An Invite-Only GDC Is Bad for All Sides

The organizers of GDC are thinking about restricting press access to invited outlets only, which is a huge blow to both the press and developers.

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Relin3910d ago

... about the possibility of costs rising, but this certainly brings up some additional concerns.

cain1413910d ago

I'd personally prefer to see it stay the way it is. The author brought up some good concerns.

predator3910d ago

its gona end up like E3 if its not careful

Relin3910d ago

If they keep the setup they used this past year, they won't have any problems with that. One section for business and recruiting, and another hall for press coverage and general exposition.

predator3910d ago

yeah i agree but if they do try and get ahead of themselves to soon then they could be in trouble, lets hope they learn from E3 mistakes

Relin3910d ago

Yeah, they do indeed need to be careful, but cutting out the non-mainstream press is not being careful. It's a quick fix that's likely to backfire, like it did with E3.

BrianC62343910d ago

The only reason people care so much about GDC now is because E3 sucks so much. The gaming industry needs to go back to a big show for E3 and let developers have their show. GDC stands for Game Developer Conference. It really wasn't meant for the rest of us. E3 wasn't really either though. It was for the people who buy games for stores.

I guess what we need is a big show for gamers. Everyone can show off what they're working on there. It doesn't have to be as crazy as E3 was but we need a show meant to show the gamers what's coming.

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Peekay3910d ago

Sounds fair - this year the press and general public bi*ched a lot. Blah blah no info on game X, no info on game Y. GDC = Game developer conference - key word on developer. This conference is strictly for developers to learn stuff for each other.

JoelR3910d ago

Speaking as a Developer: The event is for developers to learn and is not meant to be a news conference.

Sony made a mistake last year by turning it into a news conference. I was glad to see this year they avoided making none development related announcements till after GDC.

Genki3910d ago

Even if the claims about cost and media distraction aren't true, the fact of the matter is that it's a developers conference, meaning that 99% of what's being yammered in there, the average, and even above average, Joe won't comprehend it.

Thus, a substantial media presence DOES indeed cause a distraction, because it gives Sony and MS incentive to shoehorn thier big budget productions into keynotes and press releases. Sony did it last year, this time it was Micro's turn.

Whichever way you cut it, this conference is for developers, not us.

Relin3910d ago

You're right, mostly. GDC is for developers, to learn and to do business, and if press doesn't get in the way of that, why keep them out? No one is required to give out info at a conference like this, but they do anyway. Why? Because it's free publicity and advertising, for companies big and small.

If no one but big news outlets get let in, small studios and companies will stop coming. Prices will likely skyrocket, and GDC could shrink to a very small size. Is that a problem? Not really, when you get down to it, but it does hurt the little guys in the end.

That's what I'm most worried about: companies like Activision and EA running shows like these.