Microsoft Has Four Game, 250GB Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle For $316 In Japan

A bundle slated for release on March 7 includes a Xbox 360 console with a 250GB hard drive, Kinect sensor, plus codes to download Dance Central 2, Forza Motorsport 4 Essentials Edition, Kinect Adventures, and Child of Eden from Games on Demand.

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Gridloc1914d ago

This should increase their sales by 5 or 6 units a week...

BanBrother1914d ago

Hahahaha Comments are gold. We need more comments like Gridloc's and shutUp's. Made me laugh.

ScubaSteve11914d ago

this wont even sell well in japan. it doesnt have any jrpg's in this bundle

ArmGunar1914d ago

I wonder if it will be benefic for MS to release the Xbox 3 in Japan

josephayal1914d ago

only $316? dam, the Xbox 360 will sell like hot cakes in Japan