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Sony Europe remains unsure over PS4 release date

It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that we’ll get our hands on the PlayStation 4 this year, with SCEE UK brand manager Fergal Gara stating he’s unsure which regions the console will be released in this year. (Industry, PS4)

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Muffins1223  +   889d ago
Edit* for EUROPEAN gamers
Toadsanime  +   889d ago
I mentioned in the article how I see a distinct possibility in the US also not getting the console this year.
bicfitness  +   889d ago
They'll launch in NA before they launch in Japan, if it comes down to supply issues. I guarantee. The home console business in Japan is third overall (looking at the traditional region breakdown - I know that there are far more regions involved than that).

The event was hosted in NYC. For a Western audience, filled with Western devs. It will hit NA shelves in 2013. That's a certainty.
NewMonday  +   889d ago
2013 in NA is confirmed by Tretton, Fergal Gara and GG games, Killzon:SF is a launch title
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WarThunder  +   888d ago
People actually believe this article? lol!

PS4 will release November 2013 worldwide!

Flame on!
Matt0611  +   888d ago
PS3 didn't launch in Europe till March, so even though it would suck, I wouldn't be surprised if a similar timeline was announced for the PS4's european launch.
dcbronco  +   888d ago

But Sony also knows they owe there existence to the Japanese people and I believe they will remain loyal to that.

It won't launch worldwide. Plus if the specs aren't even set they couldn't have started making consoles yet and probably won't be for several months. That means some territories will be left out.
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Toadsanime  +   889d ago
Seems a little odd that the title needs to mention that it's Sony Europe to me and that people don't need to mention if it's Sony America when they're referring to that, but alrighty, if that clears up some confusion.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   888d ago
its coming february 2014
hennessey86  +   888d ago
Its bull crap
They treat European gamers like crap, we are always last to get things.
babis1974  +   888d ago
imagine all the consumers from Europe to stop buying prodacts such as ps3 or x-box (i know that this won't happen) but just imagine...
Stoppokingme  +   888d ago
Try living in Australia. You might get things later, but at least you won't pay though the nose to get them.
Pintheshadows  +   888d ago
Yeah, but you have the sun.
plaZeHD  +   888d ago
And most of their fans are in Europe. We are the one that buys their products most.
I love how they make exclusive contents for North America and lose a lot of money. They deserve it.
The guys at Sony are sometimes stupid assholes.
retro__  +   888d ago
damn straight. if you guys are good this year maybe we'll give it to Europe this holiday.
clintagious650  +   888d ago
I feel bad for europe. Hope its not a long wait like the ps3 launch.
SDF Repellent  +   888d ago
Sony, for some odd reasons, always treated Europe as second class citizens when it comes to their hardware releases and inflated prices. Don't they understand that Europe is currently their biggest market? I think getting enough GDDR5 ram might be an issue for Sony. But for selfish reasons, as long as the PS4 is $400 and will be released in the US before Christmas, I am totally fine with it, as I do want one for myself.
Wotbot  +   888d ago
Please let it be before Christmas in England, but I can not see them making it if they only start manufacturing in Q3.
krisq  +   888d ago
bigfish  +   888d ago
November 2014
aiBreeze  +   888d ago
If this happens, Sony better have ways to make up for once again screwing over their Europe fanbase. Sadly, they'll make up for it by over charging us for the console. I love the gaming orientated stance Sony has stood by but seriously, the difference in PSN stores is bad enough, if they keep treating Europeans badly, they can take their console and shove it up where the rising sun doesn't shine.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   888d ago
GT6 will be european launch title
cloud495  +   888d ago
While since most of the rumours were true, I'm guessing the one about PS4 launch in 2014 for pal regions is true.

I'm just a bit angry that they haven't learnt from past mistakes?
PS3 and PSvita launched late in Pal regions. Didn't they think ahead? I'm sure they would have anticipated supply issues? And localization issues haven't stopped other companies? Are they trying to rush their product so they can compete with Microsoft?
If it does release in 2014, they're just giving Microsoft and Nintendo the edge they needed to get back the pal region.
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PS4isKing_82  +   888d ago
That really sucks if our fellow European gamer brothers don't get it this year. I feel so bad for them. I hope the wait is short like 4 to 6 months. If they have to wait at all that is. The hype levels are getting hotter everyday for ps4 so Sony better make sure they have enough units ready to go on launch day.
andibandit  +   888d ago
we will just do what we did last time, get the Xbox first, and see if there's any money left over when PS4 comes.
hazelamy  +   888d ago
it's not the delay that worries me so much, even though it's yet another snub to the biggest market for the playstation.

my worry is what feature they'll remove from eu machines to save money.
they did it with the ps3, making a bullshit excuse about a shortage so they could redesign it without the emotion engine chip.

a year down the line a few months delay will probably be forgotten, but i guarantee it'll be hard to forget if there's a feature crippled on machines in your region, just because you don't live in one of sonys favourite places.
VR-4nic  +   888d ago
Sony's only concern will be to try and take back the U.S. market from Microsoft nex gen, so the PS4 will lunch this year 1st in the U.S. and then everywhere else in 2014. If Sony does not beat Microsoft to the punch then they will fall even further behind in the U.S.! The whole point of the Feb. 20th event was to release 1st and beat Microsoft out the door. Sony already has a small lead in Europe and the XBox is pretty much dead in Japan. Whenever Microsoft does finally release be it before or after Sony they will focus on the U.S. 1st guaranteed, so Sony has no other choice but to release in the U.S. 1st! Its so obvious if you look at it strictly from a business standpoint. Sonys ahead everywhere but the U.S. so the U.S. will be their biggest concern to start this nex gen! Mark my words!
Timmey  +   888d ago
I'm totally fine if it will be released in Q1 2014 here in Europe, so there will be more games and some bugs and errors fixed...if it comes later, that would be a bit unfair i guess
PsnGammer21  +   888d ago
Thing is if they don't get it this year they will missing out only 3 to 4 months I mean if you have already been waiting 7 years (think that's how long ps3 been out..) I think you can wait that little bit more of time, but that is my opinion
Wintersun616  +   888d ago
No, the thing is, we shouldn't have to wait any longer than any other region. It doesn't matter how long we've waited for it either. It's easy for you Americans to say "you can wait". Imagine it the other way around. You wait 6 months more for a console and on top of that pay more for your console too.
Root  +   888d ago
Exactly they'll never understand because it's not happening to them

If it was...they would be acting worse then us, there would be a huge uproar.
VR-4nic  +   888d ago
A....no thanks thats Europe's job, always has been and always will be! Lol!

No, all jokes aside. If you truly are a Sony fan and want Sony to retake it's position as the dominate console maker it was like back in the PSone/PS2 era days then Sony MUST take back the U.S. from Microsoft! To do this Sony MUST release in the U.S. 1st and establish itself as the 1st TRULY nex gen console out.
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ANIALATOR136  +   888d ago
The Delay is bad enough for us EU gamers but what makes it worse is US gamers saying "Oh I feel bad for EU gamers"
VR-4nic  +   888d ago
What would you rather have us do? Laugh in your face then? I mean come on! It's not like we in the U.S. here have any say in the matter anyway, it's all up to Sony in the end. Part of the reason Europe always gets screwed is because its a SH** ton harder to coordinate a release in Europe with multiple different countries and different laws where as the whole U.S. is just one single country.
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Caffo01  +   888d ago
Sony wtf worldwide launch is the way to go!!!
BitbyDeath  +   888d ago
Sucks but on the bright side we get more games on launch, better firmware, and less bugs. So it isn't all bad.
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dan_chan89  +   888d ago
I don't see Australia getting it this year. :'(
SatanSki  +   888d ago
Not a problem for me as i dont intend to buy games at a full price. Ill wait till i can buy some games for like 50%.
GreenRanger   888d ago | Trolling | show
JCENAdaBest  +   888d ago
If they want to miss Christmas in Europe with the UK alone being the second highest country in money spent on video games then please do Sony.

You will loose billions potentially and considering the inevitability that the new next gen console will cost an arm and a leg, Christmas is the only time people spend that amount of money.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   888d ago
I predicted this right after the conference.

Release said "Holiday Season" but that is very broad.

I believe it will be Japan Holiday season and then the rest of the world 1st quarter of 2014.
BitbyDeath  +   888d ago
PS4 announcement was held in America.
seanpitt23  +   888d ago
I just hope uk will get it this christmas they will be daft not to release it in Europe during holiday season that's where they have sold the most ps3 America loves its xbox
Lucreto  +   888d ago
If they only cover pre-orders I would be happy with that.

Give a date like 20th July or something and everyone who pre-orders before that date get it before Christmas. After that date they will have to wait until offical launch.
marcindpol  +   888d ago
If Sony will skip as here in Europe this year with PS4 launch I really wish that at least Microsoft will manage to release it's new Xbox in the old continent. Hope it will make many playstation fans convert to Xbox and that Sony will lose a lot!
extermin8or  +   888d ago
Sony Owe a big chunk of the Ps3's success to the eu and to japan, when us gamers weren't even looking twice at the machine we bought it as we had the ability to look forward (something the american market seems to sometimes lack when it comes to buying products) so tbh EU and Japan should be first, after all from day one we've got crappier service than america know the bible said to go after the 1 missing flock it's outdated idea now and certainly not one for businessmen that want to be sucessful and make money and then consider the sub standard psn service and store us eu users often have to,....

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