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The secret strategy behind Sony's PlayStation 4 'no show'

Sony's poker strategy; Plus Xbox needs to return to its roots

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journovampire1756d ago
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miyamoto1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Brilliant move!

Software transcends hardware.

MikeMyers1756d ago

Software running on actual PS4 hardware is what you mean. I have no doubt what we saw will be achieved but we know from the past how concept ideas at times don't materialize.

What I seen of the PS4 so far is excellent. They just have to find the right balance for pricing and what games will actually be available for launch.

Sony has created excitement while also leaving gamers wanting more. That's the best way to build hype. It also leaves the competition in the dark for the finer details while giving them a wake-up call that Sony is serious.

NewMonday1756d ago

a great point someone from the comment section came across on twitter summed it up nicely:

"They're(Sony) innovating, applying the "FIRST POST!" approach to PR."

3-4-51756d ago

They get to have PS4 Pt.2 at E3.

If 100% was shown now, there is nothing to get excited for.

It's always sexier if she doesn't reveal everything right away.

1756d ago
subtenko1756d ago

Eat your pea professor..

Count1756d ago

PlayStation article -> mentions Xbox.

I can tell where this is going.

Btw, why does the Wii U not exist anymore?

MasterCornholio1756d ago

"Btw, why does the Wii U not exist anymore?"

What is that? A new accessory for the Wii?

LOL ever since Nintendo launched the Wii U with a very poor library of games it has slipped off the minds of many gamers. But im pretty sure that at E3 Nintendo will do something to correct that by announcing the launch dates for many of those games that were shown during their last Wii U Nintendo direct.

doublejj1756d ago

after reading this article i can say that i am completely confident that Sony will rebound from their slump in the gaming industry and with the release of the PS4 coming up they wont make the same mistake as the Wii U by bringing out a glorified box that still didn't play DVDs and still didn't meet the expectations of next gen so they are at least 2 or 3 years behind Sony and Microsoft. so now like i keep saying Microsoft your next lets see what you have to bring to the next gen table.

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The story is too old to be commented.