New Xbox to be announced within weeks

The new Xbox is to be announced within weeks. It maybe announced earlier than the first thought.

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alousow2033d ago ShowReplies(8)
badkolo2033d ago

and what happens if your proven wrong. will you come back and change your tune, not that i dont expect kinect stuff as well but jumping the gun when you truly have no clue..... not smart

Winter47th2032d ago

I can already see it, they'll be focusing on everything except games. If they do happen to show games, they'll be fake as all the early Kinect disasters.

urwifeminder2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Sweet thats the console for me cant wait to fire it up day one anything but sony really.

nukeitall2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I don't do much Sony myself, but do own a PS3. I owned a PS1 and PS2 as well. I own a Sony TV, but lately swapped it out for a Samsung.

PS4 is interesting, but I want to wait and see what MS brings to the table before deciding.

I barely have time to use one, otherwise, I would likely get all three.

ghaleon19802032d ago


I agree man, I'm in the same situation. I like all three current gen systems, have all 3 current gen systems, but don't really have all that much time to play games. I enjoy them when I can.

I'd have to say the 360 was my fav this past gen, mainly cause of halo...but I'll probably end up getting all 3 again this gen too because I am into Sony as well...just not as much.

stage882032d ago

Ah, you must be a casual gamer.

urwifeminder2032d ago

Since when do i have to wear suit to play games casual dress sense keeps me comfy.

hennessey862033d ago

To seeing what Microsoft is bringing to the table.

dcbronco2032d ago

Six people are in your head and believe you have no clue what you think.

UnholyLight2032d ago

The people that downvote this are dumb.

Npugz72032d ago

Kinect and more kinect!

badkolo2033d ago

since kinect will be integrated like the ps3's version they might pull something we wouldnt expect. Discuss it and show some stuff but since its built in then it doesnt need to be highlighted since they will have the casuals regardless.

Ill be the first one to jump ship if they go all casual and focus on entertainment and dont focus on games but I think the core will be greeted with surprises as they already have done the casual thing. I truly doubt they will focus on casuals for the new system when they have that already in the 360