Sony Europe remains unsure over PS4 release date

It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that we’ll get our hands on the PlayStation 4 this year, with SCEE UK brand manager Fergal Gara stating he’s unsure which regions the console will be released in this year.

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Muffins12231913d ago

Edit* for EUROPEAN gamers

Toadsanime1913d ago

I mentioned in the article how I see a distinct possibility in the US also not getting the console this year.

bicfitness1913d ago

They'll launch in NA before they launch in Japan, if it comes down to supply issues. I guarantee. The home console business in Japan is third overall (looking at the traditional region breakdown - I know that there are far more regions involved than that).

The event was hosted in NYC. For a Western audience, filled with Western devs. It will hit NA shelves in 2013. That's a certainty.

NewMonday1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

2013 in NA is confirmed by Tretton, Fergal Gara and GG games, Killzon:SF is a launch title

WarThunder1912d ago

People actually believe this article? lol!

PS4 will release November 2013 worldwide!

Flame on!

Matt06111912d ago

PS3 didn't launch in Europe till March, so even though it would suck, I wouldn't be surprised if a similar timeline was announced for the PS4's european launch.

dcbronco1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


But Sony also knows they owe there existence to the Japanese people and I believe they will remain loyal to that.

It won't launch worldwide. Plus if the specs aren't even set they couldn't have started making consoles yet and probably won't be for several months. That means some territories will be left out.

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Toadsanime1913d ago

Seems a little odd that the title needs to mention that it's Sony Europe to me and that people don't need to mention if it's Sony America when they're referring to that, but alrighty, if that clears up some confusion.

hennessey861912d ago

They treat European gamers like crap, we are always last to get things.

babis19741912d ago

imagine all the consumers from Europe to stop buying prodacts such as ps3 or x-box (i know that this won't happen) but just imagine...

Stoppokingme1912d ago

Try living in Australia. You might get things later, but at least you won't pay though the nose to get them.

Pintheshadows1912d ago

Yeah, but you have the sun.

plaZeHD1912d ago

And most of their fans are in Europe. We are the one that buys their products most.
I love how they make exclusive contents for North America and lose a lot of money. They deserve it.
The guys at Sony are sometimes stupid assholes.

retro__1912d ago

damn straight. if you guys are good this year maybe we'll give it to Europe this holiday.

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clintagious6501912d ago

I feel bad for europe. Hope its not a long wait like the ps3 launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.