TGR: New Video of Warhawk APC

TGR's Relin grabbed some video of Warhawk's newest vehicle in action.

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thegamereviews3404d ago

I was there when we shot this video, the APC is great!

sonarus3404d ago

yea apparently you can ram enemy vehicles with the boost capability. This should have been added into the same pack that brought us the omega drop ship but oh well. I know i will be forced to pay being the useless warhawk addict that i am:(

predator3404d ago

cool, need to get back into warhawk

lalilulelo3404d ago

same here. i mean, i love warhawk, but its just that CoD4 is SOOO addicting lol

Relin3404d ago

I dunno if the info on the APC was out when the video was shot, but the bubble dropped by the APC doesn't seem to be a bio-field generator... and the vehicle's boost does destroy vehicles.

FirstknighT3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

So that makes 5 vehicles?

Relin3404d ago

Medium Tank
and now the APC

Yeah, that's five. Oh, and who the crap disagreed with you?

gamesR4fun3404d ago

cant wait
but what happened to the shield was it nerfed for the biofield drop?

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The story is too old to be commented.