Religion and Marketing Games: strange bedfellows

Hitman: Absolution and naughty nuns in latex inspire one's inner philosopher.

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HanCilliers1917d ago

People should not take things so serious IMHO. Good article!

DesVader1917d ago

I might get flamed, but I do think that its a bit of a cheap shot really. Do we need to have latex clad nuns to sell a game? I don't think so. I think its just polite to not mix in religion into marketing campaigns, just out of plain respect. Maybe I'm just old school.

HanCilliers1917d ago

One can also argue, that nuns have not looked better ever :P

PandaMcBearface1917d ago

Well, I personally am not offended by the nuns thing, but I did wonder why they wore disguises when they ended up taking them off in full view of everyone anyway xD
That trailer was quite amusing imho.

DesVader1917d ago

Wahaha, good point, Panda! :D

Choc_Salties1917d ago

Agreed, but its a sugar and spice thing - mixing these two obviously different things results in a somewhat different, yet strangely enticing new mix.

Tasty, yet tasteless...