarus. Of course I would have preferred twice as many original levels than the remixes they did, but I found them challenging and fun at least.

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Kratoscar20081881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Good luck Nintendo, you will need it.

I think the Region Lock of the system influences this a lot so thats why its the most likely to be supported by people to resort to hack it.

TongkatAli1881d ago

I wish they could unlock my Wii U so I can watch my Outlaw Star complete DVD collection. I see being a Nintendo fanboy as having a mother who is Jehovah witness.

paul19741881d ago

I hope the wii u is not so easy to crack! so far so good but those people who have advertised the fact they are trying to hack it need to be hauled up in front of a judge a put in jail!!! its the only way we will stop people ruining the gaming industry and the online experience on game platforms! look at the issues that were on wii with cod games? nearly every kid ran codes to cheat! look at the same issues with xbox, pc and ps3?

The companies need to take security of their consoles seriously as Sony nearly found out a couple of years ago!!!

Myx23! you are a sorry sad person that's all I can say!!

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