Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Focuses on PS3, First Expansion Teased

FFXIV currently focuses on PS3, according to the producer Q&A. But that's not a big deal because PS3 still have years of life. What will interest players is the housing system, which is scheduled to release in the first major update after launch. Specifically, Free Company housing and individual housing are the same basically. Although the housing system won't be available at launch, the new class Summoner will be.

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_-EDMIX-_1699d ago

yeah, yeah...thats all well and good but.....make it subscreption free and then well talk.

btw if I had time for this, I would have time for Guild Wars 2. and I LOVE GW2! Make it worth my while and I might care.

CatXFlash1699d ago

Why focus on MMOs? FFS mmos? get this get that please I am a lazy NPC... defuq and people pay for that? LOL

knifefight1699d ago

"Why focus on MMOs?
...people pay for that?"

You answered your own question.

CatXFlash1699d ago

true.. but why pay for that? mmos... that was my point but yeah who cares about FFXiv anyways. moving on!

Lifebanisher1699d ago

make it free no monthly subscriptions add micro transactions and then im in.

C-Thunder1699d ago

I'd like to see an MMO some day, released with the cost up front, maybe $100 or so, then expansions every 6 months to a year that would be priced at whatever their worth, $50ish maybe.

I feel like subscriptions turn a lot of people off of new MMO's and microtransactions all feel like pay to win.

Maybe the game won't start as huge, but as long as those expansions start rolling in, I think they'd have a good shot at maintaining a large userbase.