Gabe Newell to be honoured with Fellowship award on March 5th

DSOGaming writes: "Valve CEO Gabe Newell is to be honoured by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) with the Academy Fellowship at this year’s British Academy Games Awards. The ceremony takes place on 5 March at the London Hilton, Park Lane."

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Knight_Crawler1886d ago

I see Gabe is preparing for the Santa role this xmas.

1886d ago
john21886d ago

He deserves the award. Now time for a new HL3 confirmation. March is the third month of a year. HL3 confirmed :P

majiebeast1886d ago

Gabe is actually Tim Allen in the Santa claus.

SonyNGP1886d ago

He doesn't disappoint with the Steam sales we've been getting for the last couple of years c:

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MontyQ1886d ago

Gabe's neck fat VS. George Lucas' neck fat FIGHT

who well win in the epic battle of the chubby chicken neck flap ?

NukaCola1886d ago

Gabe....You are beginning your wizarding!!!!

Hydralysk1886d ago

Gabe would probably make a great Hobbit.

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