PSW Knows Crysis Is Coming to PlayStation 3

onAxis: "The latest issue of UK magazine, PSW, features an article stating that "it's no secret Crysis is coming to PS3". They explain the upcoming PlayStation 3 version will have aspects of the sequel, and is not a direct port. Let's take a look at the article."

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i_like_ff73794d ago

I doubt its coming to ps3. I wish i could be proven wrong though....

AznSniper3794d ago

We will find out later this year.

decapitator3794d ago

That makes the two of us ( PSW and I). I have known this for a while now. I mean, Crytek is porting their engine over to consoles, so I personally think that, is only right for them to try their engine out with Crysis on consoles.

MikeGdaGod3794d ago

thats only because games like Madden started development on the 360 and then was ported over to the PS3.

if they're building this from the ground up on PS3 there shouldn't be a problem. if they're thinking about porting it to PS3, they shouldn't even bother.

i think they know this by now.

sonarus3794d ago

but ea isnt handling the port crytek is. What i really want to know is will it becoming to 360 as well. I heard 360 has some limitations preventing this my guess would be standard hard drive. Regardless would be interesting to see how the port comes out. I am not very optimistic


There is a huge difference in you, as a autonomic studio, having your game only published by EA instead of you, as a owned by EA studio, developing it.

Crytek if a free developer and this guys own Crysis rights, nothing to do with EA really, if this time around they want to develop for the DreamCast and be published by Toei, they can try and do it.

DRUDOG3794d ago

Makes a lot of sense for Crytek to try and get Crysis on consoles. I was wondering how well it sold on PC, but can't imagine it has made as much money as it would've on PS3/360. I actually would be surprised at this point if Crysis, Crysis 2 or some other version didn't make it onto one or both of this current generation of hardware.

moparful993793d ago

Considering that crytek is bringing farcry 2 out on next gen consoles, it only makes sense that they would maximize profit by bringing crysis over as well.

ravenguard883793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Crytek made Cryengine and Ubisoft created Farcry.

In addition, Farcry 2 uses an Ubisoft developed engine, not Cryengine 2

ravenguard883793d ago

I didn't argue, just straightened some facts. Anyone who would like to call me a liar can leave a message and make a fool of themselves.

Mclovin963793d ago

Umm, actually Crytek did develop Far Cry for the PC. After they sold the license to Ubisoft who then ported it to consoles and now they are making Far Cry 2. That's why people are disagreeing with you. Don't spread misinformation as "facts". I believe you are the one that just made a fool of yourself.

ravenguard883793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

But, Crytek is NOT making Farcry 2. It is being handled in-house at Ubisoft with an engine developed within Ubisoft.

Seems we are both a little wrong :P

It is called the Dunia engine.

Please excuse my misunderstanding. Also, it is forgivable to believe that the Dunia engine and CryEngine 2 are the same thing, they are very similar graphics/detail-wise, and I assumed so before I did some research myself.

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ngg123453794d ago

It isn't coming. Crytek denied it for years, so why will it be coming now?

heyheyhey3794d ago

actually they denied releasing a console version in line with the PC version, but they also said that Crysis "could" come to consoles

which means that if they do a little optimizing, and with their engine now running on consoles, there is no reason why they can't bring Crysis over to the PS3- maybe even the 360 if they did a few tweaks here and there

i mean think about- publisher is EA, Crysis sold like live grenades- it all adds up

Surfman3794d ago

Crytek said that they would like to port the game to next-gen consoles. I think its possible, probably more possible on blu-ray disk.

Martini3794d ago

I wasn't aware that Crysis for PC came on BR disc - oh wait a minute it didn't, it was on DVD !

fanboi hater3794d ago

how many install disc were there?


ar3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Crysis installed on a PC takes 12 GB.
Since the smallest drive size for PS3 ever been sold is 20 GB you don't want to spend 12 GB on an installation. The only reasonable way to go is to put it uncompressed or slightly compressed on a disc and read the data when needed.

TheIneffableBob3794d ago

Crytek said they've ported the engine to consoles, not the game.

Charmers3794d ago

For the record Crysis does not take up 12gbs of hard disc space. I have it installed on two PC's here and both of them report it is using 6.52gbs of hard disc space. As for the other guy asking how well crysis sold, I can say that EA has reported it went platinum, ie it sold over a million copies.

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TheWickedOne3794d ago

Term "exclusive" nowaday seem to only mean 1 year. I hope they bring it over.

zonetrooper53794d ago

I would still get it on the PC, probably be the best version still but Crytex really needs to optimize their engine...

Lifendz3794d ago

Do you have the kind of disposable income required to get that sort of game on a PC and run it at optimal settings? If so, god bless you. Most of us don't. This way I can get Crysis and, while it won't be as pretty as it's PC counterpart, it will be as good as it can get. Go PS3

Mycococo3793d ago

i dont think it wont come to xbox. this article is from a playstation mag and is only giving rumor about a playstation port. consols will be able to play the game at the same settings as you would play on a low end machine.



bumnut3793d ago

the system requirements for crysis have been over hyped.

it runs fine on my system:

3.4g p4
ati 3870 512 ddr4
3 gig ddr2 800

i can't run it on max but it runs well on medium