Things Microsoft Should Do Different From Sony

Gamemunition writes: Microsoft needs to do something that Sony failed to do in their event, that is bring more clarity to the event, comprising of objective based presentations.

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MultiConsoleGamer1880d ago

Microsoft isn't concerned with Sony.

And this is more than a two man race.

Septic1880d ago

I'm sure Microsoft is concerned with Sony, with them being their main competitor after all.

I don't know Microsoft should do differently to Sony; Sony are focusing on the right things and that's what MS need to do, bring the fight to Sony in the areas that matter such as games and features that complement core gaming experiences.

I'm not writing MS off just yet (like many on here are doing) because there is still a lot of potential for the Xbox 720.

nukeitall1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

It would be stupid of MS not to consider them a competitor. MS might have gained a lot of ground this generation, but they aren't at the top and even if they are, both Nintendo and Sony is prime example of how quick things can change around.

Let's just patiently wait and see what MS has to offer and as always it is about execution, more than "claiming".

sonic9891880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

microsoft needs to kill bill gates before he kills more innocent people then i may respect them again and consider getting one of their products again because leaving a wild greedy animal like bill gates who wants a billion dead is a BIG PROBLEM .
EDIT : why not search bill gates agenda 21 on youtube
i know this is a gaming website and all but the kind of damage to know that one of my very bery big idols is a moron is unimaginable

RuleofOne343 1879d ago

He may sounded a bit rough , but depopulation concept do occur already , Wars are a form , Lack of true Cures for illness, poverty. those are all forms for depopulation just no one admits it.

A2X_1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Didn't mean to post anything. Ignore this post.

Loki861879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Bill Gates has donated and funded more charitable organizations than anyone in modern popculture. I bet you believe every conspiracy theory you hear. Just because he controls one of the strongest companies in the world, does not make him a greedy murdering psychopath, idiot.

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WarThunder1879d ago

All i see these days is so called "gaming" websites praising, caring about what MS should do. And bashing Sony for not showing the box.....

Fanboy xgaming websites.

MikeMyers1879d ago

Can you quote the article where they are praising Microsoft because I can't see it, thanks.

Anyways Microsoft needs a strong showing and is monitoring the reaction of the PS4 event.

MikeMyers1879d ago

So no quote from the article, thought so. Also why wouldn't they care what Microsoft is doing? If you don't then maybe you shouldn't be here.

alousow1880d ago

@MultiMultiConsoleGamer "And this is more than a two man race. " R u kiddin me. Sony has the best exclusives. All M.S have is that kinect B.S

Septic1880d ago

Can you stop with your constant trolling? Reporting you for spam because you've just used that one bubble to keep spouting the same old nonsense.

aviator1891880d ago

it's so tiring to read through so many comments that keep rehashing the "ms has only kinect" argument as an excuse to dismiss the next xbox before it's even showed off.

DigitalSmoke1879d ago

Its all they did for their comunity in the last 3 years though.
I know i would be pissed.

Thatguy-3101879d ago

Can you blame them though? I mean yea it's not all about exclusives when you have strong third party support. But you'll be lying to yourself if you don't agree that Microsoft has just been focusing on kinect games and integration with apps. It's not fanboyism when stating the truth. Microsoft has good studio's that should be shelling out a lot more games with potential.

dcbronco1879d ago

Sony poured millions into exclusives on a generation that was already over. I'm not sure where the logic is in that. It may ultimately benefit them in making so many loyal to them through the misconception that only Sony cares about the hardcore. But from a business standpoint, it wasn't that smart for a struggling company. Sony still had their name and only needed to ride out the remained of the PS3 generation. The 100's of millions used on exclusives that didn't sell got them nothing that press conference what the PS4 wouldn't have. Microsoft was smart to ride the 360 until they could make corrections with the 720.

DarkZane1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I don't like the way he said it, but even though MS doesn't only have Kinect, they have been focusing on it primarily, abandoning the core gamers that made the 360 a success in the process.

If they slow down on Kinect stuff and focus on core gamers, they should be fine.

However, they're likely not gonna do that and that's why a lot of people are switching to Sony.

Going around forums, I see lots of people who were 360 fanboys who suddenly decided to change side and go Sony.

Sony learned their mistakes and the price of the PS4 is definitely not gonna be an issue like the PS3 and will launch earlier or at the same time as the new xbox. With this, Sony will take back a lot of market Microsoft took with the 360 and should assure their dominance over MS for next-gen.

Moonman1879d ago

Pack up and leave? Sony was here before MS and will be around after they pack up and leave.

Jreca1879d ago

"People were furious because they thought they were going to see the next generation console box and all they got was the controller and the games that the next console from Sony would be able to play."
Seriously?? People were furious that they did see games and controller instead of the actual box???

Dlacy13g1879d ago

I only know one item that we know for sure MS will do that Sony didn't do...and that is actually show a box. Enough blow back from industry people has happened that it would be insanely stupid of them not to.

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