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Submitted by one2escape 1078d ago | rumor

New Xbox to be announced within weeks

The new Xbox is to be announced within weeks. It maybe announced earlier than the first thought. (Xbox One)

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alousow   1078d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
badkolo  +   1078d ago
and what happens if your proven wrong. will you come back and change your tune, not that i dont expect kinect stuff as well but jumping the gun when you truly have no clue..... not smart
Winter47th  +   1078d ago
I can already see it, they'll be focusing on everything except games. If they do happen to show games, they'll be fake as all the early Kinect disasters.
urwifeminder  +   1078d ago
Sweet thats the console for me cant wait to fire it up day one anything but sony really.
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nukeitall  +   1078d ago
I don't do much Sony myself, but do own a PS3. I owned a PS1 and PS2 as well. I own a Sony TV, but lately swapped it out for a Samsung.

PS4 is interesting, but I want to wait and see what MS brings to the table before deciding.

I barely have time to use one, otherwise, I would likely get all three.
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ghaleon1980  +   1078d ago

I agree man, I'm in the same situation. I like all three current gen systems, have all 3 current gen systems, but don't really have all that much time to play games. I enjoy them when I can.

I'd have to say the 360 was my fav this past gen, mainly cause of halo...but I'll probably end up getting all 3 again this gen too because I am into Sony as well...just not as much.
stage88  +   1078d ago
Ah, you must be a casual gamer.
urwifeminder  +   1078d ago
Since when do i have to wear suit to play games casual dress sense keeps me comfy.
hennessey86  +   1078d ago
Looking forward
To seeing what Microsoft is bringing to the table.
dcbronco  +   1078d ago
Six people are in your head and believe you have no clue what you think.
UnholyLight  +   1078d ago
The people that downvote this are dumb.
Npugz7  +   1078d ago
Kinect and more kinect!
badkolo  +   1078d ago
since kinect will be integrated like the ps3's version they might pull something we wouldnt expect. Discuss it and show some stuff but since its built in then it doesnt need to be highlighted since they will have the casuals regardless.

Ill be the first one to jump ship if they go all casual and focus on entertainment and dont focus on games but I think the core will be greeted with surprises as they already have done the casual thing. I truly doubt they will focus on casuals for the new system when they have that already in the 360
Monstar  +   1078d ago
Sony, the kinect BS is wearing thin...MS know what they have to do and the PS3 being announced the way that it has been will only give MS the advantage. Hell if it wasn't for MS, Sony wouldn't have turned into such a power house spec-wise...not to mention an online community of the same fashion.
Clarence  +   1078d ago
Sony has always been a powerhouse, with or without M$. If it wasn't for Sony the Xbox wouldn't be trying to become an entertainment hub. You really think Sony showed all their cards?

M$ does not have a lick on talent on how to innovate. They simply buy what they want. Kinect $h!t us wearing thin with you because it's true. Bunch of kinect crap games, Halo then Gears, Forza, then Fabel. Every year the same thing nothing new. This year will be the same.
Knight_Crawler  +   1078d ago
Sony has always been a power house but at what price...I know for a fact that if MS was not around Sony's PS3 would still cost like 400 bones.

Same for Nintendo if Sony was not around the DS would cost a sh!t lot.

Edit: Funny how people are saying that MS will show off something Kinect related but jump for joy when Sony showed some Move demo with dancing puppets which took up a chunk of the show.

Sony has a motion camera that looks like Kinect...jump for joy Sony is awesome!
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Dragos75  +   1077d ago
"Sony has always been a powerhouse"

Not anymore. Those days are long gone. They got beat by Apple in portable music, Samsungs TVs are outselling theirs, Their movie studios aren't no.1 anymore, they had to drop and sell off the cell, and their cameras aren't doing well. They have been losing money overall for the past 5 years. That isn't a powerhouse. Can they get back to where they were? Maybe, but it won't be easy with MS, Samsung, and Apple still out there. The ps4 is actually do or die for them and that's the truth.
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DigitalSmoke  +   1078d ago
Wrong, Sony has always been cutting edge.
Even when Microsoft was making windows windows 98 and had no clue about consoles.

Microsoft "can't copy" the 8GDDR and release this holiday.
Just like they can't copy the way the PS4 looks.

JeffGUNZ  +   1078d ago
But Sony can copy achievements and features LIVE brought to the table. Let's call them trophies, yeah, that's innovation.

Give me a break. This PS4 reveal was a huge let down and a smoke screen. They never showed console, they didn't give a price point, and they didn't have an official release date. Premature reveal with underwhelming results. How do you reveal a next gen console and not even show the damn thing? If Microsoft did this, this entire site would be ripping them apart. Yet, Sony can do no wrong.
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ALLWRONG  +   1078d ago
PSN is more or less just a copy of Live
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spoonard  +   1078d ago
I am eager to see what MS brings, but I think Sony set the bar pretty high!
wagnus  +   1078d ago
Good stance. As gamers, we only gain with the competition of Sony and MS. If one were gone, the other would be milking us dry (even more so than some think.)
Prodigy-X  +   1078d ago
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TheKayle  +   1078d ago
as always sony scared cheerleaders r the first to post on ms news.......this is just sad.....and really mean that some ppl r not gamers...but just trolls


so for sony.....
Square enix ...gone multiplat
Kojima ...going multiplat showing for the first time his engine demo on xbox
all Rockstar (gone multiplat) games run better on xbox see rdr,gta
Imsoniac and fuse will go multiplat
all great third party prefeer MS on Sony
Vita is a big fail
Pseye is a BIG FAIL
ps MOVE is A B I G F A I L
sony lose to much money on that pr taling bullshit 2 teraflop CELL

while the ps4 PEAK (that with an off-the shelf architecture we already know is IMPOSSIBLE to reach) seem to do just "1.8" teraflops haahah

putting out a ps4 without r&d that is a off the shelf mid lvl pc without any custom hardware alla ps3 or x360 or x720 that the only advandage that u can hope it will have is the gdrr5

so all the games that made that brand famous gone multiplat most of the devices didnt get money or dont sell enough..this should mean that they r failing right? pls grow up and i mean GROW UP


yeah maybe theyll announce kinect2 (its clear) but let me tell u this...putting an hand on ur shoulder *pat pat* always better than 20 mins....of a freaking "great" share button.....and a image on the big screen of a kinect low specs-copy branded sony...that seem wanna scream "why we didint have a freakin sony kinect already?!?!?!?!" or of a superduper mega gimmick scupting...."GAME" from mediamolecule....that is worst than kinectimals...(FROM ONE OF THR BIGGEST SONY FIRST PARTY)

u have to pray...and i mean pray seeing how u look at sony as a psudo god......that ms dont have a more powerful console ...coz if that is the case.....i think ur will crash ur emotions so bad....and ur future would be very sad

and u know what? u deserve it :)

i hate to give answers like this...really i dont like it...but some ppl...need just this here on n4g
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saint_seya  +   1078d ago
I just can say lol to that comment.. i mean i found trolls that actually have good points, are funny, or at least make u feel irritated... but u.. u are such a lame troll.. At least learn to troll better, maybe next time :)
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bobtheimpaler  +   1078d ago
Butt hurt much? You can do with some growing up yourself.

720 specs are unlikely to change. Kinect and other gimmicks seem to be where MS hope to garner attention from the mainstream. I hope I'm wrong, but that seems to be the direction they're going.

Changing RAM will likeley mean changing the motherboard and the APU due to the memory controller. Like the PS4 APU and GPU, the 720 is using custom chips. With contracts likely sealed with suppliers I doubt MS would want to delay things if only for budgetary reasons. A bump in hardware would be unrealistic unless they are willing to delay.

What Sony have with Move and their camera, they can do what kinect does with better speed and precision. Kinect may have fooled people into buying it, but the software has left a sour taste in their mouths. I'll admit Sony could have done more to support move, but honestly, it does more than work for core games. I'd rather something that works than an unresponsive gimmick aimed at the clueless masses.

LOL. If you don't see how Media Molecule's sculpting demo can allow for greater creativity in a game like little big planet where people can make their own games in LBP then you're just a fool...or a butthurt fanboy.

For the more rational core gamers out there looking forward to NextBox. I hope MS doesn't do you dirt.
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TheKayle  +   1078d ago
what should hurt sorry?
1) i had ps - ps2...then xbox ...xbox360 and ps3 (with pseye,psmove and nav controller)
2) that sony failed hard with move (that i bought and used JUST and ONLY with sport champions and yea was cool to play bocce balls with friends being drunk) isnt something new..the only game we all was hoping for was Sorcery and we all know how it end to be
3) pseye isnt nothing technical advanced is just a normal cam (all is done by software no hw sensors if not just the cam) that capture a 640*480@60hz with a low spec microphone built-in

4) All the big third party next gen games that we know r in production will be on x720 too ..and one of the biggest is a timed exclusive (Bungie Destiny) watch dog,star war 1313 ecc ecc ecc.
5) All the big games MS games will surely go out for x720 (alan wake 2,gears,halo,fable,forza5,forz a horizon etc etc)
6) we know already that rare is working on a new hardcore ip (rumors they playing a lots with fluids simulation) we know pgr will be a new game...we know blacktusk have a new game..
7) crytek saying the Ryse for kinect is there and still in development
8) Vita sales r a big under the eyes of everyone..or u saying that is selling like crazy?...and IHMO ps4 will not save that handsheld if they dont cut the price to half (no one would buy 150 euro controller + a ps4 just for a inventory or map touchscreen)
9)What Sony have with Move and their "CAMERA" is just a camera that via software follow a light....and this have nothing to do with 3d tracking ala kinect....u r comparing apple to Move and eyetoy CANT do what kinect can while can be done easly the opposite..via software on kinect also the audio chips and the mic array is on another not a big fan of move controller ...but for the interface is something great and if this tiem as rumor saying they recude the lag to 33ms it will be perfect to control the interface with voice and hands (is waht i want at the end) while would be embarassing control the interface of the ps4 with a bulb in your hand istead to use a normal controller lol.....
U could answer yeah also the pseye could to traking ....and i answer yes it can..but just via software not in 3d not with depth and not with infrared (this mean is better they dont do it they did) fact they putting out a low spec kinect copy (the two camera can only mean 3d traking if u know something about hw)

i dont know what r the x720 specs and im really not sure that they r what sites r showing but theres a reason for sony pushing 2 times up the ram of the ps4 (at start it was 2gb gddr5 than in summer 4 now..8) while this gddr5 will cost a LOTS of money for Sony and will not help the bom price ...going out in loss at start and for 1 year at least u dont spend all this money on ram and change specs last moemnt before the show if u know that the war is already won before start against a system with only 1,2tf and 8gb ddr3
But i remember u that the x360 change the gpu last few months..and that u as I dont know the real specs of the console

No sorry i dont see anything special in Mediamolecule sculpting gimmicks and for sure is nothing with who i would play ..and im sure that old gamers like me take as gimmick the share button (that is just stupid if not for competitive games like League of legends and it mean JUST TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY) as much is gimmick for u dance central

now id end my bubble coz of this system....
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PFFT  +   1078d ago

See but the 720 specs can change!
How do you know Ms didnt future proof the mobo??
Made it so that if they wanted to add GDDR 5 ram they can or if they wanted to add a better CPU or GPU they could. How do you know they didnt take this approach??? For all you know they did. I gotta agree with some of these posters when they say that the sony fanboys are scared. You guys do sound a bit skittish to me.
clintagious650  +   1078d ago

U do know that sony knows more about hardware then ms right? Take a chill pill & wait until ms shows the nextbox then we can really have a debate.

Other then that, im eager to see what games ms has to offer more then just the system specs because the difference between the ps4 & nextbox wont be as that huge of a gap. I believe it will be similar like ps3 vs 360 & the more talented devs will showcase the console true potential.
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DigitalSmoke  +   1078d ago
Look at all the hatefull negative energy you used on damage control.
You come off as a jealouse school girl who's girlfriend scored a Justin Bieber lookalike.

This has to be the worst part i have read in a long time, so much butthurt, such obvious envy and poison, and so little intelligence in the way it is expressed.

Hide the knives crazy chick...
bobtheimpaler  +   1077d ago
You'll still get similar interactivity with Move and their new camera. It's just a different implementation. Kinect 2 will likely be more responsive than the first kinect, but I doubt it will compare to speed and precision of move. It's still overall a more practical solution THAT WORKS and is better for core games. But we'll see. I understand the pros and cons of each.

The rest of your comment is really just your own personal preference/ fanboyism. I didn't mention anything about VITA. I know it's struggling and could use more consistant releases, but that doesn't make the hardware any less compelling. It's still early days, and Sony have a number of titles in pipeline for it.

What media molecule have is ground breaking and far from a gimmick. LBP3 is going to be awesome. As for PS4's social you're just yapping on about holes where there aren't any. The sign of a true blind fanboy.

I won't really use social features as I'm not into social networking myself, but from what we've seen. Sony has shown they get what their core gamers wanted with the PS3 and have taken things further.

RARE? Pfft. All the talented people left them a long time ago...just wait and see.

Doubt specs for 720 will change. You are talking about different type of ram not just more of what they have. Given that there are rumours from reliable sources that kinect will be included with every xbox. Doubt they'll want to push the price higher. Memory controller is already in custom built APU chip. What happens to lower speed ESRAM if they get GDDR5? It becomes moot. The goal is to create a efficient system, so it won't get changed unless they're willing to delay hardware and maybe software development.

As for 720 first party software. Good for gamers. Let's hope they're willing to take risks and make something compelling. Industry could use more games that break the mould.

The ram for PS4 won't be very expensive, they are buying these direct from manufacturers and in bulk.

It's not like kinect was a resounding success either. The core don't care about it. I guess when the xbox meeting starts they'll have more celebrities and cirque du soleil. Too bad you can't take that home with you.

EDIT: I just re-read your first post as well and you're still stuck in 2005/2006 lol. There's nothing rational and unbiased about your post anyway. Your just looking to complain about anything.
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CustardTrout  +   1078d ago
I was honestly expecting the article to say "I think it will be sooner because they are PS4 is announcedz." Or something, but fair play to you, you've got me thinking a little.
badkolo  +   1078d ago
not that i care but if ms announces a more powerful system, this place will crash and burn quickly
aiBreeze  +   1078d ago
A more powerful system focused on kinect shovelware and entertainment apps.. yeah the place will crash on the floor from laughter. I hope it isn't so but these days I really don't have much faith in M$.
PFFT  +   1078d ago
#11.1.1 (Edited 1078d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
vega275  +   1078d ago
Hell if MS matches the ps4 specs and does full B/C and show new ips. This place will crash amd burn.

edit: i love how everyone thinks MS will annouce nothing but kinect games. if that was the case why open new studios just to make all kinect games. i can't wait to hear the excuses people come up with when MS shows what their system can do.
#11.2 (Edited 1078d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Dms2012  +   1078d ago
Yeah, I am mostly excited to see what Black Tusk was working on! Its been rumored that it is to rival Halo, doesn't sound like Kinect shovelware to me.
saint_seya  +   1078d ago
I do think ms will announce a good console with decent games, not only kinetic crap. If will be better than ps3 specs wise, idk. Games will be better, maybe, maybe not, ill get ps4 cuz i love the games that ps4 has, and ik people will get xbox cuz they love xbox games. Those who talk crap os ms without even knowing anything about the new xbox are just blind fanboys, and those who said ps4 is just only promisses, or had not a good presentation, are just fanboys. Thats my point of view.
Cocozero  +   1078d ago
PS4 will be forgotten faster than first thought
saint_seya  +   1078d ago
your comment will be forgoten faster than u took to write.
DJDeez  +   1078d ago
what comment?
jaklink  +   1078d ago
I love it how if one does not say something that construes their opinion towards Sony, they're down voted. To blindly loyal to any company is ridiculous.
2v1  +   1078d ago
i know lot are not fanboys of kinect and pay to play online
Sarobi  +   1078d ago
I hope so, I'm eager for both PS4 and the neXtbox.
TheOneEyedHound  +   1078d ago
To me I don't see anything without a controller working.
I would like M$ to show nothing but new Ips.
jay2  +   1078d ago
Come on guys. Ps4. Xbox 720. Wii u this gen. Xbox kinect always om 2 no thanks we'll see it at GDC
#16 (Edited 1078d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
talisker  +   1078d ago
I'm all against Microsoft after what they did this gen and definitely disappointed with two X360s I had but I wouldn't bet on just Kinect and casual games. It makes a lot of sense that they have to appeal to the core crowd at the beginning of the gen because early adopters are people who really love gaming and will pay any price for a console. I think history will repeat and they will try to lure core gamers now, then of course abandon them mid-gen for the sake of casual stuff (glasses, gimmicks, media).

I think Black Tusk will show a new IP, maybe more. I think some big company like Acti or EA will have an exclusive deal for an IP or at least exclusive content/timeframe for a really big game like COD or GTA. Anyway, those deals will cease and all those games will come later to PS4 or at least PC, like it was with Alan Wake and many XBL titles.
coolasj  +   1078d ago
I know it's just a rumor. But, how do you spin blocking used games into a good thing?

"We're are proud to announce, that as of the Next-Box, used games will no longer work on the system. We believe this will start a new era of interactivity."

Or some mumbo jumbo.
360ICE  +   1078d ago
Microsoft. I need for you to surprise me.
I love Kinect as much a the next guy, but it's a gimmick, not a console (you heard me, Wii U/Wii). Get back to the days of hardcore gaming excellence, please.
deanobi  +   1078d ago
Xbox will be the console to revolutionise gaming this generation
g-nome  +   1078d ago
Look , we also have 8 gigs of ram .. and Halo.
Karpetburnz  +   1078d ago
EDGE was pretty spot on with the PS4 rumours and they said that the Next Xbox will always require an internet connection to function, They said they were "very confident in their source"
abzdine  +   1078d ago
MS fanboys are ready to buy a console without video out.. when they like to buy a console a buy to have the right to play online and pay the live to pay netflix after :D
many will disagree but it's the way it is.
JeffGUNZ  +   1078d ago
What the f*ck was that jumble of words? Proof read, I have no idea what the hell you're trying to say.
Count  +   1078d ago
I highly doubt this. It seems counterintuitive.
Karpetburnz  +   1078d ago
Its hard to tell, Microsoft probably wont do this but I can see why they would considder it.

They would make a heap of cash from advertisements, The more people there are online, the more advertisements there are for people to see which means more money for Microsoft.

But it could be a mistake for many reasons, If youre playing a single player game and your internet cuts out, then you would lose progress in your game. or If you live in an area where you cant get broadband then you cant even play it at all.

IMO it would be a mistake if Microsoft goes through with it.
susanto1228  +   1078d ago
Sony is setting themselves up and pretty much was rattling a dogs cage with a stick and now that dogs about to come lose. I'm not a 100% MSoft supporter I own both systems and play both but Msoft has the upperhand here and I wouldn't doubt them releasing their new console very early to get the upperhand
Max-Zorin  +   1078d ago
Smh at the trolling on this article. Stay classy N4G.
iNathan  +   1078d ago
Sony Fanboys
Sony Virgin Fanboys everywhere.
Karpetburnz  +   1078d ago
You butthurt?
esemce  +   1078d ago
I really hoping all the studios that Microsoft has is not just for Kinect 2.0 trash. If the NextBox has an online multiplayer fee, Gears ,Halo, Fable, Forza timed exclusive BS DLC like with COD and nothing else but casual Kinect shovelware then they really can GTFO! And MS wont get a penny from me.
abzdine  +   1078d ago
they have time to prepare their tech demos.
JamieL  +   1078d ago
Sure do now that Sony's shown there's.
Ticklez  +   1078d ago
If there is still a lot to know about the ps4, Sony would be smart to just show wht the console looks like at GDC. Since people want to see wht it looks like so bad, the room would go nuts..
etownone  +   1078d ago
Ps4 specs and controller really impressed me.
It's a beast in terms of raw power that will be much easier to develop for.
It can do WiiU connectivity ala PSVITA
It can do Kinect with new PS eye
It can do next gen demo and game streaming

If Xbox wants to compete and come out strong ....
It better not block used games,
It better not have to be always Internet connected.
Comes close or on par to ps4 specs
Hopefully doesn't need Kinect connected to every console cause I buy multiple consoles and only need Kinect for my living room.

Here's hoping the controller does have revolutionary rumble on trigger and analogs.
The controller does have the rumored screen
New IP's

And if PSN remains free..... And I'm using it for my Psvita.... Then here's wishful thinking that Ms goes the free route too..... Although I'm sure it will be Sony that charges for online play with ps4 like MS does.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1078d ago

In fact the longer MS waits the stronger and more confident it makes them look.

In before a ton of disagree votes.
#30 (Edited 1078d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
csreynolds  +   1078d ago
How exactly?
Count  +   1078d ago
I don't judge based on how long someone takes to release something. It's something I learned this gen.
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