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Yoshida: 'There will be no Journey 2'

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has written off the possibility of a sequel to Journey, revealing that "there will be no Journey 2". (Journey, PS3)

M2-  +   1002d ago
Thatgamecompany had a three game exclusivity deal with Sony, that deal has now expired.

Their next game will also not be Sony exclusive.

"We bankrupted the company. I think to have a financial success, that is going to change everyone, it has to be much bigger than a game on the Playstation platform." - Jenova Chen co-founder of Thatgamecompany

My guess is that them almost going bankrupt because of that 3 game deal was part of the reason their next game will not be Sony exclusive.
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ThatXboxGuy  +   1002d ago
They put all their money into Journey, and it paid off.
Highest selling game of all time on PSN.
Gets your facts straight, son.
M2-  +   1002d ago
Re-read my post, it reads "ALMOST going bankrupt" if they went completely bankrupt they would not be actively developing their new game.

Also Journey being the highest selling game on the PSN must not mean much as the co founder of ThatGameCompany was still disappointed enough with it's performance that their next game will not be Sony exclusive (see quote in post above).
ThatXboxGuy  +   1002d ago | Well said
You misquote him entirely and make it seem as if he went bankrupt after releasing journey.The cost of making the game is what cost them so much money (as they are a small indie studio)
Regardless now anyways, as they have made a return on that investment 10-fold.

And they had a 3 game contract with Sony from years ago.The contract is over, and now he wants to make games for everyone.Not because he "almost went bankrupt"

Looking at your past comments, you clearly don't know anything you comment about.Please just stop, it's embarrassing to see.
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M2-  +   1002d ago
What? Where did I misquote him and where did I even mention Journey in my first post? I only ever referred to their 3 game deal nearly bankrupting them which is true.

The co-founder also mentions "financial success" for one of the reasons their next game will not be Sony exclusive (see quote in first post), his words not mine.

I also did not write that them almost going bankrupt was the reason their next game would not be Sony exclusive, I wrote it was PART of the reason, they could have easily signed on for another 3 game deal if they were confident in the Playstation platform (PSN).

Try reading posts and quotes properly next time, you're reading into things that are not there.
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ThatXboxGuy  +   1002d ago
Are you bipolar or something? Let me put it this way then.

1) You use EDGE as source instead of the actual source of the interview (polygon) http://www.polygon.com/2013...

2) You take something he said out of context to try and validate your wild assumption of their 3 game deal (almost) bankruptcy nonsense.

3) You ignore what i said about how the "bankruptcy" means nothing considering what he told Polygon -
"it did make its money back plus some"

4) Which goes into the fourth point of it all, and, why they didn't feel the need to do another game contract with Sony.Chen wants his games on every platform now because he wants the largest possible audience he can get.It isn't about financial success.He wants and i quote - "Commercial success" He wants the next minecraft.

Now, you can go on about how you said "Almost" and "part" and try to emphasizes that all you want.Doesn't change the fact that the core of what you said was wrong.

Juss'sayin nigga.
TomOfAllTrades  +   1002d ago
I'm glad in a way, I kept saying to myself "Yer do it guys/girls!"
but at the same time I didn't want the magic of that game to be ruined for the sake of filling an unnecessary spot :)
ApolloTheBoss  +   1002d ago
A game like that doesn't need a sequel. All it needs is a spiritual successor.
A2X_  +   1002d ago
Like Ico & SotC :-)
Rockefellow  +   1002d ago
I get a bit put-off by ThatGameCompany's comments about how they've "bankrupt" their company with the 3 game contract between them and Sony. After consistent success stories about indie games doing incredibly well on the platform sales-wise, you'd figure they must be doing something incredibly wrong to find themselves in the red with such heavily-promoted games, on Sony's dime nonetheless.

Not to say that some games don't get shafted on the platform. I still feel badly for the guys behind Derrick the Deathfin-- $45,000 in debt is not exactly promising.
Godmars290  +   1002d ago
Question is how well did the game actually sell? How much of a cut did Sony take?
Godmars290  +   1002d ago
Don't see how there could be a sequel. It would just repeat.

Something better I'd like to see is something that combines Slender with Journey. A game where a pair or group of random online strangers have to hunt and are hunted by another pair or group. or a zombie-esk theme where one person "turns" another and they turn more while similar growing groups turn individuals or members from other groups. Put one hundred or a thousand players in one vast area.

A game of online tag basically.
Christopher  +   1002d ago
Yeah, it wouldn't make sense. The whole idea would be old and you'd just go through the same motions without any change in concept.
Alos88  +   1002d ago
A sequel would be more of the same, and thatgamecompany are more about new experiences from what I've seen.
Blastoise  +   1002d ago
I don't think a single person was expecting a Journey 2.
Dno  +   1002d ago
Im calling it they wont make another game as good ever. they are going to moblie and F2P so idk how good the next games will be. Just my take.
clintagious650  +   1002d ago
As great as journey was I feel they would have more success doing games for phones, or handhelds because its prolly more in their budget.
csreynolds  +   1002d ago
I'm pleased. The magic of this IP would be forever lost if a sequel was made.
OmniSlashPT  +   1002d ago
Do you want to play Journey 2? Just finish the game, you'll be able to play your 2nd journey then ;)

Srls, Journey is one of those games that surely doesnt need a sequel, i dont even understand how they'd make a sequel out of it tbh

All i'm interested is in their next project, which will focus even more in the online aspect, and with the next gen consoles being to social and having so many online features, it will be a interesting game.
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Genuine-User  +   1002d ago
Some games are better left alone. Journey should not have a sequel.
Journey was absolutely mesmerising from start to finish. It's a one of experience in my opinion.

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