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Submitted by PockyKing 1083d ago | news

PS4 Will Support Cross Game Chat

In a press release that accompanied Sony’s Playstation Meeting on February 20th, Sony confirmed the Playstation 4 will support cross-game chat. The feature has been long demanded by Playstation 3 owners, and is one of the few tangible advantages that Xbox Live still has over Playstation Network. (PS4)

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StrongMan  +   1083d ago
We already knew this. It's on the Vita for free so we already knew it was coming to the PS4 for free too.
PockyKing  +   1083d ago
I didn't even know that was available on the Vita haha.
egidem  +   1083d ago
It is almost like a slap in the face of Xbox Live if cross-game chat is free on the PS4.
blackbeld  +   1083d ago
Xbox fanboys go cry baby!

They have no more excuses for paying to play online.
Live should be for free.
deadpoole  +   1083d ago
I'm really happy for what is revealed so far about PS4. It seems like they have really gone an extra mile this time around by listening to the needs and wants of both developers and gamerbase.

I'm still not quite sure about how Gaikai will help deliver the PS3/PS2/PSOne titles over PS4. Would someone care to explain what this service is and what/how it is designed to deliver.
HyperBear  +   1083d ago

The basic way of how I can describe it is think of Gaikai's Cloud Network as an integrated 2nd PlayStation Network and Server (PS Cloud) think of the PS Cloud as a game streaming/data compression system where data that is available in the cloud can be streamed or downloaded to any compatible hardware device.

ex. Gaikai launches their PS Cloud Network in your area and has uploaded the entire PlayStation 1 library of games. With the PS4, PS Vita and any other smartphones/tablets with the "PlayStation Certified" logo, you'll be to purchase and/or stream any PS1 game to any of those devices and play those games anywhere where the network is live, and the cloud automatically decompresses the data for the game to be playable on your device(s).

It's more complex than that, but that's basically how it works. It is the future, because imagine in about 4-5yrs, when the technology gets better, you'll be able to stream PS3 games to your Vita or other portable device and play it anywhere the PS Cloud's network is up and running.
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leogets  +   1083d ago
aswell as cross game gameing.taking controll of ya friends game via internet is sick. cross game chat is a no brainer. this console is bringing new heights to gameing. prepare to be blown at e3
GribbleGrunger  +   1082d ago
Great post Hyperbear. That IS the dream and whether the gamer wants it or not, that is exactly what we will eventually end up with. As long as they throw us a bone or two like Ps+, I won't be too upset. Times change.
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HappyGaming  +   1082d ago
I thought we saw them in the presentation having cross game video chat :S
badz149  +   1082d ago
people said that the PS3 can't do XGC because of the RAM should be obvious that the PS4 with (GB of RAM can do it, right? the Vita has it and it's just logical that the PS4 will have it too!
SilentNegotiator  +   1082d ago
And now Playstation haters have one less ridiculous reason to pretend like the Playstation brand isn't as good as the service that they pay for.
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Anon1974  +   1082d ago
What a relief. Not that I'll ever use it, I won't, but just so we don't have to spend another 7 years of hearing people who don't own the console whining about it.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   1083d ago
Now can we get a psn ID change feature?'s one of the top most wanted features on ps blog. Please sony make your online even more of an experience.
MYSTERIO360  +   1083d ago
Sony did mention something about the PS4's ability to link your facebook profile to the system. Therefore your supposed facebook pic and real name while be visible on the main menu along with your friends who are on PS4. Im sure Sony will also integrate the feature of changing your ID name if you so choose or if you want to remove this feature and have a standard username too.
LtFaku  +   1083d ago
I just want to let me change my location, it's really annoying that if a move from my country, i got to create a new account...
ThatKanadianKid  +   1083d ago
Just cause a feature is on the Vita doesn't mean it'll be on the PS4, maybe in this circumstance it was a given, but I'm glad Sony confirmed it.
supersonicjerry  +   1083d ago
If its on vita and is something that everybody wants because it will make a lot of things easier and more fun why wouldn't they add it to the ps4? That is like the only feature that the xbox live has over PSN.
PockyKing  +   1083d ago
Reading the comments below, apparently not everybody does want it.
neoMAXMLC  +   1083d ago
Uhhh... Why wouldn't it be on the PS4 if the Vita has it? The PS3 was basically a carbon copy of the PSP's OS when that launched...
showtimefolks  +   1083d ago
so now cross game chat will be free too on psn so why is ms still trying to charge for this and other features available for free on psn?

can't wait to get ps4 day one
Blackdeath_663  +   1083d ago
they are still charging because there are enough fools in this world who are willing to pay. if you have a game,a console to run it on and an internet connection you have every right to play that game online as it is a feature that comes with the game you just bought yet microsoft still charges you for nothing. if they have extra features they can charge you for that no problem but making people pay to play the game they just bought is unacceptable
PS4isKing_82  +   1083d ago
Can't believe this was ever a bragging right for Xbox fanboys. Who the hell wants to talk to someone when ur in the middle of playing a game? That's annoying as watching a movie in a theater with someone sitting behind or next to you talking thru the whole movie and you can't enjoy it or know what's going on.

But I digress. Yet another quote un quote "advantage" Xbox fans no longer have.
MysticStrummer  +   1083d ago
"Can't believe this was ever a bragging right for Xbox fanboys."

Kids gossip about who likes who and whatnot.

When I play a single player game, I don't want someone bothering me at all. When I play online, I want to talk to people on my team in the game.
DivineAssault  +   1083d ago
why would 9 ppl disagree with u? damn xbot trolls mustve been thru here
Gamer1982  +   1083d ago
Erm would be a huge silly mistake if it didnt considering you now watch them play the game while talking.. It was kinda obvious from the press release.
MariaHelFutura  +   1083d ago
Thanks, it's not like I care, I'm just glad I dont need to hear about it from the knuckleheads around here.
stage88  +   1082d ago
This is great!

1. It will give everyone a feature they have wanted
2. It will shut up the xbox fanboys

However, I couldn't give a crap about this feature even though the xbox fanboys keep pandering on about it the whole of this generation.
Bigpappy  +   1082d ago
Anyone saying they would not use this feature, either does not have and internet connection, or have no idea what this is. You don't have to want to use it. If you have it, you WILL use it. Don't expect to get that phone call when your friend can just click on your name and talk. It WILL be you best new feature if you have any friends.
rl_pearson  +   1083d ago

It is hilarious how desperate Xbox fans were to hype this silly feature to try to justify being forced to pay Microsoft for the 'privilege' of playing laggy P2P based online games.

Rejoice Playstation owners! Now when you listen while you game the annoying sounds of a completely different game in the background along with other people's horrible music blasting, babies screaming, spouses and parents screaming at the people you are talking to, and bathroom trips.

Even better, now players of My Pretty Pony can argue online with players of Barbies Horse Adventures about which is the better game!
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joel_c17  +   1083d ago
i agree with you rl - the feature is much overhyped
T2  +   1083d ago
I dont necessarily agree. Chatting w only your friends while still being in say a squad in bf3 is a good feature thats lacking on ps3 ... Many ppl would use it if it was there ... However I do believe that this is the last vestige of pay per use value that xbl had , blowing away in the wind ...
talisker  +   1083d ago
In BF you can chat with the whole team, that is 12 people (on consoles). Works fine but creates another problem - so many people speaking at the same time usually means chaos. If you're be able to chat with anybody, people will cheat, switching teams and giving away your position in the game. Of course they can do it right now with, say, Skype but if the feature is there, there will be more abusers.

I don't say cross chat is bad but there are two sides of the coin. I'm not really waiting for this feature. I prefer to write people messages (not only on PSN) than call them. A message can be read and reread as many times as you can, at the time you want and it doesn't disturb your privacy and in terms of games, your immersion.
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DOMination-  +   1083d ago
On XBL its up to the developer whether they lock the feature out. I don't play a lot of mp so can't give many examples but i know in cod, if you play searchad destroy ir a hardcore playlist then it cuts you off from party chat.

I imagine psn will work the same.
yess  +   1083d ago
They will just find a new excuse, like BC or something...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1083d ago
Glad Sony will finally have it and its a feature to block out annoying online gamers, as you mention.

I'm not trying to offend anyone but people know just as well as I do that MS will introduce something that goes above and beyond X Game Chat. What can it be? What can be bigger than X Game Chat? No clue but MS is one of the biggest software engineering companies in the world so who knows.
Its a wait and see.

EDIT: What if Sony decides to package it with the social features on PS4?

- Online free as the current Playstation Network
- Voice chat between all PlayStation certified devices, ie consoles and smartphones

Payment (annual cost of about $ 89.)
- Playstation Plus (included with these services previously have) enhanced new proposals, users PS4
- Access to Gaikai for cloud-gaming with the option to play for free to list some of the titles in a month, while others pay
- Share photos and / or videos directly to YouTube
- More space for saved games in the cloud

Sony could charge for it who know what you all think?
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MysticStrummer  +   1083d ago
"What can be bigger than X Game Chat?"

SheenuTheLegend  +   1083d ago
"What can be bigger than X Game chat"
Chargeable batteries in the controller lolz
madpuppy  +   1082d ago
magic chat, where you don't even need hardware to use it, it's so crazy that it's like your listening to voices in your head!

after all, this is Microsoft, they know how to buy other peoples programs and renam....I mean they will just use their arcane programming skills to create a program that renders hardware in realtime....kinda like Automan (it's an old tv show from the 80's)
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da_2pacalypse  +   1083d ago
It's a very difficult thing to try and explain to a PS3 player (who has never used the feature) how awesome cross game chat is. I fully agree with you, it is not worth the subscription fee that xbox players pay, but cross game chat is a fantastic feature that the PSN would definitely benefit from. You'll see when you get your hands on it!

PS. background music from other games? What kind of a mic are you using that has that kind of range? :P
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kreate  +   1083d ago
The funny thing is, ps3 does have cross game chat.

They also use this feature on smartphones/tablets and pc and the ps vita.

So u don't have to try to explain it to ps3 gamers cuz they already know how great/useless/overhyped this feature is.
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xPhearR3dx  +   1083d ago

The PS3 does not have cross game chat using voice, only text. Which is completely pointless unless everyone has a keyboard. Even then, it's very inconvenient.
kreate  +   1083d ago

Ok. And? Whats ur point?

Point of my comment is that ps3 gamers have access to cross game chat cuz we all have smatphones or pc or maybe they have a ps vita.

I thought ps3 having a text based cross game chat was standard knowledge. Didnt know I had to point that out specifically.
isa_scout  +   1083d ago
I completely agree. I own a PS3 and a Xbox 360, and I never use cross game chat while playing singleplayer. I do however use the party chat feature extensively. It's nice to be able to talk with a group of say 3 or 4 of your friends while playing Halo 4 together while another friend is playing COD, and we make fun of him until he sticks Halo 4 in. It's an amzing feature that I can't wait have on my PS4 as I have many more friends on my Playstation 3.
@ Kreate
The feature is actually called "Cross game Voice Chat" so no the PS3 doesn't have it. Let's not be fanboys here people and make shit up because we want it to exist. I love my PS3 too. I love my PS Vita, and I'll be picking up my PS4 at a midnight launch event, but I'm not going to set here and say, "Bla, blah, you can text while playing so it cross game chat."
You cant text while playing thta's the point, when you go to the XMB while playing a game it effectively pauses the game you're playing. Be real for a minute dude.
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kreate  +   1083d ago
Wow.. u guys are amazing.


Hard to explain cross game chat to ps3 gamers

My point:

No explanation needed cuz they already know

*u guys are dancing around the main topic stating the obvious*

I have cross game voice chat on my xbox360. Add me right now and we can chat. I know what it is. Everyone knows what it is, but xbox live paying fanboys tries to over-justify it. My gamertag on my profile. Bring it!
madpuppy  +   1077d ago
I owned an Xbox360 day one and I know what cross game chat is like, I'm playing Bioshock by myself at night getting real into it and someone breaks the mood to start chatting to me, asking me if I have a copy of Gears because he wants me to join him in annoying, I would rather have gotten a pop up bubble with the request, than killing the moment I was having in Bioshock. it's just lame.
Statix  +   1083d ago
To this day, I still don't understand why Xbox fans hype the hell out of Cross-game chat. I didn't care before, I don't care now.

If I wanted to talk to my friends while playing a different game, I could EASILY use Skype, or Xfire, etc.
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nosferatuzodd  +   1082d ago
lol well said bubble 4you man , and you're right i never use this crap on my xbox this is 4ppl who have no real friends plus you of to put up with the racist jerks
on xbox live that's why now i only game on ps3
Mottsy  +   1082d ago
Ya cos my real friends don't like talking to real friends via cross game chat. What was Sony thinking?! And your complaining about racist jerks? Better get off the internet ASAP!

Bottom line this is a welcome service and Sony was smart on finally adding it.
cloud495  +   1083d ago
The PSVita does it so this wasn't much of a surprise but I'm glad it's been confirmed.
joel_c17  +   1083d ago
still dont care about cross game chat :p
Temporary  +   1083d ago
Neither do I. Only thing i'd use it for is watching netflix with a conference chat going. So we can watch the same stuff and chat. but even that would get boring after a while. Extra features never hurt at all though.
Soldierone  +   1083d ago
Never understood the big deal about it. If I'm playing COD, why do I want to talk to someone playing Assassins Creed? Or on a different map in COD?

Now I'll just be annoyed by my friends more often. "join my chat" No, Im in a game! "so? talk while you play!" no.
itz_zombies  +   1083d ago
How very antisocial of you.

EDIT: Im just joking.
#4.2.1 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
DarkBlood  +   1083d ago
exactly, making it out to be like we are casually playing our games or something lol

i Don't think i plan to use this feature much if not at all, its a distraction hearing some other game or another voice while trying to focus on your game
WitWolfy  +   1083d ago
What a douche, just bucuase you dont doesnt mean others feel the same way.
Mottsy  +   1082d ago
Then your on the wrong news link.
lawks_land  +   1083d ago
Congratulations, Playstation, you're finally including a feature that's been on PC for decades!
talisker  +   1083d ago
Actually you are wrong. PC doesn't have any centered infrastructure for gaming. Even Steam is just an option. And speaking of Steam, I was completely astonished not so long ago when I wanted to send a text message (just TEXT) to somebody who was offline and I couldn't! I'm not sure about Origin. Using Teamspeak or similar isn't part of the gaming experience, it's just another program you use.
lawks_land  +   1083d ago
Yes, but tools that allow VOIP have existed for a long time. It doesn't necessarily have to be a centralised gaming infrastructure to equate, since it's available on the platform. Using TS or Vent can be part of the gaming experience, and many consider it to be an essential part.

By the way, both Steam and Origin allow you to send text messages to offline friends.
talisker  +   1083d ago
Could you tell me how? Because my Steam interface says otherwise, so does the official forum http://forums.steampowered.... I can message online people but not offline. Pretty useless for me then.

For me, if something is not integrated, it's not there. So Steam has no chat support, even as text.
Drekken  +   1082d ago
Download ventrilo, Steam, teamspeak, mumble, skype, google chat - You are right there isn't an infrastructure. There are multiple ways to communicate.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1083d ago
Well duh....
RTheRebel  +   1083d ago
always wanted this feature for playstation console
CommonSense  +   1083d ago
Welcome to 2005.
animegamingnerd  +   1083d ago
i don't remeber that xbox having the party system until like 2008
Eiffel  +   1083d ago
You could cross game chat through private prior to the party system.
Karpetburnz  +   1083d ago
You can say the same thing if the Next Xbox finaly gets Blu Ray.
Hicken  +   1083d ago
Still making uninformed comments, eh?
NateCole  +   1083d ago
I am going to turn off. Useless feature.
rpd123  +   1083d ago
Ohhh, we got a badass here.
stage88  +   1082d ago
Me too. I've never wanted the feature and never needed it. It was just an excuse for xbox fanboys to use to make them feel better about paying to play online.
Prodigy-X  +   1083d ago
Finally *Claps*
MadMen  +   1083d ago

jack for mic on controller and cross chat

Welcome to 2005!
supremacy  +   1083d ago
HDMI, built in wifi and bluray and a lower fail rate welcome to 2006 lol.
Statix  +   1083d ago
I'd take a wireless bluetooth headset over a wire tethered to the headphone jack any day.
MASTER_RAIDEN   1083d ago | Personal attack | show
maxcon  +   1083d ago
Unless PS4 has paid online....
NateCole  +   1083d ago
It's going to be free online on PS4. I rather get online saves than this crap.
NateCole  +   1083d ago
I never did get the appeal of cross game chat. I play to relax instead of getting annoyed.

Always mute my gaming sessions on PS3.
Cam977  +   1083d ago
You have no friends?
I see it as a nice bonus.
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Bathyj  +   1083d ago
I was wondering if this was happening and why no one was talking about it. Seems like it was all anyone cared about this gen
Cam977  +   1083d ago
Imagine roaming Fallout 4's Wasteland whilst talking to somebody.
Oh_Yeah  +   1083d ago
Way to ruin the immersion.
KwietStorm  +   1083d ago
I'd rather not.
cgcIsNotAlwaysOn  +   1083d ago
I don't understand people who are against cross game chat. Someone stated they dislike the background noise of other users; then simply don't accept others invitation to chat... You don't hear your friends unless you accept their invitation. Even then there are mute options. There is no reason to oppose the inclusion of a feature which you don't use.
PockyKing  +   1083d ago
Just complaining to complain about something, daily habit of people haha. I personally like socializing while I game, so I always welcome this. If I'm on the PS3 I'm on Skype talking with someone, if I don't wanna talk well I don't get on Skype easy as that. All personal preference really.
cgcIsNotAlwaysOn  +   1083d ago
I'd like to see someone who disagrees actually post a retort.
KwietStorm  +   1083d ago
I don't care about the feature being an option. I just won't be using it myself. If I'm playing single player, I'm paying attention to the story, the cutscenes, everything that I'm doing, and I don't want to be interrupted. Multiplayer, I'm communicating with my team. The only time I might use it is if I'm browsing stuff on the XMB or whatever its gonna be called.
RockmanII7  +   1083d ago
Man the announcements just keep on coming, am excite.
nerdkiller  +   1083d ago
sony is hardcore
KionicWarlord222  +   1083d ago
Glad sony put it in the ps4.

Hopefully they can add voice messaging through as well.
first1NFANTRY  +   1083d ago
Cool now i wonder what the fanatics will start using as an excuse to downplay the ps4.

Sony is making all the right moves. No one can doubt that.
Bathyj  +   1083d ago
Bu but, wheres the box Sony?
#21.1 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mricecreamman  +   1083d ago
finally after 7 years??!! come on sony really? microsoft has you beat in this category!
Rainstorm81  +   1083d ago
So I guess they should never implement it then huh? Since Xbox was the first to have x game chat huh?

Related image(s)
nerdkiller  +   1083d ago
not a big fan of online chat to many a holes but more features the better
StreetsofRage  +   1083d ago
Welcome to 2005. :)
Clarence  +   1083d ago
The next Xbox getting
3d check
Built in wifi check
Blu ray check
Hdmi check
Audio support 7.1 ch check
Mandatory game install check.

Welcome to 2006 :)
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1082d ago
The 360 currently has 22 titles that are 3D

The 360 Slim has built in wifi

Blu-ray wasn't needed this gen so it was unnecessary to add.

The 360 had HDMI with the 360 Elite model back in 2008

7.1 audio is no big deal, especially when most of the people don't even have the hardware to support 7.1.

Mandatory game installs have been around longer then the PS3 (PC says Hello) however the only reason why MS will be doing Mandatory installs is because they have found a way where you can still pop in your game and start playing right away while the game installs in the background. Unlike the PS3's mandatory installs where you have to wait and wait and wait.

Your list is padded with ignorance.

On topic - So now all of a sudden cross-game chat is wanted. I thought cross-game chat wasn't that important and PS3 players didn't want to be talking to others while they were playing their games. It was considered "rude".
#24.1.1 (Edited 1082d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report
BrianC6234  +   1083d ago
Of course the PS4 will have that feature. It's easy to include it when you design the console. It was just too hard to add to the PS3. Sony would never hear the end of it if they left that feature out.
clintagious650  +   1083d ago
This feature is better suited for casual audience. Its a cool feature but if your playing a game that is story based, the last thing id want is to be talking to ANYONE while trying to play & understand the story. Even playing online. Why in the world would i jump into a multiplayer game like halo/killzone/gears/uncharted & be talking with some1 else playing another game & then u sit there & wonder why ppl booted your azz out of the match because they been trying to communicate wit u but u were busy talkin to your buddy on another game.

Dont get me wrong im sure its a cool feature for those that just want to chill & talk wit they friends but as a gamer these features would just ruin my gaming experience for me. Now if u just want the feature to use it like facebook to keep in touch wit friends dat makes more sense but to say this feature benefits gamers with a BETTER GAMING EXPIRIENCE for all your games, that would be full of sh*t.
AlucardFury  +   1083d ago
LoL, I'm willing to bet money this was the first thing they made sure the PS4 had.
MasterCornholio  +   1083d ago
Im not going to use it but im happy that its there. Now Microsoft has one less reason to charge for XBOXlive.

See fanboys Crossgame chat can be done for free just like online multiplayer on PS3, Wii U and PC.
BitbyDeath  +   1083d ago
Any word on if it'll also allow custom music on every game?
Probably will, but it'll be nice to hear officially.
a_bro  +   1083d ago
8gbs_gddr5. I think yes.
Sizzon  +   1083d ago
Nice :)

one of the things that is/were lacking on the PS3...too little RAM...
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